Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/6/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/6/11


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Austin tries to talk to Carrie at the station and wants her to be prepared since he's seen the evidence. Austin tells Carrie that the state has a very strong case against John. Carrie asks him if he really thinks John is guilty.

Abe and Lexie walk through the town square as Abe comments that it's perfect for their campaign. They discuss EJ running against him. Lexie worries that it's only the beginning for EJ.

Nicole arrives to the DiMera Mansion. EJ asks her about articles in the newspaper that upset him. Nicole brings up John Black. EJ shows her the negative article about him. EJ asks Nicole if she's going to help him or not.

Carrie can't believe Austin could think John is guilty. Austin says he didn't say that but the evidence makes him look guilty. Carrie wants his personal opinion. Hope and Bo join them. Carrie is surprised the arraignment is over already. Bo and Hope said it was an ugly situation with so many people blaming John. Roman comes in with John and Marlena trying to keep the people away as someone threw an egg at John. Carrie asks how soon they can take him home.

Nicole tells EJ that before she answers him, she wants to make some rules. She says it's not an arrangement and she would just be his employee. EJ makes a phone call while she's talking and tells Nicole that they're clear. Nicole tells him they have a deal and EJ goes back to listening to the phone. Nicole asks for a six figure salary and benefits. EJ agrees and tells her to know her limits. Nicole tells him that they have a deal so they shake hands on it. EJ assures her it's binding.

Marlena tells Carrie the judge set bail. John says he can't make bail since his assets have been frozen. Roman informs them that it means John must stay in police custody. Carrie wonders how this could be happening. Marlena tells Carrie and Austin about John being attacked. Roman explains what happened. Roman assures that they won't let John get hurt. Carrie wants another plan to get him released. John says he knows everyone's doing their best to keep him safe. John understands that everyone has to blame someone. John promises to get everyone their money back when he can. Marlena calls him a good honest man and says everyone should know that.

Abe informs Lexie that John got bail but his assets are frozen so he can't pay it. Lexie wonders if they should go see them. Abe tells her that Roman thinks it isn't the best time. Abe tells Lexie he hates what is going on as he knows John is innocent but they have to prove it.

Nicole tells EJ that she has a lot of work to do. EJ offers her some coffee. Nicole tells him that it's going to take a lot to rebuild his image. EJ says that he's a politician. Nicole thinks they have to give him a new persona and tells him not to give her any attitude. Nicole tells EJ that he must follow the rules. EJ tells her to just give him some ideas. Nicole brings up EJ being financially successful so they can portray him as the best hope for the town. Nicole mentions that Abe already has family values. EJ wants to exploit that Abe is incredibly dull. Nicole agrees and thinks people will connect with EJ's style and excitement. Nicole says they will somehow attempt to humanize him. Nicole brings up that EJ doesn't have custody of his kids and she knows he misses them as she does too. EJ tells her that she was always wonderful around them. Nicole knows he wants them to be proud of him. EJ reminds her that it's the reason he is doing this. EJ says he talks a big game but none of what he says matters without the love and respect of his children. EJ wants them to be proud of who he is and where they come from. Nicole wants that too and promises that she will help him make that happen. Nicole then says they need to do a lot more work. Nicole looks on her computer and says the popular opinion is that EJ is corrupt. Nicole wants to show off EJ's philanthropic side. EJ asks how she suggests they do that. Nicole suggests that EJ throw a fundraiser for a very worthy cause. EJ likes the idea. EJ then suggests they go grab lunch. Nicole brings up having to work so EJ tells her they can work at lunch. Nicole agrees that it's a working lunch and nothing more. EJ tells her that they aren't going to have sex in the Brady Pub and he understands their agreement. EJ walks out as Nicole prepares to leave.

Lexie and Abe walk through the town square after Abe just bought Lexie a new dress. Abe asks Lexie if she's ok with cutting back her hours at the hospital. Lexie says she is because she wants to support him in his campaign. Abe reminds Lexie that EJ is still her brother. Lexie says he's going to be disowned and doesn't want to talk about him. Lexie sees an EJ for Mayor ad and gets mad so she rips it up.

