Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/10/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/10/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel arrives at Jennifer's as she had just come downstairs in her robe. Daniel surprised her with coffee but Jack walks in from the other room shirtless, saying he's got Jennifer's coffee, making Daniel uncomfortable.

John thinks back to getting served with the lawsuit from EJ as he worries at home.

Rafe wakes up Sami as she had fallen asleep on the couch. Sami comments that she fell asleep working and quickly worries about what time it is. Rafe tells her that he took care of getting the kids to school. Sami wonders how she didn't hear any of it. Rafe tells her that he wanted to just let her sleep. Rafe kisses her until she realizes it's Monday and begins to worry that she screwed up her job already.

Carrie finds Austin looking at her files and takes them from him, asking him how he could read through the confidential files.

John sits next to bed watching Marlena sleep. Marlena wakes up and asks if he's been up all night. John says he couldn't stop thinking and going over everything in his head. John says it's hard to believe how fast everything spun out of control. John lays down next to her and brings up EJ's lawsuit. Marlena thinks Stefano has to be behind it and once they prove it, they can get his life back. John doesn't want to put Marlena through it and refuses to put their family through it.

Austin tells Carrie that he would never look through her case files and informs her that they are actually his. Carrie realizes that they are easy to mix up. Carrie tells Austin that he doesn't have to take the case. Austin tells her that she doesn't have to take it either. Carrie tells him that she barely slept last night because of EJ's lawsuit. Carrie says she can't drop the ball and let John or Marlena down. Austin calls her a brilliant attorney. Austin tells her that he's worried about her taking the case because she's so close to the situation. Carrie wonders what she's supposed to do since John's lawyers quit and he doesn't have his money so he's counting on her to prove him innocent. Carrie tells him that she has to go discuss strategy with John. Austin wants to go with her as John texted him earlier that he wants him to come by with her.

Jennifer tells Daniel that it isn't what it looks like. Jennifer explains that Jack fell asleep on the couch as he was up late talking with Abigail. Jennifer tells Jack to go but Daniel says Jack should stay because the three of them have a lot to talk about.

Sami tells Rafe that she forgot that she was supposed to dress Johnny up for school but Rafe lets her know that he took care of it. Sami calls him her hero and Rafe goes to show her a picture of Johnny so that she could see him. Rafe pulls out his phone but then sees that he didn't save the picture. Rafe brings up knowing that Sami took her job for the kids. Rafe tells her that he doesn't mind helping out around the house. Rafe asks Sami if the job is worth it since she's already stressed out.

Marlena tells John that she appreciates him wanting to spare her but what happens to him happens to her. John tells her not this time. Marlena says there can't be separation between them especially after the last two years. Marlena says whatever he feels, she feels and that will never change. Marlena says they were so upset about the lawsuit last night that it wasn't the right time for them to be together. John tells her he wants to make love to her and begins kissing her but the doorbell rings. John tells Marlena that he asked Carrie and Austin to come by. Marlena wonders why he would have Austin come over. John says there are some things that they need to discuss. Marlena gets out of bed to go answer the door.

Sami tells Rafe that family will always be first to her. Rafe says he's just looking out for them. Sami says she'll get used to things even if it will be hectic at first. Rafe says it will be a group effort. Rafe talks about knowing Sami hates missing her kids and he just wants to make sure that she's sure. Sami tells him that she is a hundred percent sure. Rafe states that's all he needed to her. Rafe tells her that he has to talk to her about something important. Rafe informs Sami of the class action lawsuit against John filed by EJ.

Austin and Carrie arrive at John and Marlena's. Marlena thanks Carrie for getting him out on house arrest. John says he isn't going anywhere. Austin brings up how this is a conflict of interest for him. Austin apologizes for having to stay on the case. John tells him that he wouldn't have asked him to come if he knew but it doesn't change what he wants to say to him. John tells Austin that he just wanted to tell him that he didn't do this. John swears that he is innocent.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she tried to call him but it got late. Daniel tells her that he was worried. Jennifer apologizes to him. Daniel wonders why she would let Jack stay. Jack tells Daniel that Jennifer doesn't have to explain herself. Daniel tells Jack that he loves Jennifer and he won't let Jack hurt her. Jack says he won't hurt her again. Daniel brings up Jack constantly hurting Jennifer. Daniel brings up how Jennifer and Abigail moved on and then Jack just came back. Daniel says he can't allow it. Jack tells him it's not his business. Daniel tells Jack that he and Jennifer are in love. Daniel says Jack shouldn't have walked out if he wanted Jennifer but he's not going to let him walk back in.

Sami calls EJ unbelievable and wonders why he would file the lawsuit. Rafe brings up how EJ is looking for votes for mayor and this will get the votes of the investors that lost their money. Rafe asks Sami if she wants to go see John and Marlena. Sami says she does and thanks Rafe for reminding her that family comes first. Sami apologizes for thinking the worst when he first arrested John. Sami tells Rafe that she knows he'll come through for John.

Jack tells Daniel that he's made mistakes but he doesn't know the whole story. Jennifer informs Daniel that he really doesn't know Jack's whole story. Daniel brings up Jack's blog. Daniel tells Jack that he doesn't think how his actions will affect other people. Jack tells Daniel he can't talk to him like that. Daniel tells Jack that he abandoned his family. Jennifer informs Daniel that Jack was kidnapped which Daniel laughs at.

