Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/7/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/7/11


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Bo finishes a phone call about John at the station. He tells Hope that John is hanging in. Bo reminds her that they have a financial mystery to solve. Hope hopes the man they are meeting with doesn't keep them waiting. Bo continues to wonder what this could be since Alice didn't keep secrets. Hope wonders how no one saw those bank statements before. Hope continues to think Alice is trying to tell her something.

Sami arrives at the Town Square to meet with Madison and Brady. Madison introduces Sami and Brady not knowing they already know each other. Madison tells Brady that she hired Sami. Brady explains that they are step-siblings. Madison realizes Sami is Sami Brady. Madison reveals that they went to first grade together. Sami excitedly hugs her and they are happy to reconnect.

Nicole asks EJ how John is going to help him win the election. EJ tells her not to worry about it. Nicole tells EJ that she's tired of being on a need to know basis. She says he will either answer her questions or he can find a new PR person to run his campaign.

Austin and Carrie talk at the station about the SEC. Austin tells Carrie that his involvement in John's case is over with. Carrie is glad and kisses him as Rafe comes up and tells Carrie that she can go see John now. Carrie thanks him and goes to see John. Rafe comments to Austin that it looks like he and Carrie had the same talk he had with Sami. Rafe and Austin talk about being unable to believe John is guilty. Austin says he knows Carrie will keep looking for leads.

John wonders to Marlena how much Stefano could've paid his lawyers to quit. John thinks it's the only thing that makes sense. Marlena tells him that he needs a new attorney who won't fall to Stefano and someone who they can completely trust. Carrie comes in and declares that she will be John's new attorney.

Rafe asks Austin how Carrie is going to fix John's situation. Austin informs Rafe that Carrie is going to be John's attorney. Rafe comments that it's going to be a huge high-profile case. Austin sits with Rafe and sounds unsure if she's up for it. Austin says he's off the case but worries that this will go on for awhile. Austin mentions that John's assets are frozen so they can't pay Carrie. Austin says he needs to find some work now. They talk about being with Brady women.

Sami and Madison talk to Brady about going to elementary school together and how they were best friends. They talk about being excited to work together until Madison gets a call and steps away. Brady sits with Sami and Sami asks how Brady knows Madison. Brady informs her that Titan just bought her company. Sami gets upset thinking she got the job on her own but now she thinks it was Brady.

Carrie talks to John about everything she's done for his case. John tells her that she didn't have to do this. Carrie says she wanted to. Carrie tells John that he's been granted bail with house arrest. Marlena is excited to hear the news. Carrie says she had to act fast. John wonders how he will pay bail. Carrie reminds him that a lot of people believe in his innocence. John doesn't want them involved with his mess. Carrie says they just need to focus on getting him out and getting him cleared of the charges. John tells her that it might not be so easy. Carrie tells him that she knows what she's doing and John will just have to listen to her.

Austin talks to Rafe about the first time he met Sami. Rafe brings up that Sami just got a new job for the first time since they've been together. Austin asks Rafe if he's not happy about it. Rafe says he is but it will be a lot to keep up with. Austin states that if Sami wants it, she will make it happen. A fellow cop joins them and tells Rafe that he's needed in the holding area. Rafe gets up to head that way.

Bo and Hope continue to talk about the bank statements. Bo thinks Alice could have just forgotten them. Hope wonders if she feels this way because she wants to feel connected to Alice. Hope hopes it's nothing the bad. The financial adviser arrives to meet with them. He tells Hope that he's afraid she wasted her time coming. He says he's not at liberty to tell them anything. Hope tells him that she is not accepting that.

EJ asks Nicole if she's giving him an ultimatum. Nicole says she is because it's a business relationship and not a marriage. EJ reminds her what an opportunity this is for her. Nicole doesn't care because no one else would take on his campaign. EJ doesn't think he has an image problem, but just that people perceive him wrong. EJ brings up that he doesn't have a police record. Nicole calls him lucky and brings up the Rafe clone. Nicole says EJ dodged a bullet and she doesn't want to dodge bullets. Nicole tells him that she needs to know what he has going on with John. EJ tells her that she will have to trust him. Nicole brings up that EJ said they were taking baby steps earlier. EJ says John's situation will improve his image and make her job a lot easier and that's all she needs to know. Nicole tells him that it's not good enough. Nicole says she's leaving. EJ asks if she's going to turn her back on a six figure salary.

John tells Marlena that he's worried Carrie is in over her head. Marlena brings up that he needed a lawyer now. John recalls attending all of Carrie's parent-teacher conferences when she was young. John said everyone told him how big of a heart she had and that made him so proud. John says he believes in Carrie but doesn't want to put her in danger. Marlena tells him that Carrie is determined to help him. Marlena says she knows being in the cell is killing John. Marlena tells him that with Carrie in their corner, they will be okay. John brings up all the people that lost everything because of him. Marlena thinks it will be easy for Carrie since he's not guilty. Carrie returns with Rafe and Marlena wonders what's going on. Carrie informs them that they are getting John out now.

Brady tells Sami that he had nothing to do with getting her the job. Brady says they own companies but they don't run them. Sami doesn't believe him and thinks it's too convenient. Brady tells her that he didn't even know she was looking for a job. Brady tells her that he's happy if she's happy. They toast to being on the same team. Sami wishes it was better timing so the whole family could be happy for her. Sami brings up John and Brady tells her that he hasn't been to see him. Sami tells him that she knows John would want to see Brady. Madison returns and offers Sami to come with her and Brady to walk through office space. Sami agrees and they exit together.

