Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/12/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/12/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Nicole talk at the Town Square as they are preparing for an interview. EJ asks if they have to do it here instead of a TV studio. Nicole tells him it's genius to do it where John was arrested. Nicole reminds EJ why he hired her. The woman named Terri arrives to interview EJ. EJ and Nicole introduce themselves. Terri then informs them that they thought it would be a good idea to make it a joint interview with Abe as Abe and Lexie arrive.

Sami, Brady, and Madison arrive to the Brady Pub. Sami and Brady tell Madison about the history of the Pub. Caroline talks to them and tells Sami that she slipped the night prior. Sami introduces Caroline to Madison. Madison says she loves the place. Sami says they are here for their first working lunch. Caroline tells them it will be on the house as they sit down at a table. They start talking when Kate arrives and mocks them.

Jennifer starts to go into the Brady Pub but finds Jack sitting on the bench outside looking sad and asks him what's going on. Jack tells her that he's lost Abigail and she hates him. Jack says he doesn't know what he'll do without Abigail. Jennifer asks him what happened and what she said. Jack tells her that very few things have got to him like this. Jack tells Jennifer that Abigail said she doesn't think Jack has the right to be her father and that she doesn't want him in her life. Jennifer assures that she didn't mean it. Jack says he heard it in her voice and will never forget it. Jennifer tells him that he's wrong since she knows how much Abigail missed him. Jack thinks she's moved on. Jack wonders how JJ must feel as well. Jennifer apologizes but Jack says he screwed it up all himself. Jack states that he had no idea how it felt until now and wishes he could fix it but it's not possible.

Abe says he didn't realize that EJ would be here too. Terri says they thought it would be great to have them together and she goes to get ready. EJ steps aside with Nicole and asks how she could let this happen. Nicole says she didn't know since the decision was made without her and Abe and Lexie didn't know either. EJ warns her that she could be fired. Lexie and Abe watch them argue and Abe wonders what's going on. Lexie assures Abe that EJ doesn't want to go head to head with Abe since he's a seasoned professional. Lexie tells Abe that he'll wipe the floor with EJ.

Kate continues to mock Madison conducting business in a local pub. Madison explains that she loves the Pub. Kate says she's just here for an espresso and is that off to showrooms for Countess Wilhelmina. Madison surprises Kate by telling her that she looked at her office space and makes fun of it. Madison tells Kate that her office and showroom is old and dated like her product.

Jack tells Jennifer that he should have learned his lesson after all these years. Jennifer brings up the way she reacted as well. Jennifer says she understands and thinks Abigail will in time. Jack says he had such big plans and got himself into something he couldn't get out of. Jack states that he risked it all for a story. Jack wonders what it got him since his kids want to disown him and he lost everything. Jennifer tells him that she's sorry. Jack says part of him thought he could just come back and pick up where he left off with his wife and kids. Jack brings up how happy they were when leaving for London. Jack says things were good then but now it's all gone. Jennifer says she knows it won't always be this way. Jack tells her that without her and the kids, he has nothing.

Nicole asks EJ what he's so afraid of. EJ says this was supposed to be his moment. Nicole tells him to seize the moment or else he'll look like a fool if he backs down. Nicole reminds EJ that he is the master of smoke and mirrors. EJ tells her that he appreciates her making him feel better but reminds her that he doesn't like surprises. Nicole says she doesn't either and tries to not make them happen often. Nicole tells EJ that he has to deal with surprises as a part of life. EJ and Nicole go back to Abe and Lexie. Nicole brings up how no one knew about the joint interview. Lexie adds in that it's fine with Abe. EJ assures that it doesn't bother him.

Kate says the only thing older about Countess Wilhelmina is the experienced people she has working. Kate tells Madison that she must be pre-occupied with her office space. Madison reminds her that she's been in the town square a lot because that's where they will be running and she can see her office from hers. A man named Nate arrives and greets Madison. Kate wonders how they know each other as Madison explains that Nate is here to work on her showroom and office.

Jack tells Jennifer that he didn't think it was possible for him to lose his family again. Jack recalls Jennifer warning him to think things through while he thought he was being daring. Jennifer points out that nothing can change that he is Abigail and JJ's father. Jack brings up not having a relationship with his father. Jennifer is worried by how upset Jack is. Jack apologizes for laying this all on her. Jennifer offers to do anything to help. Jack tells her that he isn't going to lay any more of it on her and starts to leave but Jennifer grabs his arm and stops him, asking him to please not go. Jennifer tells him that she cares about him no matter what has happened. Jack appreciates it. Jennifer is worried to see him like this. Jack says he can't change how he feels. Jennifer says she won't walk away from him. Jack wonders why and Jennifer says she wants to as he would do the same for her. Jennifer tells him to let her be there for him as she holds his hand.

Sami introduces herself to Nate as a big fan of him. Brady says he's happy to have him on board. Nate greets Kate and says he was reading something about her in a magazine and gives her credit for breathing new life into an old line. Nate wishes her luck. Sami comments that Kate will need luck. Kate tells Nate that Madison and her company will end up dead in the water.

EJ tells Abe that the spotlight is big enough for both of them. Abe wants to get it over with and move on to their campaigns. Nicole comments that he wouldn't know about that. EJ brings up how Abe's opponent was killed the last time so he ran unopposed. EJ thinks Abe is just trying to walk right back into office. Abe tells him that he's in for a big surprise. EJ asks if he's up for the challenge. Abe tells him he wants the job because he has it already, he likes it, and does it really well. Abe calls his opinion experienced unlike EJ's. EJ says he's only concerned about it being a fair fight. EJ says Abe will not be able to slide into office this time because he fully intends on winning the election. Abe says he plans on winning as well.

