Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/4/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/4/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

A woman walks through the town square. Brady approaches her, assuming she is the hostess and informs her about his upcoming meeting. Brady says he isn't sure about a woman he has to meet that he's heard is a bitch. He slips her some money to get them good service. She takes him to his table to get his coffee.

Kate packs her bag at the DiMera Mansion talking about her work as EJ walks in with the newspaper. EJ talks about how much attention his bid for mayor is getting. Kate brings up John's arrest. EJ laughs at the newspaper article of the arrest. Kate says she has so much to do while scouting the competition and worries about Madison James. EJ tells her he's going to work on winning the race for Mayor in a landslide. Kate offers to help with the PR campaign. EJ tells her that he has someone else in mind. Nicole arrives and tells EJ she's giving him her key back. She tosses the key onto the chess table.

Marlena visits John in his cell. Marlena tells him that he needs to get ready for court. John then sits up and appears to have been beaten up. John tells her that it's not as bad as it looks. Marlena wonders who did it. John says it was some of the fellow prisoners in the exercise yard and no cops showed up until it was over.

Bo and Hope talk to a cop about why John was taken out of his cell and put in the yard with the other inmates. The cop doesn't seem to care that he screwed up and says it's not like John was killed. Hope calls him a disgrace to the uniform. The cop says to go ahead and write him up. Bo threatens to suspend him.

Kate tells Nicole she can leave but EJ informs her that he invited Nicole. EJ sends Kate off to her meeting. Nicole asks EJ what he wants from her.

Victor joins Brady at the Town Square and sits with him. Victor informs Brady that Maggie accepted his proposal and he couldn't be happier. Victor tells Brady that he'll be elated if they buy Mad World Cosmetics from Madison James. Brady comments that she's late like a prima donna. Victor and Brady talk briefly about John's arrest and Brady then wonders where Madison James is. Madison then arrives and is the same woman that sat Brady at his table earlier. Brady and Victor exchange introductions with her and Madison talks about first impressions which makes Brady uneasy.

Nicole asks EJ why he's running against Abe for mayor. Nicole says Abe has done a great job and deserves to be re-elected. EJ disagrees. Nicole tells EJ that he will lose big since everyone loves Abe and hates EJ. Nicole says she doesn't get why EJ wants to run for mayor. Nicole asks EJ what he wants her to do. EJ jokes with her about campaigning. Nicole tells him not to waste her time and EJ apologizes for the bad joke. EJ tells her that he needs someone to put a positive spin on the family name. Nicole tells him that will take miracle workers. EJ asks Nicole what she would do to fix the name if she was his publicist. Nicole thinks he can't be serious. EJ explains that he needs someone to convince the people of Salem that the DiMera name doesn't make them any different. EJ says he needs good press and needs everyone in the country that a DiMera is worthy of elected office. Nicole wants to know why he wants national recognition when he's just running for mayor. EJ calls it baby steps.

Hope and Bo talk about being unable to believe that John was taken to the exercise yard. They talk about John's reputation. Bo says that people trusted John with their money and had faith in him but now it's all gone so they're left with fear and anger. Hope brings up never hearing complaints about John's business, Basic Black. Bo explains how investors put more money in it thinking they would get a big return until it disappeared. Hope promises him they will get it back as soon as they find out who's behind this and prove John innocent. Bo brings up what the FBI think about John. Bo says that John looks guilty as hell.

Marlena worries about John being beaten up after he just got out of the wheelchair. John assures her that he'll be okay as long as he has her. Marlena promises to get him out on bail so he can go home where he belongs. Roman arrives and tells them that he doesn't want them to get their hopes up.

Victor praises Madison for building Mad World Cosmetics from the ground up. Madison thanks him and says not everyone gets her. Victor tells her that they want her to come to Titan. Brady agrees that it would be good for business. Madison lets them know that the company is part of her and she wants what is best for it. Victor says they respect where she's coming from. Victor gets a phone call from Maggie and steps away to answer it. Madison talks to Brady about how women like to be treated. Brady brings up that some men aren't intimidated by her. Brady suggests she joins Titan since they work similarly. Madison tells him that she won't give up control of Mad World.

Marlena asks Roman if he thinks John won't be allowed out on bail. Roman apologizes for John being beaten up and promises that it won't happen again. Roman mentions that the charges are stagnant. Marlena tells him that John should be allowed out on bail for his health. Roman thinks Marlena is too close to the situation and he thinks they have the evidence to take John down. Marlena tells John to sit down and let her talk to Roman. Marlena tells Roman not to tell her that he thinks John is guilty.

Hope and Bo talk more about the FBI file on John. Hope doesn't think the evidence is legit. Bo says he's not arguing with her but the file has conviction all over it. Hope says everyone knows John would never steal money. Hope thinks someone else did it. Bo says they will have to figure out who. Bo says he never doubted that John is innocent. Bo brings up how John wouldn't have come back to Salem if he was guilty. Hope tells him that the truth will come out and John will be proven innocent. Bo says they know he's innocent but the people that lost their savings are out for John's blood.

