Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/11/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/11/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Victor and Maggie sit together at the Kiriakis Mansion. Melanie comes in and hopes she isn't interrupting. Melanie wants to start preparing the wedding with Maggie. Melanie rushes off to get something she forgot in her car. Maggie asks Victor if it's too much for him. Victor tells her that all he needs is her for the perfect wedding. Victor says he loves seeing her happy and they kiss.

Chad hugs Abigail at her home and tells her that he hates seeing her upset. Abigail tells Chad about the situation between Jennifer, Daniel, and Jack. Abigail tells Chad that she's glad he's there as Chad hugs her. Abigail tells him that if he wants to cheer her up, he should convince Jack to leave town.

Jack talks with Adrienne and Justin at the town square about how he told Jennifer everything but then Daniel got involved. Adrienne points out how Daniel was there for Jennifer. Jack complains about Daniel. Adrienne tells him that Daniel is right because Jack has been an ass.

Hope and Bo sit together at the Brady Pub and talk more about the bank statements. Hope still thinks Alice is counting on them to find something. Bo tells her that they will keep looking. Hope thanks him for supporting her. A woman walks up and informs Hope that she has been served and quickly exits. Hope wonders if it has something to do with John as she opens the envelope. Hope tells Bo that it's a cease and desist order on looking into Alice's account.

Marlena questions John saying he wanted a divorce and wonders why he would say that. John tells her that it's what he wants.

Victor and Maggie continue kissing until Melanie returns. Melanie comments that they are acting like they're on their honeymoon already. Victor comments that he's never been happier. Melanie then recalls how she married Phillip in this room. Melanie hopes that she's able to find what Victor and Maggie have. Maggie tells her that she can't plan to fall in love and she's still young. Maggie advises Melanie not to be consumed with what-if's. Melanie apologizes for being a downer and goes back to looking through bridal magazines with Maggie. Victor gets up and starts to exit but Maggie stops him and asks where he's going.

Chad tells Abigail that he doesn't think he can make Jack leave town. Abigail tells him that her dad is driving her crazy. Chad gives Abigail a basket of items to cheer her up. Abigail thanks him for the gifts and kisses him.

Jack says he gets that he's responsible for everything that happened but he will make it right. Justin asks him what his plan is. Jack says this time everything will be different since he's sticking around to show that he's changed. Adrienne laughs at Jack's plan. Jack calls it discouraging that she doesn't believe in him. Adrienne tells Jack that she really has to show that he's changed. Justin comments that he was talking to Chad the other day. Jack questions who Chad is. They tell Jack that Chad is Stefano's son which surprises Jack. Jack questions why they are talking about Chad. Justin and Adrienne inform Jack that Chad is dating Abigail. Jack questions if it's serious and Adrienne says it is.

Bo tells Hope that the cease and desist is a good thing because it means they are on to something. Bo notes that Hewitt and Lowell is the firm that the order came from. Hope has no idea who they are since they didn't handle Alice's accounts. They get up and exit to go track down Erin Hewitt.

John apologizes to Marlena for hurting her but he wants to protect her. Marlena doesn't want his protection. John says he loves her but won't put her through what he knows is going to happen. John says he wants to give her life back. Marlena tells him that without him, she doesn't have a life. John apologizes to her and brings up the exhaustion and stress. Marlena thinks John isn't thinking straight. Marlena tells him that by his side is the only place she wants to be. John tells her that he isn't good for her anymore. Marlena tells him not to say that. Marlena says with him is the safest place she can be. John disagrees because of the death threats and what people think of him. John doesn't want to take the risk of something taking a shot at him and hitting her.

Victor tells Maggie and Melanie that they'll be picking out wedding dresses and so the groom shouldn't see it. Maggie tells him they are looking for a maid of honor dress too. Maggie informs Melanie that she already has her dress picked out and she knew Victor would love it.

Bo and Hope meet with Erin Hewitt. Erin says she figured they would be by after the order. Erin brings up that Alice spoke highly of both of them. Hope responds that this caught her off guard and thinks she should be more defensive. Erin explains that she respected Alice and considered her a friend. Hope brings up that Alice never mentioned any of this. Bo asks what kind of legal matters she handled but she can't reveal that. Erin says she represented Alice in more personal matters but also handled less private matters. Hope asks if that means she could tell them why Alice kept the account a secret for over twenty years.

Marlena asks John what he expects her to do. John tells her to cut all ties with him. Marlena refuses to divorce him. John accepts that but tells her she will still leave and walk away. John tells Marlena to denounce him to the press and make certain that everyone knows she will not be standing by him. Marlena wants to be with him in court. John tells her that if he gets lucky in court then in the end they can be together again. John states that if the only way to keep her safe is to let her go then that's what he will do.

Jack gets upset hearing that his daughter is dating a DiMera. Adrienne and Justin try to convince Jack that Chad is good. Jack gets mad that he wasn't there for Abigail. Adrienne tries to calm Jack down. Jack rushes off saying he needs to stop this right now. Adrienne wonders why she even tries.

Chad and Abigail continue kissing. Abigail tells Chad she's enjoying this but would like a massage so Chad begins to massage her.

Hope shows Erin the bank statements as Bo asks if she can tell them about the account. Erin apologizes and says she can't tell them anything about it.

Marlena tells John that he can't get rid of her that easily. Marlena wants to stand by him and believe in him. Marlena reminds him of their wedding vows. John tells her that he can tell what his problems are doing to her and they aren't fine. John states that his problems have kept them apart for months as he hasn't been able to make love to his wife. Marlena brings up how far they have come. John tells Marlena to please walk away.