Hope tells Bo that she thinks she's closer to finding out about Alice's secret bank account. Hope thinks it's weird that she didn't know about who was in charge of it. Bo asks her if she's sure if she wants to find out what this person has to say about the bank account. Bo brings up how Alice went through a lot of trouble to keep the account secret so she probably had a good reason.

Carrie and Austin go into a room at the station. Austin wants them to be on the same page. Carrie feels horrible for John and says they can't be on the same page if Austin doesn't believe in him. Austin wants to talk about them and not John. Carrie says they can't talk about them in the middle of all this. Carrie thinks Austin has already made up his mind that John is guilty. Austin tells her that's not true as he is torn. Carrie calls that the problem, saying he shouldn't be torn since he knows John. Carrie calls John the most honest person that she's ever known. Austin tells her she is the most honest person he knows. Carrie credits John for who she is. Austin tells her that she would feel torn if she saw what he saw. Carrie thinks it must be a mistake and there has to be a way to explain the evidence. Carrie says she believes in John and it kills her that Austin doesn't. Austin doesn't know what to tell her. Carrie wants him to tell her what he's going to say in his SEC Report. Austin doesn't respond and Carrie assumes he will say that John is guilty.

Roman and Marlena bring John back to his holding cell. Roman assures John that he will have the cell by himself for as long as he has to be there and he'll keep a private guard if he has to move. Roman tells Marlena that she can stay as long as she wants. Roman says he will tell John as soon as he hears anything and he exits the cell with Marlena. Roman tells John that he's sorry about this. Roman leaves while Marlena remains outside the cell. John tells Marlena to just hang in there with him through this.

Abe and Lexie sit at the Brady Pub. Lexie apologizes for losing it when she saw EJ's campaign poster. Lexie says she needs to be in control and they can't let the town be run by a DiMera. Lexie tells Abe that she's not going anywhere. Abe tells her that they need to focus on their campaign. EJ and Nicole arrive and EJ greets them.

Hope tells Bo that she wants to know all the answers for Alice. Hope thinks she found the bank statements for a reason. She thinks Alice is guiding her to know the answers. Bo wonders why Alice wouldn't have just told Hope while she was alive. Hope speculates that someone was blackmailing her so she had no choice. They talk about the possibilities. Hope says she will find anyone who made Alice suffer and make them pay.

Austin can't believe Carrie would ask him about his SEC report, knowing that he can't disclose that. They talk about how upset they both are. Carrie says they are on completely opposite sides. Austin tells her they are never on opposite sides. Austin brings up how her family is his family and it will never change. Austin says they've been married for almost five years and how they wanted to celebrate their anniversary here. They joke about what they talked about wanting when they left. They both agree that life kind of got in the way. Austin says life got in the way in the best of ways since they've been to Rome and Paris. Austin says he's pretty happy with the way things turned out and Carrie agrees that she is too. Carrie thanks him for everything and then they kiss. Austin brings up wanting kids and says he was looking forward to working on that while they were there. Carrie thought the same and thinks it would be a good anniversary present. Carrie then says she wouldn't want their kids to grow up without their grandparents or with John in jail. Carrie apologizes as she feels like her family always comes between them. Austin reminds her that her family is his family. They both state that they hate fighting with one another. Austin talks about everywhere they've been together and says he's the luckiest person on the planet. Carrie says she's the luckiest. Austin tells her that he feels closer to her than he ever has. They both say I love you to one another and then kiss again.

John tells Marlena that the entire family should keep distance from him through this. Marlena brings up that Brady could post his bail but John doesn't want that. John doesn't want anyone involved and makes Marlena promise not to include Brady. Marlena wishes it was all over. John apologizes for it. Marlena wonders if they shouldn't have come back. John says they had to face it and no longer wanted to run from it. John says he'll prove his innocence and then they will move on with their lives. Marlena wishes they could retrace what happened and figure out where the FBI is getting their evidence. John states he would give anything to know that too.