Jack calls a Jennifer a kind and generous person. He says that's why she's being so helpful when he doesn't deserve it. Jennifer agrees that he doesn't. Jack says he should've listened and stayed away from Abigail. Jennifer tells him that she's here for him because she knows he loves his children. Jack wonders what if. Jennifer tells him that they can go somewhere and talk. Jack gets excited and Jennifer tells him they will just be friends and nothing more. Jack tells her that he's just grateful and thankful that she's here.

Madison tells Kate that there used to be a market for her dramatic over the top style. Nate steps away to make a call. Kate thinks Madison is just trying to discredit her in front of Nate. Madison sits back with Sami and Brady to talk business. Kate informs them that she just signed a deal with the largest distributor in the world and she took the deal from under them.

Abe stops Lexie from going after EJ, assuring her that he can handle EJ. Abe tells EJ that he'll be forced to tell the truth. Abe says he's eager to see EJ with his lack of experience. Nicole tells him that EJ is fresh and the people will like that. Terri returns and asks if they're ready for the interview.

Jack and Abigail walk through the town square and Jack tells her that he told Abigail that he doesn't want her dating a DiMera. Jennifer can't believe Jack told her that and tells him that Chad is good. Jennifer says she almost made the same mistake but didn't. Jack says it's normal for a dad to not like his daughter's boyfriend but doesn't want it to be a DiMera. They sit down and Jack brings up how Abigail started to open up to him. Jennifer says that Jack talking to her about her boyfriend would not be good now. Jack brings up how he walked in on Chad giving Abigail a massage. Jennifer can't believe that he fought with Chad in front of Abigail. Jack states that it got a little heated and Jennifer is in disbelief. Jack asks how Jennifer can deal with their daughter dating a DiMera. Jennifer tells Jack that they raised her to make her own choices. Jennifer tells Jack that he'll only be pushing her further away. Jack doesn't think she can get much further away but Jennifer tells him that she can.

Sami and Brady can't believe that Kate stole their deal. Brady asks Madison how it could happen if she secured things. Kate says Madison could've kept a closer eye if she wasn't always trying to one up her. Brady tells Kate that she won't get away with this. Kate tells Brady that he will regret not being a part of Countess Wilhelmina. Kate tells Madison that she needs to focus more and she tells them that they can't afford the showroom anymore.

Jennifer explains to Jack that Chad is not EJ and wasn't raised by Stefano. Jennifer says Chad can stand on his own and she's seen him stand up to Stefano. Jack thinks he's just rebellious and young. Jack says Stefano always wins. Jennifer points out how Lexie proved that wrong. Jack wonders why Jennifer is defending this as he doesn't think it can be good for their kid. Jennifer asks Jack what if someone judged him based on his father.

EJ and Abe's joint interview begins at the town square. Terri introduces the two candidates. Terri brings up the two being brothers in law. EJ points out that Abe is married to his sister and they're very close. Abe stresses that their personal connection will not bear on the campaign. Abe says he will assure the people are safe, prosperous, and treated fairly. Terri asks Abe about the town square being a feather in his cap. Abe calls it a testament to the citizens and the Horton family. Abe calls the town square an amazing place to spend time in. Terri asks EJ about competing with this. EJ commends Abe on the town square. EJ says the truth is that all Abe has done in building the Town Square is put a colorful bandage over the real problems. EJ tells Abe it's time to stop distracting the citizens and focus on the real issues.

Jack admits that he doesn't want anyone judging him on his father. Jack says he's sorry for Chad but Abigail is his only daughter. Jennifer understands but tells him that they are just dating not getting married. Jack tells her that he can't handle it. Jennifer thinks Jack still sees Abigail as a little girl. Jennifer says she still looks at their kids as babies on their birthdays. Jennifer tells Jack that them being apart doesn't change the fact that the kids are theirs. Jack thinks it does if they don't want to see him. Jennifer tells him to give it time. Jack thinks it's too late but Jennifer assures him that Abigail loves him and it will just take time. Jack takes Jennifer's hand and asks how much time she, herself, is going to need.

Sami explains to Caroline what happened with Kate. Kate says she is off to work as they have a lot of work to do and exits. Nate returns and Sami calls Kate a witch. Nate asks if Madison is ok. Brady and Sami are concerned about Kate and wonder why Madison doesn't seem concerned. Madison says she will handle Kate.


Terri asks EJ what he means by Abe not focusing on the real issues. EJ brings up that crime is the number one issue. Abe intervenes and points out that the crime rate has dropped. EJ tells him the people are not interested in his statistics. EJ says Abe's ineptitude carries on to things such as Gus attacking women on the pier. Abe points out that Gus is behind bars but EJ says it was after he had beaten so many women. EJ asks Abe to not interrupt him anymore. EJ brings up how the police arrested an innocent man in Quinn while the real criminal took Nicole hostage. Abe thinks EJ is just trying to make a scene. EJ points out that Abe was there at the crime. Abe asks if EJ is really going to go there. EJ asks if Abe is denying that he was there. Terri asks Abe if it's true that Abe could've prevented the last attack from happening.

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