Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/5/11

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/5/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

At the town square, Kate asks Brady and Victor what is going on. Kate questions them about Madison. Victor points out that Kate is getting mad. Victor tells Madison that Kate is his ex-wife. Kate realizes that Victor invited Madison to the party at the Town Square. Madison says the town square will be a hot venue. Victor brings up Kate being in cosmetics as Kate states that Madison is her direct competition with Mad World Cosmetics. Madison informs Kate that Victor and Brady are her new business partners.

Daniel drinks some coffee at the Brady Pub as Melanie arrives and tells him that he doesn't look good. Melanie asks him about Jack. Daniel says he can't stand Jack. Melanie tells Daniel not to let Jack get to him.

Abigail and Jennifer talk at home about Jack. Abigail wonders why Jack didn't say any of this before. Jennifer brings up how they didn't let him explain. Abigail wonders why Jack didn't call first to say he was coming. Abigail doesn't believe Jack's story about being held hostage. Jennifer tells Abigail that she does believe Jack because she does not believe that he would want to hurt her and JJ. Abigail says Jack just shows up right when they finally start getting their lives back together. Jennifer tries to comfort her and says she knows it's much. Abigail thinks it's too much. Jennifer says she had a hard time believing it at first too. Abigail says even if it was true, he went undercover to infiltrate a drug ring in Afghanistan without telling them. Abigail thinks Jennifer had the right to know. Abigail says she doesn't ever want to see Jack again. Jennifer wants Abigail to give him a chance. Abigail asks Jennifer is she's really going to forgive him. Jack then arrives, now clean-shaven, and says he hopes that she will.

Rafe, Sami, Will, and Gabi talk at home. Will and Gabi sit on the couch with their laptop as Sami is panicking about not receiving a call about her job yet. Rafe tries to calm her down and tells her not to worry. Gabi talks to Will about their interview with the Salem U quarterback being really good. Sami compliments them on their website. They then see on the internet that John's arraignment is today and Will wonders if they should be there as they then look to Rafe.

Kate tells Victor that his personal vindication has trumped his business sense. Victor tells her that he's been over her for a long time and thinks Madison opening up in the town square is a good idea. Kate accuses them of stealing her ideas. Brady and Victor mock her. Kate brings up how she stood by them when Brady put Vivian in the sarcophagus. Victor says Kate did nothing but blackmail him. Kate threatens to sue Victor for stealing her ideas. Madison promises not to use any of her ideas. Victor says that their deal with Madison was in the works long before they met with Kate. Kate continues to accuse them of stealing her ideas. Brady says they are successful business people and wanted the best opportunities. Madison says she's proven that she will kick Kate out of the town square. Kate threatens to sue them again.

Sami tells Will that Marlena said it would be best if they weren't at John's arraignment since it's a volatile situation with the press. Will hopes that people don't think they don't believe in John. Sami assures that they know they are on their side. Sami suggests Will sends Marlena text so he agrees to do so. Sami then talks to Rafe saying she's glad the arraignment is today so John won't have to stay in the jail cell. Sami wonders why all this is happening.

Melanie tells Daniel that drinking is not the answer. Daniel tells her that he hasn't been drinking, he's just tired as he has not slept. Daniel informs Melanie that he had asked Jennifer to move in with him when Jack suddenly returned. Daniel says that Jack's return changes everything. Melanie disagrees, saying it doesn't change how Daniel feels about Jennifer.

Abigail points out that Jack has shaved and asks that's him trying to clean up his act. Jack points out that Jennifer didn't like it. Abigail brings up Jack not telling her where he was. Jack admits he was wrong. Abigail tells him that she's sick and tired of hearing him say that. Abigail accuses Jack of not caring about anyone but himself.

Victor mocks Kate's threats to sue and Brady tells her that she has no case. Madison thinks Kate is afraid of the competition. Kate tells them that it's easy to talk a good game. Kate tells Madison to keep talking big. Madison explains that she has a business plan and proven track record. Madison tells her to leave but Kate says she's not leaving and they'll find out who gets rid of who.

Melanie tells Daniel to stay strong and hugs him as Maggie arrives. Maggie asks Daniel about Jack's return. Maggie says it's so like Jack to come back like that. Melanie and Maggie both worry about Abigail. Maggie wonders how Jack can make up for what he's done.

Jack states that he's made a lot of huge mistakes in his life but he's always loved them. Abigail thinks he loves his job more because none of them wanted to go. Jennifer tries to stick up for Jack. Abigail shuts her down and Jack tells her not to talk to her mother like that. Abigail asks Jack if he's seriously going to talk to her like that. Jennifer explains that Jack was trying to protect them. Abigail says he was just lying. Jack didn't want them to worry. Abigail yells that not knowing anything for months made them worry. Abigail asks Jack if he's that stupid. Abigail tells him that they thought he was never coming back. She asks Jack how he could do that to them.

Rafe talks with Will and Gabi about Salem U football when Sami's phone rings. Sami says this is it and tells everyone to act natural as she steps out to answer the call. They continue talking until Sami screams and runs back into the room excitedly. She jumps into Rafe's arms saying she got the job and kisses him. Rafe asks her if she found out what the company is. She tells him that she did get the company and her job. Sami announces that she is the new Junior Executive at Mad World Cosmetics. Gabi gets excited as she is a big fan of the line. Sami excitedly hugs Rafe again.

Madison tells Kate to stop with her empty threats as they are moving on with their business. Kate tells Victor and Brady that they are making a huge mistake because she's not impressed with Madison's line. Madison says Kate doesn't recognize quality. Kate calls them fools. Victor calls it a good profit margin. Kate says her Countess Wilhelmina products will blow them away because they are better and cheaper. Madison says they might be cheaper as a reflection of Kate herself.

