Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/13/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/13/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Terri's interview with Abe and EJ continues. EJ brings up Abe being there when Gus grabbed Nicole. EJ thinks he can't look at it as a small mistake. Lexie and Nicole cheer on their respective man. EJ blames Abe for the crime rate and unemployment rate in Salem. Abe assures him there are more jobs on the way. Abe tells EJ he should leave town with Stefano if he wants the crime rate lowered.

Sami and Brady ask Madison how she can be so calm about Kate stealing their distribution deal. Brady brings up hearing Madison make the deal. Brady worries about how Victor will react. Madison tells them not to worry. Nate thinks he knows why Madison is calm. Madison says Kate played right into her hand and took the bait.

Kate talks on the phone outside of the Pub about how she got the distribution deal for Countess Wilhelmina.

Madison explains how she knew Kate would go after the deal. Madison assures them that Kate will not win.

Jennifer tells Jack they were talking about Abigail and not them. Jack apologizes for pushing but she gave him hope that Abigail would come around. Jennifer tells him that is it and they should leave it at that. Jack asks about Jennifer and if he can hope that she will come around too. Jennifer says she isn't doing this now and starts to leave but Jack stops her. Jennifer tells him that she can't answer the question because she doesn't know if she'll ever get past what he did. Jack tells her how he never meant to be held hostage. Jennifer reminds him that he never told them where he was and he put his work above his family again. Jack apologizes and swears to never leave again. Jennifer tells him that it's too soon to have this conversation. Jennifer believes that Jack would've come home if he could have. Jack tells her that they are all he thought of and asks Jennifer for a chance but Jennifer tells him that she is not yet ready. Jack tells her that he will wait as long as it takes.

EJ calls it a sad day when the mayor decides on mudslinging. Abe tells EJ that he and Stefano are toxic to Salem. EJ brings up the problems again. Abe points out that the DiMeras are involved in all problems. EJ reminds Abe that Lexie is a DiMera and wants Abe to explain how Lexie is involved in criminal problems. Abe admits that she isn't so EJ points out that he has no criminal record either. EJ declares that he trusts the voters of Salem to recognize that people can change. Abe thinks EJ is running for mayor as an ego trip while he is doing it for the town. EJ thinks the voters know he loves Salem just as much as anyone. Abe says EJ just loves winning at all costs. Abe states that EJ is doing it because there's something he wants.

Sami finishes a phone call outside the Pub as Kate approaches her. Kate calls it a joke that Sami is working with Madison. Sami tells her to get a new hobby and starts to leave. Kate tells her that her company is international and ready to make huge profits. Sami tells Kate that Countess Wilhelmina will go down and Kate will do it herself. Sami assures her that Madison is fine.

Madison finishes a phone call and goes back to Nate and Brady. Madison tells him that she signed a deal with the fastest growing distributor. Madison jokes that she wants to send flowers to Kate for being so foolish which helped them in the deal.

Kate tells Sami that Madison doesn't know what she's doing and hiring Sami proved it. Kate tells Sami that she took the deal right out from under them. Sami wonders what Kate will do when she's out of business.

Terri brings up the topic of John Black. EJ is glad she brought it up. EJ brings up how so many people have been wiped out financially because of John. Abe points out that people are innocent until proven guilty. EJ mentions how all these people put their trust in John and his company Basic Black. EJ states that they know John took the money which is why he launched a class action lawsuit on behalf of the people to make sure that John is held accountable. EJ promises to do whatever it takes to get the money back and to make sure that John pays for what he has done. EJ promises to work hard to make sure the wrong is righted and that justice is served.

Sami goes back into the Pub and sits with Brady, Nate, and Madison. Sami tells them what Kate said to her. Madison tells Sami not to let Kate get to her since it is playing out as planned. Brady and Sami ask Madison what she means. Madison explains how she set up her deal with Mr. Kurasawa and Kate got the other one, so they got the deal they wanted all along. Brady comments that he didn't know that she was this good.

Jack tells Jennifer that he won't push anymore but he thanks her for giving him hope that Abigail will come around again. Jennifer tells him that it takes time. Jack comments that he missed taking time with her. Jennifer tells him that she can't imagine how bad it was for Jack. Jack says it's worse finding out that Abigail wants him gone. Jennifer doesn't think Abigail feels that way deep down but she thinks he made a bad situation worse by arguing with Chad. Jack asks Jennifer if she could talk to Abigail for him. Jennifer agrees to do so if she's ready to listen. Jack thanks her again for giving him hope. Jennifer reminds him that it's not about him, it's just that Abigail needs her father. Jennifer guarantees Jack that Abigail missed him. Jack tells her how he didn't want them to worry. Jennifer tells him how worried sick they were and Abigail started thinking Jack wanted to leave. Jennifer tells him that she thought Abigail was never going to stop crying or hurting. She tells Jack that to Abigail, she had lost her dad and his love.

Abe says it's low that EJ is pandering to the voters by talking bad about John. Abe tells EJ to ask himself why John would steal from his investors. EJ brings up that Basic Black was hit hard by the bad economy and John was desperate. EJ says they are lucky that John was caught. Abe calls it speculation. EJ mentions that John is out on bail and Abe led the efforts to raise his bail money. EJ brings up the people whose lives were ruined. EJ points out that Abe was helping his friend as the mayor and calls it hypocritical.

