Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/17/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/17/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Jennifer walk through the town square. Jennifer apologizes to Daniel. Daniel is glad she was honest. He says he was wondering if she still loved Jack but to hear her say it is different. Jennifer says she didn't realize she still loved Jack until she said it. Jack hears her and walks up saying he knew she would come back to him.

Bo and Hope look through boxes of Alice's things. Bo hopes they aren't on a wild goose chase.

Maggie talks with Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion about their wedding. Maggie tells him that only he can call her his and she kisses him.

Stefano sits at the DiMera Mansion in the living room as Marlena storms in. Stefano calls it a wonderful surprise and asks why she's there. Stefano points out that John isn't with her because he's under house arrest. Stefano states that John was once the town's hero but is now a despised thief. Marlena responds by slapping Stefano. Marlena accuses him of putting the whole investigation into motion and came up with false evidence for the FBI to indict John. Stefano claims he's been very busy and thinks she's giving him more credit than he deserves. Marlena thought he was over trying to cause them problems. Stefano tells her that he's given very little thought since they left Salem. Marlena asks if he's bored or if Kate's not keeping him occupied. Stefano asks how he could've set John up. He says he hasn't paid much attention to the case but he's heard the evidence is incontrovertible. Marlena accuses Stefano of doctoring photos and falsifying the records. Stefano points out that there is no proof. Marlena calls him clever in making sure he can't be traced. Stefano says again that he had nothing to do with it. Marlena asks him what he gets out of messing with their lives. Stefano tells her that he admires her fire but it's wasted on John. Stefano tells Marlena that she's stressed and is just trying to take it out on him. Marlena tells him that John is the victim and he's done harming him.

Carrie returns to her hotel room and greets Austin. Austin says they need to talk about what happened at John and Marlena's. They both agree that they don't want the case to come between them. Austin surprises Carrie with having a candle lit dinner set up in the room.

Jack tells Jennifer that she said it all by saying she still loves him. Jennifer stops him and corrects him that she said a part of her still loves him. Jennifer explains that it means a part of her loves Daniel too. Jack questions Jennifer being in love with both of them. Jennifer explains to Daniel that love has always been straightforward for her and she knows this is so confusing. Daniel tells her it must not be impossible. Jack brings up how they've been together for a long time. Jack tells her that no one has been in his heart but her. Jack asks for a chance to make her happy again. Daniel points out that Jack already broke her heart. Jack wants to put it back together. Jack says it's his family to put back together. Jack brings up how they were happy once. Jennifer explains that Jack left and took the happiness with him. Jennifer doesn't blame him for being held hostage but blames him for the way he left. Jack doesn't want to go over that again but Jennifer says they have to. Jack says he's glad Daniel was there for her but now he's back. Jennifer tells him that her heart still skips a beat when she sees him because they built a life together. Jennifer says nothing can change that Jack left. Jennifer tells Jack that he didn't think she could love anyone else but she does.

Stefano tells Marlena her beauty is timeless. Stefano says he knows John doesn't know she's there. Marlena asks him to stop this before it goes too far. Stefano tells her that she won't be the first to discover her husband might not be the man she thought. Stefano tells her it's the truth. Marlena says she knows what kind of man John is and the man that Stefano is. Marlena calls Stefano a bully. Stefano brings up the people having all their money stolen by John. Marlena insists that John didn't do it. Stefano asks how she explains the evidence. Marlena wants him to tell her since he planted the evidence. Marlena says she knows him and that's all the proof she needs. Stefano asks if that will be her argument at the trial. Marlena calls him unbelievable. Stefano reminds her that since he's not behind it, either John is guilty or someone else is gunning for him. Stefano brings up that John could have another enemy.

Carrie asks Austin how he pulled off the dinner. Austin tells her he had some help from room service. They again say they don't want the case to come in between them and they agree to not talk about work anymore tonight. Carrie gets up and kisses Austin.

Jack tells Jennifer that he knows this is his fault. Jennifer explains that Daniel was not just a rebound. Jennifer wants Daniel to know that. Daniel says he knows her feelings are real. Jennifer states that she's never been able to love and trust someone at the same time before. Jack tells Daniel that Jennifer doesn't need him anymore. Jennifer says she doesn't need Jack. Daniel points out that she still loves him. Jennifer says she knows it's confusing and points out that Daniel has only seen one side of Jack. Daniel admits that Jack must have done something right since Abigail is a great girl and he knows Jennifer wouldn't build a life with a complete screw-up. Jack admits that he knows Jennifer wouldn't fall for just anyone unless he was a stand up guy. Jennifer tells Daniel that Jack is right which is why she's really torn over what to do. Jennifer sits down at the Horton Town Square sign and wishes Alice was there to tell her what to do. Daniel approaches her and tells her that he knows what to do.

Bo finds a letter and shows it to Hope. Hope wonders if it's the letter to Maggie and begins reading it. Hope says they need to find Maggie now as she needs to know about it and they hurry out.

Bo and Hope arrive at the Kiriakis Mansion to show Maggie the letter. Victor asks if it explains the bank account and they say that it does. Maggie finds it hard to believe there was something Alice never shared with her but she would love to read it. Hope tells her that she thinks Alice wanted to be sure she was right. Hope tells Maggie to read it herself and Bo suggests she sit down but Maggie doesn't want to. Maggie takes the letter and begins reading it.

Austin and Carrie talk over dinner. Austin mentions how it's almost Halloween but still hot. Carrie comments on not noticing since she has been so buried in work. Austin points out that she mentioned work. Carrie wonders what they're going to do about John's case. They get up and Austin says they can stop acting like their jobs and just go back to being Austin and Carrie. Austin kisses her and says he'll just be a husband in love with his beautiful wife as they kiss more.