Nicole tells EJ that he can't be serious and asks if he's really going to do this. EJ tells her that John's situation gives him an excellent opportunity to take the job. Nicole calls him ruthless and says she's impressed. EJ asks if she's back on board then. Nicole asks when this is happening. EJ tells her that the involved parties should know by the end of the day. Nicole wants to cover the news breaking. EJ tells her that John won't know what hit him.

Carrie tells John that he will have to wear an ankle monitor under house arrest. Rafe offers them around the clock protection but Carrie says they will pass on that since John got beat up. Carrie informs Rafe that she has hired her own private security firm. Marlena hugs Carrie and thanks her as Rafe opens the cell and lets John out. John hugs Marlena as she is thankful he is out.

Sami, Madison, and Brady return to the town square and they are all happy with the office space. Madison tells Sami that she will start working from home. Sami hugs her and tells her she's so excited then she heads home.

Nicole returns to the living room and sees EJ has a dinner set up with champagne. Nicole reminds him that this is supposed to be business. Nicole tells him that he's going to need a new PR person.

The financial adviser tells Hope that he's not trying to be difficult. Hope brings up that it's not just anyone but her grandma. Hope asks him to explain the bank statements since there is no name on them. He says he would like to help but he can't as he is bound by confidentiality. He tells Hope that if Alice gave her power of attorney and had it on file then it would be different. Bo doesn't think it applies since Alice is deceased. He starts to leave but Bo tells him to wait a little longer. He asks if Bo's going to arrest him. Bo tells him he's being evasive so he's suspicious that there's a reason for the IRS to audit his accounts. The advisor then agrees to tell her that the account is connected to her grandmother and it is still active. He tells them that he can't say anything else and that if they get a court order, his attorneys will be ready and then he exits.

Austin arrives at the Brady Pub on the phone. He finishes a call about a potential job.

Rafe, Carrie, and Marlena bring John home. Rafe checks John's ankle monitor and it has a strong signal. Rafe brings up that there's a lot of angry people outside. Rafe tells them to keep a low profile. Rafe tells them that Marlena should remain under house arrest for her own safety. John doesn't like that Marlena can't see her family and friends. John hates that it's all because of him. Carrie offers to give John and Marlena some time alone. They thank Carrie as she exits with Rafe. Marlena sits with John and says she's glad to be home. John says this is all a mess. Marlena tells him that they've been in messes before and will get through it.

Brady sits with Madison at the Kiriakis Mansion. They finish a video meeting on the laptop with a client in Japan. They talk about it being a good deal. Brady tells her it's time to celebrate with champagne. Madison says she would love to but has contracts to go over. Madison gets up to leave but falls into Brady's arms.

EJ stops Nicole from leaving and tells her to listen to him. Nicole agrees to give him a minute. EJ apologizes for the champagne but he just wants to have a nice working dinner. Nicole says working dinner is takeout but this is what a man does when he wants to get lucky. EJ tells her the next time they could go wherever she likes but tonight he thought they could have a private dinner to discuss strategy. Nicole questions the champagne. EJ tells her that they are civilized and have things to celebrate like Nicole's job and him becoming a working class hero. Nicole says she has a hard time thinking of EJ that way. EJ tells her to get used to it because that's his new image and her job is to make everyone believe it.

Carrie joins Austin at the Brady Pub. Austin asks about John. Carrie informs him that he's out on house arrest and hopes he won't be beat up again. Carrie tells him that she started going over the DA's case and Austin was right that it's very compelling. Austin is sure that she will get to the bottom of it and won't stop until she does. Carrie asks him about his day. Austin tells her it was fine but Carrie notices he doesn't seem fine. Austin admits that there is something they need to talk about.

Marlena comes out of the shower talking about how good it felt as John pours them a glass of champagne. John tells her to believe it and kisses her. John tells her they are having steak as well. John says he's been wanting to be with her like this for a long time and he knows it's not perfect circumstances but he would like to try. John tells her that he loves her and kisses her again.

Bo and Hope go to the town square talking about the meeting they just had. Bo thinks the advisor was going out of his way to be unhelpful. Hope thanks Bo for getting any information at all. They both think that he is connected in some way. Bo asks what she wants to do next. Hope says that Alice knew about whatever it is. Bo wonders if they were telling her the truth.

Sami tries to start working at home when she gets a message that Caroline is bringing the kids back. Sami is surprised it's already that time. She worries about what to make for dinner but doesn't have anything. Sami wonders how she's going to do all of this with her new job.

Madison apologizes for falling on Brady. Brady jokes with her. Madison tells him that she doesn't fall for just anyone and gets back up. They both look at one another after the awkward situation and Madison then exits.

Austin informs Carrie that he got a new job but if he stays on, he has to get involved in John's case. Carrie doesn't like the idea. A man arrives and informs Carrie that she's been served. Carrie opens the envelope and says it's just when she didn't think things could get worse.

Rafe returns to John and Marlena's and tells them that he has some bad news. Rafe hands John the envelope revealing that EJ DiMera has filed a class action lawsuit against John.

EJ opens the champagne and asks if he can offer Nicole some now. Nicole accepts that one glass won't hurt. EJ gets a phone call and gets informed that John and Carrie just got served. EJ says to let the games begin. EJ toasts to Nicole and Nicole toasts to the future mayor of Salem.

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