Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/14/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/14/11


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Maggie reads the paper at Jennifer's as Bo, Hope, and Jennifer walk in talking about John. Maggie wonders how everyone could think John is guilty. Maggie calls it not right and not fair since they know John would never do something like this. Jennifer asks Bo and Hope why they wanted to talk. Hope tells them that it had to do with a secret of Alice's.

Carrie arrives at John and Marlena's and tells them that she thinks they have a major problem. She opens an envelope and shows a photo to John.

Rafe talks with Austin at the station. Austin shows him a bunch of transactions that came from John's phone. Rafe thinks they can't be sure it actually came from John but Austin says they can and shows Rafe a security photo taken at the exact time and date that the transaction originated from John's phone.

Daniel comes to the Kiriakis Mansion and talks with Victor. Victor comments that he looks like he could use a drink and asks what his problem is. Daniel asks Victor if he knows Jack is back and wants Jennifer back. Victor says the question is does Jennifer want Jack back and Daniel responds that he doesn't know.

Hope tells Maggie and Jennifer about the bank account and trying to find out Alice's secret. Hope and Bo explain how they didn't get much from the attorney. Jennifer points out that she hasn't known anything about this. Bo thinks they are pretty important. Maggie asks if they've found anything yet. Hope and Bo admit they haven't found anything yet. Hope thinks Alice was trying to help someone. Hope asks Jennifer and Maggie if they remember any type of hint that Alice was keeping a secret.

Austin tells Rafe that the FBI and SEC have been tracking all of John's calls. Rafe notes that it won't be good for John. Austin points out that the photo was taken a long time ago but John is standing. Austin recalls Marlena saying that John just got out of the wheelchair but the picture tells a different story. Rafe doesn't think John would lie to Marlena and put her through this. Austin knows it's out of character. Austin says John would never risk Marlena knowing the truth if he was going to pull this off. Rafe thinks there must be another explanation. Austin points out that this is hard evidence and the picture doesn't lie. Austin comments that he thinks Carrie must have seen it by now too. Rafe brings up showing the picture to John and they prepare to go see him.

Carrie asks John if he can explain the picture. John says it's a fake. Marlena brings up how John couldn't travel or walk on that date. Marlena explains that John was at a clinic in Switzerland. Carrie says all they have to do is get confirmation from the clinic that he was there and it will be a huge step in clearing his name.

Victor asks Daniel to sit down as he continues pacing. Daniel tells him he tried taking his frustrations out on a punching bag but it was only temporary. Victor asks Daniel about Jennifer wanting Jack back. Daniel thinks she should've thrown Jack out but she threw them both out which isn't good. Daniel thinks Jennifer really wanted to throw just Jack out but she felt guilty about the kids since Jack uses that. Daniel thinks Jack is just playing Jennifer and she's smarter than that. Victor says women fall for screw-ups all the time. Victor tells Daniel that Jennifer loves Jack because he's a jackass and if that's still true, he has a big problem.

Maggie has a hard time thinking of Alice having a secret and wonders how long it's been going on. Bo tells them that the account was opened twenty years ago. Maggie wonders if Tom was a part of it too. Jennifer points out that they said transactions were still being made now. Jennifer wonders who the money is going to. Hope and Bo hope they find something in the documents. Hope asks Jennifer if she could borrow her computer. Jennifer agrees and says she and Maggie are on their way to the spa. Hope hugs Jennifer and asks how she is. Jennifer says she's ok. Hope asks about Daniel. Jennifer says it's a big mess.

Daniel tells Victor that he knows he has a big problem. Victor says he will try to help him. Victor asks if Jennifer said anything about wanting more time. Daniel says she did and Maggie told him the same thing. Victor says Jennifer will want him to be understanding and mature. Victor calls Jack emotionally unreliable and physically uncoordinated. Victor points out that Daniel is a successful surgeon. Victor tells Daniel not to back off and give her time. Daniel points out that Victor is fixing to have his sixth wife so he's not sure he should take his advice since it sounds desperate. Victor jokes with Daniel that he could send Jack to Siberia. Daniel responds back that he should.