Marlena asks Stefano if he's trying to bait her. Stefano states he's just laying out the facts. Marlena accuses him of manipulating things and calls him a coward. Marlena says Stefano has done everything to hurt her but it ends now. Stefano wonders if John appreciates her defending him. Marlena says she doesn't have to defend John as John is a good man. Marlena states that he's the opposite of everything Stefano is and it drives him crazy. Marlena thinks that's why Stefano keeps trying to destroy him. Stefano mocks the idea that John gives him an inferiority complex. Marlena tells him to man up to what he's done. Stefano tells her that it'd be very wise to stop with the accusations unless she wants to make things worse for John. Marlena asks if he threatened her. Stefano says she can interpret his warning however she wants but he does not appreciate her accusations of things he hasn't done. Marlena brings up things he has done. Stefano says things in the past were only due to his feelings for her but now he has Kate. Stefano tells Marlena that she will always have a special place in his heart but nothing more. Marlena questions his heart. Marlena tells Stefano that if he has a heart or any feelings, he should undo the mess he's done to John. Marlena asks Stefano to forgive John and let them have the life they deserve. Marlena asks him to do it for her.

Daniel sits with Jennifer and tells her that she doesn't deserve this kind of pain. Daniel talks about his feelings for her. Daniel admits he isn't sure how he'll live his life without her. Daniel says he knows what this whole thing is doing to her and knows it's not right. Daniel doesn't want to be the reason for her pain so he's going to make it easier for her. Daniel tells Jennifer that he's going to step away and let her go back to Jack.

Maggie reads Alice's letter. It says she wishes she felt better today as this is news she'd rather tell her in person but maybe this way is better. It's something that will change Maggie's life. Alice hoped the news would make her very happy once the initial shock wears off. Alice brings up Maggie and Mickey trying to have kids of their own with doctor harvesting women's eggs and storing them for future use. Maggie can't believe Alice remembered this. Hope tells her to keep reading. Maggie continues reading where Alice says she saw how happy they were at the possibility of having a child. Alice started thinking what happened to the doctors and investigated it to find out that a baby was born from one of Maggie's eggs so she has another child. Maggie starts to cry as she is shocked to learn she has another child.

Austin and Carrie kiss in bed. Austin tells her how much he loves her. Carrie says she loves him too.

Jack sits with Daniel and Jennifer and says he doesn't know what to say. Daniel tells him that he should probably just stop talking. Jack says that is that then. Jennifer can't believe that Daniel is walking away. Daniel calls life a gamble. Daniel says before Jack came back, he couldn't imagine letting her go and had already cleared space at his place for her. Daniel says he can't demand her to take a chance with him when she can put her family back together. Daniel tells Jennifer that he wants her to be happy and kisses her. Daniel then gets up and starts to walk away but Jennifer runs up to him crying and hugs him. Jennifer doesn't want Daniel to make the decision for her and she doesn't want to lose him. Daniel tells her that she won't have to lose him. Jack interrupts and asks what they are supposed to do now and if she's going to see both of them. Daniel suggests maybe that's exactly what she should do.

Stefano tells Marlena that the old John that he knows would never embezzle money from anyone but the John they have now has been battered and beaten and has been through traumas. Marlena blames Stefano for it. Stefano tells her to think about what John has been through and how it could push him to do things he normally wouldn't. Marlena calls it sad that Stefano has lied and misled them so many times that she wouldn't believe him even if he was telling the truth. Marlena tells Stefano that he won't win this time. She says any man that's survived what John has, Stefano cannot beat. Marlena tells him that John will be vindicated and Stefano will be made to pay for everything he's done to them. Stefano says she makes him feel like he'd like to be responsible for John's problems so he could make sure no harm comes to her. Marlena assures him that she's fine without his help. Stefano suggests she take her rose colored glasses off when it comes to John since he is guilty and will be held accountable. Marlena then exits.

Austin and Carrie finish making love. Austin says they should do that all the time instead of always talking about work. They kiss some more as Carrie says she hopes nothing comes between them. Austin promises her that nothing will.

Jennifer says Daniel can't be serious about her seeing both of them. Jack calls it a joke. Daniel thinks he's on to something. Jack asks if that his idea of a mature serious solution. Daniel points out that if Jennifer goes back to Jack, she'll always wonder if she gave up on Daniel too soon. Jack thinks they'll be far too happy to think about Daniel. Daniel says if Jennifer went with him, he would always wonder if she'd regret turning her back on Jack. Daniel suggests that Jennifer spend some time with each of them separately and see how she feels without the pressure of a decision. Jack asks Jennifer how she feels about it. Jennifer doesn't know and says it's so out there. Jack thinks it should be left out there. Daniel knows it's extreme but thinks they'll be moving forward. Jack wants Daniel to walk away like he said. Daniel points out that it isn't what Jennifer wants. Daniel explains that they will play it out naturally and see where it goes until Jennifer decides for sure who she wants to be with. Daniel says he won't do it forever though.

Hope sits with Maggie and asks if she's alright. Maggie wonders how this is possible. Hope brings up how she never checked back with the doctor or clinic. Maggie admits to never thinking about it in years. Victor wonders what they can do. Maggie cries as Hope explains that Alice passed away before she could say anymore. Hope is sorry that Maggie had to find out this way. Maggie wonders about her other child out there somewhere. Maggie wants to know where her child is.

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