Brady tells Madison that they want to buy her company but she would remain CEO and run it how she wants. Madison says she's listening. Brady tells her how much she would earn and have annual bonuses. Madison says she's refusing the offer if the profits would go to Titan instead of her. Brady offers her profit participation. Madison tells him that she thinks he almost forgot and gives her back the money he gave her earlier. Brady apologizes for mistaking her for the hostess. Madison understands and says she's not different from most women. Brady says he should've looked her up before the meeting. They agree that he acted like a jerk and Brady apologizes. Madison accepts his apology. Brady wants her to think about the offer from Titan. Madison tells him to take his money and buy a lady a rose. Victor returns and asks if she accepted the offer. Brady informs him that she turned them down. Victor asks what they can do to sweeten the pot. Brady says he did already but she still won't agree. Brady asks her why she took the meeting if she had never planned on accepting their offer. Madison hands him a paper and says that's her counter-offer if they accept to buy Mad World Cosmetics. Brady shows it to Victor and Madison asks if they have a deal.

Nicole asks EJ if he seriously wants her to do his PR. Nicole says she's hardly qualified. Nicole tells EJ that he could have any high power firm he wants. EJ agrees but says they don't know him like Nicole does. EJ says Nicole knows how to hide his weaknesses and show his strengths. EJ tells her that she's the only one he's ever been able to be himself around. Nicole asks him what this is really about.

Roman takes Marlena into the interrogation room. Marlena asks him if he thinks John is guilty. Roman says he doesn't which Marlena is glad to hear. Roman says he knows John is a wealthy man. Marlena informs him that John doesn't have the wealth that he used to. Marlena thinks authorities are trying to make it look like John had a motive. Roman promises her that John will be proven innocent. Roman tells her to hang tough since she and John have both made it through worse than this. Marlena tells him that she had a dream of coming back to Salem with all the hard times behind them.

Hope shows Bo a message on the phone from a guy complaining about John costing them everything. The guy ends his message saying that John Black should die. Hope wonders if they should trace the call and arrest him for a death threat. Bo says they will have to put more guards on them when they take him to the court. Bo tells her that he will pick the guards himself to keep him safe. Marlena comes up to them and asks if something happened that she doesn't know about. Hope and Bo show Marlena the message on the phone so that she understands the amount of anger people have about losing their money in Basic Black. Marlena says she understands people's anger but thinks threatening his life is too much. Marlena tells them that John is innocent. Hope says they know that since they know John. Bo says the truth will come out but right now people can't see past the fact that they've been wiped out so they are taking it out on John. Bo and Hope say they will do all that they can to keep him safe. Marlena doesn't believe them since John got beat up last night.

Brady and Victor accept Madison's deal and welcome her to Titan. Victor calls her tough and driven. Madison is glad he didn't buy into the negative press she gets. Victor says he's never heard any. Madison says she's surprised and looks at Brady. Victor suggests a toast to their new alliance. Madison comments to Brady asking the hostess to get fresh coffee. Brady decides to get it himself. Madison tells Victor that they make quite a team and she's very impressed.

EJ asks Nicole if she thinks he has an ulterior motive in offering her a job but understands why. EJ tells her to put her suspicions aside and listen to him. EJ explains that he needs someone who can help him win the election in a landslide. He tells her he needs someone that can convince the people of Salem that the DiMeras are doing things a new, better way by being better themselves. Nicole asks if he's saying he's going to be good again. EJ says that's what he wants everyone to think and he wants Nicole to convince them. Nicole realizes that he's doing it all for show and calls him a dirty rotten scoundrel. EJ corrects that he's a charming scoundrel. EJ asks her if she's in. Nicole tells him that she doesn't want to be with anyone.

Brady and Victor talk with Madison about competition for Titan from Kate with Countess Wilhelmina. Madison tells them that she will be right here too if Kate is opening up in the Town Square.

Marlena talks with Bo and Hope about John more. Hope promises her that nothing will happen again. Marlena apologizes for snapping. Bo understands she's upset. Marlena tells them about being by John's side every day as he fought to try and walk again. Marlena says there were no secrets, just John torturing himself trying to get back on his feet.

Madison checks her bag after leaving Victor and Brady as Kate arrives. Kate tells her she saw her in the photographs. Madison says she's here on business. Victor and Brady return to her side and ask if she's ready. Kate says she doesn't know what's going on but she doesn't like it.

Nicole calls EJ arrogant and says if she takes the job it will be all business. EJ asks if that means he's looking at his new PR genius. Nicole tells him that she will think about it and get back to him.

Bo puts John in a bulletproof vest to protect him on his way to the court. Bo and Hope tell him that they are on his side and they know that he didn't do what the FBI is saying. Marlena tells John that she told them it was impossible since he wasn't doing any work while trying to walk again. John then has flashbacks to sitting at a computer looking at money sheets. Marlena asks if he's alright and John says he's fine.

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