Madison, Sami, Brady, and Nate visit Madison's office space. Nate talks about how they will make it look. Nate shows them some sketches which impresses them. Madison tells him that she loves it and hugs him.

Jack tells Jennifer that it's easy to look back with regret. Jennifer tells him it will be hard to undo the mess he's made. Jennifer says she will help him be close to their kids again and tells him that it's his last chance. Jennifer tells Jack that he has to change. Jennifer states that she won't allow him to hurt Abigail and JJ again. Jennifer says she's with him if he's willing to change. Jennifer tells him that if he hurts their kids, he'll wish he was back in Afghanistan. Jack says he's made every mistake he can make but Jennifer is still there giving him one last chance. Jack tells her that he's given them every reason not to trust him. Jack blames himself for it. Jennifer is glad he's starting to see that. Jack tells her that being away from his wife and kids changed him. Jennifer asks if it's really changed him. Jack tells her that he spent so much time thinking how selfish he had been. Jack brings up thinking he would come back later but he realized later is not a given but a gift. Jennifer tells him they were robbed of that. Jack blames himself for doing it. Jack worries that he may have gone too far to fix it this time.

Sami tells Nate how excited she is to work with him. Nate asks her to help him measure the wall space and they step out of the office together. Brady tells Madison that he loved what she did today and did to Kate. Madison says it's just her job. Brady tells her not to be humble. Madison comments on the sketches. Brady asks her if there's anything she doesn't do as he gets close to her but Madison responds that she doesn't date men she works with.

Terri asks Abe about siding with John. Lexie tries to intervene but Nicole holds her back. Abe says he believes people are innocent until proven guilty unlike EJ. Abe says that EJ's words have shown that he's an elitist who will use whatever to get what he wants like John Black. EJ tells Abe to explain why he was involved. Abe tells him it's because John is his friend. Abe brings up that he hasn't seen the evidence but he will say that he's been proud to call John his friend. Abe states that he believes John is innocent of all charges and he has his support as a friend and candidate. Abe asks EJ if he has any questions for him. EJ says he has no further questions. Terri asks Abe about the money from Basic Black. Lexie comments that Abe showed everyone his character by defending John. Nicole agrees that it took guts but people might not vote based on character if they think John is guilty. EJ continues to speak, saying he would help the people and never be a two faced elitist.

Brady questions Madison saying she doesn't date men she works with. Madison says she just wanted to be clear. Kate arrives and enters their office. Kate mocks them and Madison asks what she's doing there. Kate informs her that she heard about their distribution deal. Kate tells her that their choice is second rate.

Jack talks to Jennifer about how they have all dealt with losing each other. Jennifer brings up Jack's blog making it sound like he was having the time of his life. Jack talks about being so afraid that they wouldn't realize he was worrying about them. Jennifer tells him it's hard since so much time has gone by. Jack tells her what scared him the most was that she would live thinking he never wanted to come back.

Terri finishes her interview and thanks EJ and Abe for their time. EJ and Abe shake hands and the cameras go off. Terri tells them it made for compelling TV and wants to do a follow-up. EJ goes over to Nicole and asks how he did. Nicole says it's what the people think that counts. Nicole tells EJ how people started tweeting when EJ started talking about John and shows it to him on her phone which makes EJ laugh. Lexie talks with Abe and praises him. Abe says he thought he trounced EJ and Lexie comments that she thought he did too at first.

Madison and Kate continue to argue. Sami and Nate come back in talking about their concepts. Brady and Sami mock Kate. Madison tells Nate that he can make the statement she wants to make. Kate mocks Madison. Madison tells her she's wrong because the statement she wants to make is out with the old and in with the new.

Jack turns away from Jennifer. Jennifer asks if he's okay. Jack tells her that he's taking it all in. Jennifer asks if he understands it all. Jack calls it a lot to take in which Jennifer agrees with. Jack prays that she understands. Jack talks about missing her and hating himself for leaving. Jack tells her that he promised himself that he'd never hurt her or their kids again.

Lexie tells Abe that she thinks he said the right thing and then hears EJ laugh. Lexie tells Abe about the tweets of people thinking Abe is a self serving politician just looking to help his friends. Abe tells her that he cares about the people. Lexie says she knows and is sorry as EJ continues to laugh.

Kate tells Nate it was nice meeting him as she exits the office. Nate comments on Kate being a diva. Nate tells Madison not to underestimate Kate. Madison agrees and says she has her guard up but thinks it's nice to have a worthy opponent since it makes winning mean much more. Sami brings up everything Kate's done to her. Sami is glad to be on Madison's side. Brady congratulates Madison on winning. Madison says she's looking forward to working. Nate comments to them that he hopes to spend more time in Salem. Nate wants to make a change in the office so Sami goes to help him move furniture. Brady prepares to go help them as well so he takes his shirt off as to not get his clothes dirty. Brady whispers to Madison that he can pick up on her signals too and then exits.

Jack talks to Jennifer about hoping she forgives him. Jennifer brings up that he broke a sacred trust. Jack promises her that it's the last time he does this. Jack assures her that he will never hurt them again as he's changed and tried to convince them of that. Jack admits to his mistakes and blames himself for anything bad that's happened to their family. Jennifer brings up how many times they have been down this road. Jack tells her this time is different because he's different and a better man. Jack asks Jennifer to trust him enough to prove it to her and give him a chance to make it better for them and their family. Jack asks Jennifer to give him, them, and their family one more chance.

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