Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/3/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/3/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Reporters are all surround the scene of John's arrest. Sami arrives and wonders what's going on. Carrie asks Austin why he didn't tell her that he knew John was going to get arrested. Carrie wishes she could've kept him from being humiliated. Austin says he feels bad. Carrie can't believe Austin let it happen this way.

EJ walks with Kate and is happy to see John being arrested. Kate mentions that Stefano had to go on business.

Maggie talks with Victor about John's arrest and thinks it must be a mistake. Maggie wants to go talk to Marlena but realizes she didn't give Victor an answer to his proposal. Victor tells her he can wait and she kisses him.

John tells Sami that Rafe is just doing his job. Sami wants to know what the charges are. Rafe escorts John away through the reporters as Sami assures Marlena that they will go to the police station and get this fixed as Marlena follows after John and EJ watches Sami from a distance.

Daniel tells Jennifer at her place that he doesn't know what to say. Jennifer tells him not to be sorry. Daniel says he's sorry it happened to her. Jennifer says she's used to it since she has an irresponsible ex husband. Jennifer tells Daniel that she doesn't want to talk about Jack anymore and kisses Daniel. Jack then knocks on the door and Daniel goes to answer the door. Daniel tells Jack he doesn't think it's the time. Jack storms in and tells Jennifer to get rid of Daniel because they need to talk.

Sami asks Abe what is going on. Carrie informs Sami what John is being arrested for. Carrie thinks it could be a mistake and says she's going to the police station. Abe explains what happened and he exits with Lexie. Sami is shocked to learn that Rafe knew this was going to happen.

Jack tells Jennifer it's important that they talk. Jennifer wants him to leave. Jack understands he hurt her. Jack tells her to listen to him if he ever meant anything to her.

Sami finishes a phone call to Caroline telling her what is going on. She hangs up and runs into EJ. She doesn't want to talk to him but EJ says he just wanted to say he's sorry. Sami ignores him and walks past him then stops and sees when she sees an EJ for Mayor poster. Sami asks if it's some type of joke. EJ tells her that he's formally declared his intention to become Mayor. Sami tells him that no one will vote him over Abe. EJ thinks he has an excellent chance. Sami wonders why he would do something like that to Abe. EJ assures her that Lexie will understand and says he's doing it for family. EJ says he thought Sami would understand that.

Victor and Brady talk at the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor brings up Brady going to talk to John but he doesn't want to. Victor asks why he's avoiding John.

Kate sits with Austin at the town square and asks him about the arrest. Kate tells him that he was impressive tonight. Austin tells Kate that she never changes. Kate says he hasn't changed either and that she's just trying to comfort him. Austin tells her that it's his job to review the books and if this goes to trial, he could have to testify against John.

Lexie and Abe arrive to the police station and talk with Marlena and Carrie. Marlena worries about John since he just got out of his wheelchair. Maggie joins them and says she's sure it's a mistake. Marlena adds that the charges are serious. Lexie offers to look at John for his condition. Marlena says she was so glad to be home but now is not sure.

Roman sits John in the interrogation room with Hope and Bo. John apologizes for ruining the party. Bo and Hope think it's all a misunderstanding. John talks about knowing something was going on. Roman thinks there can't be much of a case but John doesn't seem confident.

EJ tells Sami that his motives should be clear to her. Sami wants him to tell her why he's doing this. EJ says he's doing it for the children to restore the DiMera name. EJ says it's right out of Sami's book. EJ tells her that he knows how hard she worked to redeem herself and he's trying to do the exact same thing so he wants her support.

Brady tells Victor that he's not avoiding his dad. Victor asks him about being in touch with John. Brady says John has been on his case and he doesn't like the way he's been running things. Victor asks if he's going to turn his back on John. Brady says he won't but will keep his distance until he knows the situation. Brady changes the topic and asks if Maggie accepted his proposal. Victor explains that she didn't get a chance to answer.

Sami arrives to the police station and apologizes to Marlena for everything Rafe did in arresting John. Sami can't believe Rafe didn't warn them or tell her. Austin arrives to the station and goes to Carrie.

Rafe talks with John in the interrogation room and says he had no idea this was coming. John says he understands. Rafe tells him he'll do whatever he can to help him out.

Roman asks the other agent that was with Rafe on the arrest to see the evidence but can't get it from the FBI. The agent tells them that they were one hundred percent sure that John is guilty.

Jennifer tells Jack she'll listen to him. Jack tells Daniel to leave but Daniel asks Jennifer. Jennifer tells Daniel that she can handle Jack. Jennifer kisses Daniel and he says he won't be far as he exits. Jennifer tells Jack to talk fast. Jack tells her not to be angry. Jennifer talks about having to explain to their children that he walked out on her. Jennifer asks if he ever thought about what he was doing with his blog and if he ever cared. Jack finally responds to Jennifer that he was held hostage.

Victor tells Brady it's probably good that he isn't in on John's problems. Victor says he's arranged an important meeting for them. Brady agrees that what he set up looks like a win-win for Titan. Victor says now they just have to meet with the CEO and seal the deal.

EJ and Kate return to the DiMera Mansion. Kate says Stefano isn't back but EJ's announcement is all over the internet. Kate shows EJ some of the websites that has pictures of him and Patti on there. Kate then spots someone in the picture and says there's no way she can be in town and it can't be her.