Hope finishes a phone call with Alice's financial adviser and set up a meeting. Bo decides to go with her. Austin and Carrie join them. Carrie says she keeps trying to reach John's lawyers but he isn't receiving her calls. Roman comes up to them and announces that he has some bad news.

Lexie tells EJ that she wanted to give him a piece of her mind. EJ tells her that she already did and he tells her that he wants the campaign to be conducted with civility and respect. EJ tells her that the voters will decide who wins. EJ tells Abe that he thought he would appreciate some good competition. Abe responds that no one could explain EJ's behavior. EJ says he doesn't want Abe to take it personally and it's just politics. Lexie wants to talk to EJ in private. Nicole interrupts as Lexie is surprised to learn Nicole is working for EJ. Lexie brings up that Nicole was blackmailing EJ a few months ago. EJ calls Nicole fantastic. Lexie wants to talk to EJ outside but Nicole doesn't think it's a good idea. Abe gets up as Lexie goes outside and EJ follows her to talk in private.

Marlena tells John that it doesn't make sense since the FBI couldn't have gotten proof if he didn't do the things they are saying. John thinks someone worked hard to make it look like he did. Marlena points out that John was always trying to get back on his feet and was never doing business. Marlena says she's just so upset that he's being held there or that anyone would believe he would swindle people. John thinks he focused so much on his recovery that he lost control of his company. John says he might could've stopped this if he paid more attention to his company. Marlena wonders where all the money could have gone. Roman returns and says he would let them know if anything knew came in the case. Roman informs John that his lawyers have quit.

EJ talks with Lexie outside, saying he understand she's angry and shocked but she has to understand. Lexie says she's more than angry because he hurt her. Lexie thinks EJ was too busy to notice or didn't even care that he hurt her. Lexie brings up how everyone turned against him but she stood by him and this is how he repays her. Lexie tells him that he knew this would hurt her and he did it anyways. Lexie tells EJ that he should've come to her first if he was thinking about running for mayor but he loves the drama and spectacle. Lexie calls him arrogant. EJ says he did this for family and to give meaning to the DiMera name. EJ wants to be someone that his children can see doing good things. Lexie tells him he went about it in the most underhanded way possible. Lexie says when Johnny and Sydney are old enough to understand, his plan will backfire. EJ apologizes for offending her and Abe. Lexie asks him about his nephew, Theo. Lexie says EJ is so focused on his kids but wants to know about her kid. Lexie tells EJ that they are family but maybe he doesn't care. EJ says it's not true. Lexie tells him that if he hurts Abe or Theo, she'll never forgive him. She says she doesn't know if she can forgive him now but he will be out of her life if he hurts them again. Lexie states that what hurts her the most is that she was so happy when she found out she had a brother and thought they had something special. Lexie tells EJ that she never thought he would turn on her and it breaks her heart that he did. Lexie then goes back into the Brady Pub as EJ sighs.

Marlena asks Roman why John's legal team quit. Roman says all he knows is that they asked to be removed. Marlena calls it outrageous. Marlena wonders what they're going to do.

Hope and Bo talk with Austin and Carrie about John's lawyers. They all wonder why they would do this. Austin says they need to get him a new counsel fast because he can't stay in jail after what happened last night.

EJ goes back into the Brady Pub and sits with Nicole. EJ says it pains him to see Lexie to be upset with him but he knew what he was getting into. EJ tells Nicole that he will be the next mayor of Salem and no one will stop him. Nicole tells him that he got him an interview with a radio station but she wants him on camera. EJ seems distracted and Nicole asks what he's thinking about. EJ tells her it's nothing and Nicole starts to leave if he doesn't tell her. EJ claims he was thinking about fundraiser ideas but Nicole doesn't believe him. EJ admits then he was thinking of John Black. Nicole is surprised. EJ thinks John could be an important part of the campaign. Nicole is confused. EJ tells her that John doesn't know it yet but he is going to help EJ win the election.

Bo says they will keep John safe. Austin wants to get him out as soon as possible but he doesn't know how. Carrie says she knows how.

John wants to get a better legal team. Marlena continues to wonder how this happened. John thinks someone is pulling the strings. John then declares that Stefano has to be behind all of it.

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