Carrie finishes a phone call with the clinic in Switzerland and says they couldn't verify that John was there. John calls it crazy and says he had an experimental medical procedure there. Marlena thinks there must be a misunderstanding. Carrie says their records only show he was there the month before but Marlena could testify that he was there on the stand. Marlena points out that John checked himself in. Carrie asks John if he saw anyone else besides staff but John states that he doesn't remember. John says he was still sedated when he was transferred to rehab and can't remember. John swears he's telling the truth. Carrie believes him but isn't sure the jury will. John assures them that he was at the clinic. John says someone had to have changed the records to set him up. Rafe and Austin arrive and greet them. Austin brings up the photo. Rafe asks John to talk about it but Carrie does not want him to unless it's off the record. Rafe asks John if he wants to go to the station. John tells Carrie he doesn't mind being on the record because he'll say the same thing. Austin apologizes but Marlena says they understand he's just doing his job. Rafe and Austin begin to interrogate John. Rafe says they'd just like to see his computer and phone but John tells them that he can't because he doesn't have them anymore as they were stolen.

Daniel and Victor continue to talk as Maggie and Jennifer arrive. Maggie says their spa appointment turned out to be for next week. Victor pulls Maggie aside and they step away to give Daniel and Jennifer some time. Daniel apologizes to Jennifer for his behavior. Jennifer understands it's a difficult situation. Daniel calls it a coincidence to bump into her since he wanted to ask her out to eat. Jennifer tells him that she thinks it's a great idea and wants to talk to him.

John tells Austin and Rafe that they can talk to the police as they knew about the robbery of his computer and cell phone. John says there were no leads on suspects at all. Austin calls it pretty convenient. Carrie doesn't like his implication. Austin brings up that they know the jury will present it as evidence. John says he knows it's airtight. John brings up how if this was all true he'd be begging to be caught by coming back to Salem. John tells Rafe that he should know better than anybody that Stefano has set him up.

Bo and Hope look at Jennifer's computer through some documents. They both say they will not give up on finding out what the accounts are. They talk about Alice's importance and Hope says she doesn't want to let her down. Hope comes across an e-mail from Alice to her attorney. Bo reads the e-mail where Alice thanks her attorney for helping with the investigation and says Maggie will be surprised to hear the news. Bo and Hope then wonder what it has to do with Maggie. Hope continues reading that Alice said she would write a letter to Maggie and explain it so she could read it when she's ready since she may need time. Bo points out that it was written the day before Alice passed away and they wonder if Maggie got her letter.

Victor tells Maggie that she should tell Jennifer to not give Jack another chance and stick with Daniel. Maggie says it's not her business and thinks marriage should be taken seriously. Victor brings up the things Jack has done. Maggie points out that Daniel is not the model of virtue either. Victor wants Daniel to win since he's his godson. Victor thinks Daniel deserves happiness after what happened with Chloe and he doesn't want to see him get hurt.

Jennifer and Daniel sit together at the town square holding hands. Daniel brings up how he's thinking about how happy they were before Jack came back. Jennifer tells Daniel that she talked to Jack earlier about her family and how much he's changed. Daniel asks if she really believes Jack has changed. Jennifer thinks he's trying. Daniel asks if she's just going to forgive Jack that easily. Jennifer says it's not because Jack said he's sorry as she's still angry with him but she saw a part of him that she hasn't seen in a long time and it reminded her of the man she loved. Jennifer says she's just trying to be honest. Jennifer goes back and forth on whether or not she forgives Jack and says she's never been more confused.