Maggie and Melanie continue wedding planning. Maggie asks Victor if he's getting bored. Henderson comes in with a delivery of boxes for Maggie. Maggie calls it impossible since she didn't order anything then asks what Victor did. Victor tells her that he was paying attention to the maid of honor dresses that they liked. Melanie gets up excitedly to open the boxes as Maggie kisses Victor.

Hope gets ready to leave as Erin apologizes, saying the information was privileged. Hope assures her that Alice would want her to know what was going on. Erin agrees that Alice would want her to know. Hope asks her to honor what Alice would want and tell her.

Marlena tells John that she won't leave him no matter how many times he asks and neither will his family. Marlena admires what John's trying to do but promises that they will all be there for him. John wonders why they would do that when they don't have to be. Marlena tells him that they love him and believe in him that he's innocent. Marlena says she knows John is the only man for her without question.

Erin tells Hope that Alice would want to tell her but she isn't there so she remains bound by the agreement. Hope brings up that not all of the matters were private and asks about those documents. Erin is glad that Hope asked and tells her to feel free to look through them as much as she wants. Hope wonders if she's saying that these could be related to this account. Erin says she never directly said that and she's only abiding by the agreement. Hope and Bo are excited to see them. Erin tells them to leave their contact information and she will get them the documents within the hour. Hope and Bo thank her and exit.

John thanks Marlena for wanting to stay with him but he will not let everyone become collateral damage in his mess. Marlena tells him that it's not up to him. Marlena says she chose to stand beside him and so does Sami and Carrie. Marlena tells him that they aren't going anywhere. John reminds her how ugly it's going to get. Marlena admits that it scares her and she knows it will get much worse but she thinks if they take it on together then it will be a little less scary. Marlena tells John that once he's exonerated, they will get their life back together.

Chad continues massaging Abigail until Jack comes in and tells Chad to get out. Jack pulls Chad off of Abigail and tells him to keep his hands off of his daughter or he'll break his fingers. Jack continues to threaten Chad. Abigail explains that Chad was just making her feel better. Abigail tells Jack that it's enough and asks what his problem is. Jack calls Chad his problem since he's a DiMera. Abigail calls Jack a liar and a jerk. Jack reminds her that he is her father and will not allow anyone to hurt her. Jack continues to complain about the DiMeras. Abigail calls Jack insane. Jack states that this is over and he forbids Abigail to see Chad anymore.

Adrienne and Justin talk with Maggie and Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion and explain what happened when Jack found out about Chad and Abigail. Justin and Adrienne both agree that Jack probably hasn't changed and then ask about Victor and Maggie's wedding as they talk about their own wedding. Melanie comes back in with her new dress. Maggie tells her she's beautiful and hugs her.

Hope and Bo look at the documents on their laptop at the Brady Pub. They are confused since it's mostly all with their charity work and nothing new. Bo suggests they keep looking. Hope wonders what Alice was so determined to keep from them. Bo points out that the files show Alice only dealt with charitable causes. Hope says that's it and kisses Bo.

Adrienne comments on Melanie's dress as well. Victor tells Maggie that he has some things to get to at Titan. Maggie kisses him and says she'll see him later. Victor asks Adrienne if she knows of Mad World Cosmetics. Adrienne tells him that she loves the line and Victor informs her of Titan acquiring them and he has some questions to ask her. Justin follows Adrienne out with Victor. Melanie looks in the mirror and Maggie asks if she's thinking about her wedding with Phillip. Melanie admits that she is but doesn't know why since she's been in this room before. Maggie tells her that they can move the wedding. Melanie promises that she'll get over it and she wants Maggie's wedding to be more than perfect. Maggie tells Melanie how much it means for her to be in her life. Maggie calls Melanie her angel and hugs her. Maggie says she loves her and then exits the room.

Abigail questions Jack forbidding her to see Chad. Jack tells her their relationship is over. Abigail says the only person she's saying goodbye to is to Jack. Jack asks Chad to give them a moment but Abigail says Chad isn't going anywhere. Abigail brings up Jack walking out of her life. Jack says that's not how it was but Abigail insists that that's how it was. Abigail tells him that she stopped worrying after awhile because she knew he wasn't thinking about them. Jack says it's not true. Abigail tells him that he can't just come back and play dad. Jack agrees and apologizes. Abigail asks Jack why he left them all. Abigail tells Jack that he gave up his right to be a father and can't forbid her to do anything. Abigail tells Jack to leave. Chad stands up and tells him that he heard her. Abigail again tells Jack to go because he doesn't belong there anymore. Abigail says she wants Jack out of her life forever.

Hope explains to Bo that they approached this all wrong from the start. She says they thought Alice could've been in trouble but she'd never be involved with something questionable. Bo realizes that means Alice must have been using the account to help someone. Hope states that it must be why there was no name on the statement because Alice was trying to protect the person. Bo says now they just need to figure out who the person was that she was protecting and why they needed the money.

John tells Marlena that she's right that he can't push their family away. John hugs her and admits that he doesn't think he could survive this without her. Marlena understands he just thought he was doing what was right. Marlena assures him that he's not being selfish. John worries about hurting people. Marlena promises that nobody will get hurt and they will get through this together. John tells her that he will do his best to remember that. John wonders what he ever did to deserve Marlena and doesn't know how he got so lucky. She tells him that she's the lucky one. John wants her to tell him again that this will be alright. Marlena tells him again that it will all be fine and John hugs her.

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