John tells Austin that he would never do what he's accused of. Carrie tells him that they all know that. Austin explains that he's happy that Carrie is helping him but he can only go by the evidence. John asks if Austin thinks he's a thief. Austin says he's just going by what the SEC thinks. John says he's being set up. Sami and Rafe arrive and apologize if they interrupted. John says he was just having an honest conversation with Austin. Sami asks where everything stands. John states that they will see and he just wanted Austin to hear from him that he's innocent. Marlena reminds Austin of the kind of man that John is. Carrie stops Austin from lecturing them and reminds him that he didn't have to take the assignment. Austin and Carrie argue while John has flashbacks of sitting at the computer again and shouts that's enough to stop their arguing. John tells them no more fighting and they're better than that. Marlena explains that they can't do this with John recovering. Carrie and Austin both apologize. John understands they are all on edge. John apologizes for his problems becoming between them. Marlena suggests everyone just leave but John wants Carrie to stay and work on their strategy. Austin says he'll leave to get to work. Marlena hopes they can get together as a family soon. Austin exits and Carrie walks him out saying they will talk later. Austin says he'll see her at home but he has no idea when that will be. Austin asks Carrie to understand where he's coming from since he's doing the best he can and then walks on.

Jennifer explains to Daniel how Jack was being held captive by the cartel so he didn't leave them and disappear. Jack wants Daniel to apologize and admit he's wrong. Daniel doesn't believe the story. Daniel brings up everything Jack has done in the past to Jennifer.

Sami tells John and Marlena about her new job with Mad World Cosmetics. Marlena says they are proud of her and are there to help with the children if she needs. Sami apologizes for the timing of taking the job when they might need her. Carrie explains how she's taking John's case. Sami and Carrie talk about their jobs. Carrie wants to start talking strategy with John. Rafe says he has to get to work. John thanks Rafe for everything he's done. Rafe tells John that he's keeping ties on the FBI investigation and poking around himself. Rafe hopes he can get John out of this. John says he appreciates it and he can't shake the feeling that Stefano is involved. Rafe says it's crossed his mind too and he knows he'll have a hell of a time trying to prove it.

Jack asks Daniel if he really thinks he would make up the story. Daniel calls it convenient and brings up his blog again. Jennifer tries to explain but Jack tells Daniel to just talk to the embassy if he doesn't believe it. Jack states that all that matters is that his family believes him. Daniel tells Jack that he could just run away again. Jack says Daniel doesn't know anything about him and tells him not to push him. Jennifer gets in between them and says they are behaving like children and she's had enough.

Rafe talks with Austin at the station. Austin explains he tried to get off of the case but he couldn't. Austin says he and Carrie's relationship is usually not this tense. Rafe explains how dealing with a case so close to them makes things to volatile. Rafe says it's never good when work and family collide.

Carrie warns Sami that the press is going to be all over her and the case. Sami states that she knows and thinks Carrie is just warning her not to say anything stupid. Sami says she will do her best to keep a low profile. John thinks back to talking to Roman in the holding cell. Marlena sits with John and asks if he's alright. John tells her he's honestly not alright and he's just sorry. John says he's supposed to be protecting her but is instead causing stress. Sami tells John that it isn't his fault. Carrie apologizes for her argument with Austin adding to his stress and promises to get through it. John thinks it's still turning their lives upside down and he's responsible for it.

Jennifer wants Daniel and Jack to be level-headed and doesn't know what they are trying to prove. Jack tries to talk but Jennifer cuts him off, saying it's her turn now to talk. Jennifer tells Daniel that he's been wonderful to her and she's grateful for it. Jennifer says this is just something that she has to work out on her own. Jack agrees but Jennifer tells them that they both need to go.

Austin and Rafe continue talking at the station. Austin tells him that he's right as they have been focused on careers and school until they decided to come back home. Austin talks about being excited to reconnect with the people they love. Rafe tells him that Sami felt the same way. Austin wonders how much Sami will get to see Carrie. Austin doesn't know how they are going to do it with Carrie taking on John's case. Austin thinks their relationship stress won't lessen. Rafe thinks there is a solution.

Marlena calls Carrie and Sami godsends and they feel the same way. Marlena says they are lucky to be together as a family even under these circumstances. Sami and Carrie both exit. Marlena goes back to John and tells him that they are in good hands. John calls Carrie a very talented lawyer. John tells her that he isn't sure that she's the right lawyer for them since it's putting a strain on her marriage. Marlena assures him that they will be fine and they will help them through anything. John tells her that he's made his decision.

Jack questions Jennifer throwing them both out. Jennifer thinks it's best. Jennifer says their points aren't helping and she needs time to figure it out on her own. Daniel tells her that he understands she has a lot to deal with. Jennifer hugs him and Daniel says he's there if she needs him. Jennifer says goodbye to Jack. Jack and Daniel both exit leaving Jennifer alone.

Austin asks Rafe if he doesn't think he should take the job. Rafe explains that Carrie has to help John. Rafe thinks Austin can stay in Salem and get off the case. Austin asks how Rafe thinks they can make a living if he's not working. Rafe brings up the possible consequences. Austin tells Rafe that he's right as he doesn't know what he would do if he lost Carrie. Rafe tells him that he'll leave him alone to think about it.

Sami and Carrie return to Carrie's hotel room so Carrie can get some files. Sami asks Carrie if she thinks John did it or not. Carrie tells her that the thought never crossed her mind as she knows John is innocent but the problem is proving it. Carrie says it could be the biggest fight of their lives.

Marlena asks John what decision he's made. John says he kept going over what this is doing to their family last night. John brings up everything they have been through and he doesn't think they can come through this. John tells her to forgive him but he's made up his mind. John tells Marlena that they need to file for divorce.

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