Sami talks to Carrie about being angry and then runs into Rafe. Sami doesn't want to talk to Rafe but Carrie stops her from leaving and wishes them luck in talking it out. Rafe brings up knowing that Sami's angry about not knowing this was happening. Sami doesn't understand why it had to be Rafe to do the arrest because it humiliated John and made him look bad. Rafe says he thought it was important for John to be arrested by someone he knew that might could protect him. Sami asks Rafe about not telling her. Rafe tells her that he tried her cell phone over and over and wonders where she was.

Hope and Bo talk about wondering why this happened to John. Daniel arrives and joins them. Hope tells Daniel that she called him to see John as a patient. Hope apologizes for not telling him since Lexie took care of it. Hope apologizes for interrupting Daniel's night with Jennifer. Daniel then informs Bo and Hope that Jack is back and he's trying to explain why he left. Bo says it sounds like Jack hasn't changed. Hope thinks there's no way Jack can explain himself.

Jennifer doesn't believe Jack was held hostage since he lies all the time. Jack understands it's hard to believe. Jack tells her to just listen. Jennifer tells him that he has two minutes. Jack brings up the story he was working on for the drug ring in Afghanistan. Jack says he lied about hitting a dead end as he hit the jackpot to get inside. Jack tells her that he lied to go undercover and protect them so he made up the whole story about the walkabout. Jack tells Jennifer that he was held hostage for months and he couldn't get out until he got rescued last week and he hopped on a plane and came straight back to her. Jennifer calls it unbelievable. Jack says if he was going to lie, he would've come up with a better story. Jack tells Jennifer that she knows when he's lying and he's not lying now about this.

Sami tells Rafe that fighting won't do any good and knows Rafe is telling the truth about trying to reach her. Sami claims she didn't realize her phone was off and accepts his apology. Sami tries to leave but Rafe stops her, telling her that she didn't answer him. Rafe asks her where she was again. Sami admits she had a follow-up job interview. Rafe mentions that she didn't say anything to him. Sami thought it was urgent and she didn't have time for Rafe to check into it. Rafe says Sami got mad at him for holding out on her but now she just lied. Sami apologizes and tells him that it went really well. Rafe says he'd be happier if the company gave her their name. Sami tells him they haven't and doesn't know why they can't but she knows they are a big successful established company. Rafe asks if she even knows what position she's going for. Sami doesn't like that Rafe is interrogating her and wants him to be happy for her. Rafe tells her that the company is obviously hiding something from her and tells her not to accept the job until he checks into it. Sami can't believe that Rafe is giving her an order. The other FBI agent calls Rafe away and he goes to talk to him.

Kate tells EJ that it's Madison James of Mad World cosmetics, one of the biggest companies in the world, that is in the picture. Kate thinks she's here to check out the competition in her. Kate thinks Madison has come to sabotage her.

Maggie returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Brady that everyone has been trying to call him as he needs to go see John. Brady says the cops won't let him and he leaves to make some calls. Maggie asks Victor about Brady. Victor says Brady is just complicated. Victor brings up his proposal to Maggie.

Marlena and Carrie come back to Sami. Marlena says that John told her it's no big deal and that she should go back home. Carrie and Marlena explain that John already has a legal team. Carrie says the law is on John's side and she doesn't know what the FBI think they have. Carrie states that John is innocent and not going to prison as Austin joins Rafe and the FBI agent.

Jack tells Jennifer what all he's been through with no running water, no home, and his beard grown. Jennifer tells him she hates the beard and can't take him seriously until he shaves. Jack asks Jennifer if she believes him. Jennifer thinks the story has so many holes since he sent messages to her and Adrienne and his blog. Jack explains that his contact updated the blog and sent the messages while he had no control over it. Jack didn't want Jennifer to worry or risk blowing his cover. Jennifer thinks she could have helped him. Jack regrets risking everything for a story but he never stopped wanting to get back to her. Jack tells her that she can call the US Embassy and they'll confirm his story. Jennifer admits to Jack that she believes him.

Kate tells EJ that she could be wrong since the picture is blurry. Kate doesn't think Madison would be at a Horton's party and then decides she's working too hard.

Maggie tells Victor that she appreciates him being patient and understanding. Victor worries that she's letting him down easy. Maggie says she's just thanking him. Maggie tells Victor that he gave her a lot to think about. Maggie asks Victor if they can rewind to that moment. Victor agrees and proposes to her again. Maggie accepts his proposal and Victor puts the ring on her finger then they hug and kiss.

Rafe and Austin look over a file. Rafe thinks John's not guilty. Austin says he doesn't know John's side but going over this, it looks like John is guilty as hell.

Daniel talks to Hope about understanding Jennifer has to talk to Jack but wishes she would call. Hope tells her that Jack talks a lot so it could take awhile. Daniel comments that he thinks Jack's a tool. Daniel hopes that he and Jennifer can move on with their lives.

Jack tells Jennifer it killed him that he couldn't contact her or their kids. Jack says that thinking of her kept him going and he vowed that if he ever got out, he was going to make everything different and never leave her again. Jack says the past year made him realize how important their family is to him. Jack tells her that he knows he hurt her and let her down but he's always loved her. Jennifer admits that she's always known that. Jack asks Jennifer if she can ever forgive him.

Austin sits with Carrie at the station and asks her to talk to him. Austin says they need to work it out. Carrie tells him that it's not a good time as she's still furious with him and she needs to focus on what John needs. Carrie then gets up and walks away from him.

Rafe joins Sami in the interrogation room. Sami says she's really upset that this is happening and she's still mad at Rafe. Rafe says he's mad at her too and then they both start laughing it off.

John is in the holding cell and talks with Marlena through the bars. John tells her that he had a different evening planned. She knows he's innocent and he thanks her for believing in him. Marlena promises they will get through it together.

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