Daniel tells Maggie about how Jack wanted to explain everything to Jennifer. Maggie brings up their long complicated history. Daniel understands but he wants to go back there to stop him from hurting her. Maggie says he did the right thing. Daniel wonders how Jack could leave like he did.

Jennifer tries to calm Abigail down and wants her to listen to Jack. Abigail doesn't think Jack can change her opinion. Abigail says Jack never thought at all when he left. Abigail calls Jack as selfish as he's always been. Abigail says she's his daughter and doesn't matter to him.

Kate tells Madison again that she's all talk. Kate says she just wanted majority market share when she brought back Countess Wilhelmina but now she is going to make it so successful that it completely buries Mad World Cosmetics. Madison tells her to bring it on. Kate says that she will and tells Victor and Brady that they made a very bad decision and made it personal. Kate says she will do everything to bring them down.

Daniel tells Maggie that she's right and he gave Jennifer her space. Melanie knows it's killing Daniel. Daniel hates doing nothing. Maggie tells him that over the past couple of months, Jennifer has been happier than she's been in a long time. Maggie tells Daniel to have faith that what they have will be strong enough to ride this out. Daniel says it isn't about him or faith but he's worried that Jack is going to hurt Jennifer again and he won't let that happen.

Jack tells Abigail that they are the most important people in the world to him. Abigail says a real father doesn't walk out on his kids like he has over and over. Jennifer hugs Abigail as she cries. Jack says that Abigail is right. Jack agrees that he has not been a father at all and let them both down. Jack apologizes for not being the kind of father or husband that they both need and deserve.

Will suggests Sami check out Mad World Cosmetic's websites. Rafe pours them glasses of champagne and toasts to Sami's new job. Sami tells them how much it means to have their support. Sami toasts to this year being better than the last.

Maggie tells Daniel that she's angry too but doesn't want Jennifer to see it. Maggie tells Daniel that he doesn't want to add to Jennifer's pressure. Daniel switches the topic and asks Maggie about her and Victor. Melanie congratulates her and is excited for Maggie accepting the proposal as she hugs her.

Madison tells Kate to grow up. Kate tells Madison that Victor and Brady can't be trusted. Madison brings up that Kate begged them for an investment and calls her desperate. Kate threatens to blow them out of the water. Madison says she isn't scared because she knows her line is superior. Madison tells Kate that she's making it personal but Kate blames Victor and Brady for doing that. Madison says she will enjoy watching Kate self-destruct. Victor and Brady take Madison away to go look into some office space.

Jack continues trying to talk to Abigail. Jack says everything Abigail is saying is things that he has told himself. Jack says every day of the last year, he'd try to tell himself this would be good for the family and help get opportunities but it just took away time. Jack tells her that she has no idea how much he has missed her. Jack says he's hurt them both so much and all he can say is he's sorry.

Rafe wants to talk to Sami about John's arrest. Sami understands now that Rafe was just doing his job. Rafe tells her that the FBI asked him to head the investigation and he's going to so that he can make sure it's fair. Sami then worries about the possibility of John being guilty.

Maggie talks to Daniel and Melanie about being happy with Victor. Melanie says she can't wait for the wedding. Daniel tells Maggie that she'll be her step-Godmother now. Daniel says he's happy if Maggie is. Daniel hugs her and Maggie says she wants him and Jennifer to be as happy as she is with Victor.

Madison sits back down with Brady and Victor as they return to the town square. Madison likes the new office space. Madison talks about having to live the fantasy of her cosmetics line. Victor calls it a productive day. Madison says she's by nature very suspicious and she is suspicious of coincidences. Madison thinks her squaring off with Kate wasn't an accident and she doesn't like being used. Brady insists that it's not what this is about. Madison says she isn't stupid and knows how they operate. Victor asks if she means that she's reconsidering their deal.

Jack says he would've given anything to come back and see them while he was kidnapped but he thought he would never get out and he was scared. Jack says the worst thing was the feeling of never seeing Abigail again to tell her he loves her. Jack says it's all his fault and he's not asking her to forgive him. Jack states that what he did was unforgivable. Jack calls being captured his punishment for making bad decisions and what's happening now is his punishment for leaving his family. Jack tells her that he's being as honest as he can. Jack says he began to realize how important every day is when he was in the cell. Jack swears that now he's going to be a different man, a different father, and a different husband.

Rafe tells Sami that if John is guilty, he'll have to do his job. Sami says she knows and supports him like he supports her. Rafe is glad they worked it out and they kiss. Will comes up to them and explains that Gabi has gotten into arguments over the Salem U football team on the internet message board. Rafe goes and sits with Gabi to talk with her about it. Will tells Sami that Marlena could use some happy news with her new job. Sami says she thinks things are really turning around for their family.

Melanie talks to Maggie about wanting to plan her wedding. Maggie then asks Melanie to be her maid of honor. Melanie starts crying and accepts. Melanie hugs Maggie, telling her she loves her so much. Maggie says having Melanie there will make it a perfect day.

Abigail tells Jack that everything he said is just words. Jack says she's right until he follows those words up with action. Jack informs them that he is staying in Salem and he's going to prove that he can be a good father and husband even if it takes him the rest of his life.

Kate makes a phone call at the Town Square behind a plant near their table. Madison tells Victor and Brady that she isn't reconsidering their deal but just letting them know that she won't be played. She tells them that she does enjoy a good fight but Kate will be a worthy opponent. Brady thinks Kate has met her match in Madison. Kate says on the phone for someone to find anything that she can use to destroy Madison and her company fast.

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