John tells Rafe that he has to know it has DiMera written all over it. Carrie asks if they can talk off record. Rafe and Austin agree to go off the record. Rafe tells John that what he's saying does make sense. Austin points out that they're still miles away from proving it. Marlena notes that it's how Stefano does things where you can't trace anything back to him. Austin says they can propose the set up as an alternative to the case. Austin says Carrie can bring it all up in court but it's not enough for an investigation. Rafe brings up how the DiMeras had left John alone for the last few years so why would they strike again now. Marlena thinks Stefano may have known John was recuperating and could have come after him. John calls it all speculation. John asks Rafe to check in to where Stefano has been and who he's been dealing with but he can't. Rafe says he has no legal basis for an investigation. Rafe tells John that without something concrete, he's their only suspect. Rafe tells John that he has to go by the book but he won't forget what he said. John doesn't take it personal. Rafe says he knows what Stefano is capable of and wants to take him down. Austin apologizes to Carrie and says he's just trying to get to the truth. Carrie tells him that's what they all want. Austin and Rafe then exit.

Jennifer starts to leave saying it might not be fair to talk to Daniel about this. Jennifer talks about wanting to move on with him and she was so over Jack but now she doesn't know after seeing how much he was hurting and how much he loved Abigail. Jennifer brings up how Jack promised to be a better father and husband. Daniel points out that he's said it before and wants to know how this time is any different. Jennifer can't say and feels like she owes him another chance. She feels like she owes her family one last chance since their kids almost lost their father forever. Daniel tells Jennifer that he thinks she needs to hear what he has to say.

Maggie talks to Victor about Alice's secret account. Maggie gets a phone call from Hope. Hope asks Maggie if Alice was investigating anything for her or gave her a letter before she passed away. Maggie says no to both. Hope explains how they found an e-mail that Alice wrote to her attorney about Maggie. Hope tells Maggie that she'll explain when she sees her. Maggie hangs up and tells Victor that it's getting stranger by the minute since she has no idea how she's apart of Alice's mystery.

Daniel tells Jennifer that she has completely changed his life since he was ready to give up after Chloe. Daniel didn't think he would be able to love again until she came into his life. Daniel tells Jennifer not to throw what they have away when Jack will just take her for granted and leave her behind. Daniel says Jack will hurt Jennifer again. Jennifer knows how easy the decision looks since Jack walked out on her and Daniel saved her life. Jennifer says she's never been with a man that she could completely rely on until now. Daniel promises to always make her feel loved and never let her down. Daniel wants her to tell him that she will stay with him and leave Jack.

Hope talks to Bo about how frail Alice was in the end. Hope wonders what the letter to Maggie could've been about. Bo wants to find the letter. Hope is sure that she at least wrote the letter. They come to the conclusion that the letter has to be somewhere in the house.

John tells Carrie that they need to find proof that the photo is fake and the records were changed. Marlena says she's going to go get some things done and get fresh air. John worries that someone could take a shot at her. Marlena exits saying she has things to get done.

Victor talks with Maggie about her daughters and how he knows it'd be important for them to be at the wedding. Maggie knows they are happy and fulfilled but wishes they were in Salem. Victor says he understands they would always want their children close by then hugs her.

Hope thinks about what they haven't gone through of Alice's things. Hope brings up the attic and they decide go to look.

Austin and Rafe talk at the station again. Austin says he keeps getting more things that make John look guilty. Rafe thinks John has a point since someone keeps piling on evidence. Austin asks if Rafe thinks Stefano is behind it all. Rafe says he can't dismiss it. Rafe wants to go back and look at everything. Austin tells him that he's wasting his time since the FBI has checked it all. Rafe tells him that he's still going to check if they missed anything. Austin wishes him luck since John will need all the help he can get.

John continues looking at the photo. He says he doesn't recognize it and is sure he hasn't been there before. John starts to have more flashbacks. Carrie asks if something's wrong. John tells her that he just wishes he knew what was going on.

Marlena arrives at the DiMera mansion and rings the doorbell saying she wants to talk to Stefano.

Jennifer reminds Daniel that Jack is the father of her children. Daniel gets that it's best for her children but doesn't think it's best for her. Daniel worries and swears that Jack will hurt her. Daniel says he's not trying to make it about him. Jennifer understands that he never does and always puts her first. Jennifer calls Daniel a wonderful man that she's so in love with but part of her still loves Jack.

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