Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/30/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/30/11

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Bo and Hope talk about the bank statements and wonder about the possibility of someone blackmailing Alice. Bo kisses her and tells her that they will figure it all out. They hug until they hear applause and go over to check out what is going on. EJ finishes declaring that he is running for mayor, much to the dismay of Lexie and Abe, while Stefano and Kate look happy. Victor and Brady sit with Maggie and wonder what this is all about. Stefano says it was very well done.

Adrienne brings Jack a drink and joins him on a bench. She tells him to tell her everything about where he's been and why he hasn't contacted anyone from the beginning.

Jennifer hugs Daniel as she cries at her home. Jennifer calls it ridiculous and wonders why Jack even came back. She apologizes to Daniel for it all. Daniel tells her not to apologize and to just talk to him. Jennifer doesn't know what to say or think. She says all she knows is that she doesn't want Daniel to go. Daniel tells her that he won't let her go through this alone and is always there for her then hugs her.

John and Marlena talk to Roman about how they're disgusted that EJ would announce his bid for mayor on this night. Roman wonders what EJ is up to. Bo and Hope join them and can't believe what they have heard either.

Nicole joins Stefano and Kate and calls it quite a turn of events. Kate asks if she was surprised. Nicole says EJ will fit right in with the politicians.

Carrie and Austin talk with Rafe about how surprised they are to hear EJ is running for mayor. Rafe asks if they've seen Sami but they haven't. Rafe thinks Sami should've been back from seeing the kids by now.

EJ continues his speech saying he believes Salem has potential to be the greatest city in the world. EJ talks about coming to America and becoming CEO of DiMera Enterprises. EJ says he always had the idea of paying his dream forward and rebuilding Salem. EJ says he has a dream for Salem where the richness of the city is measured in the wealth of it's community. EJ says it will be a Salem free of drug dealers, prostitutes, and embezzlers that have reduced the city. EJ says they are reminded of those better than them but understand that one should always look to the past when one is lost because the future is never behind them. EJ finishes his speech as the crowd applauds. EJ then introduces Abe as the current mayor. When EJ steps down, reporters approach him trying to interview him.

Roman, Bo, and Hope approach Abe and tell him not to let EJ get to him. Bo tells Abe not to worry because no DiMera is ever going to run this town. Marlena and John come over and Marlena adds that they shouldn't let this ruin their evening as it's for Tom and Alice.

Brady sits with Nicole and asks if she's had any luck finding out what EJ is up to. Nicole says she knew nothing about it and wouldn't have taken him seriously if he had told her. Brady wonders why anyone would want to be mayor. Nicole points out that Abe loves it. Brady says that's because Abe loves the town and isn't out for himself with ulterior motives like EJ. Brady wants to find out what EJ's plan is.

Austin and Carrie walk together as Carrie talks about how EJ must be insane. Carrie calls EJ sick for thinking he can win an election with his reputation. Carrie worries about how Sami will react to the news. Austin gets a message on his phone from the SEC wanting him to do a private consult and they want him to check out irregularities with a penchant fund. Carrie hopes it can wait till the morning but Austin says it's urgent as it looks like they are about to make an arrest.

Rafe calls Sami and leaves her a message saying he has something really important to tell her that can't wait.

Maggie goes walking with Victor, telling him how rude it was for EJ to upstage Abe. Maggie says she shouldn't be surprised. Maggie comments that Victor doesn't seem outraged. Victor doesn't think it will affect Abe. Maggie says tonight was supposed to be about Tom and Alice. Victor tells her not to let it spoil their evening. Maggie wants to talk to Abe and Lexie.

Chad, Sonny, and Abigail watch as EJ talks to the reporters and brushes off their questions. Chad is shocked to find out that EJ is running for mayor.

Jennifer tells Daniel that it's so hard because of the way it ended with Jack. She recalls Jack being shocked to find out about their divorce. Jennifer stops and wonders why she even cares. Daniel tells her she wants her to just be sure. Daniel thinks she's concerned about Jack's feelings. Daniel asks Jennifer if she still has feelings for Jack.

Jack finishes telling Adrienne where he's been. She's glad he is home safe and says she never knew. Jack points out that no one knew. Adrienne can't imagine what he's been through and says it's changed everything. Adrienne wants him to tell Jennifer and Abigail the truth. Jack says he can't. Adrienne insists that he has to. Jack says he already tried but she's too hurt. Adrienne tells Jack that she would think he's trying to hurt them if she didn't know better.

Stefano hugs EJ and congratulates him on his speech and they sit down together.

Abigail talks to Melanie about getting away from her dad. She talks about loving him so much and couldn't believe how he just abandoned his family. She tells Melanie that Jennifer is a mess.

Kate and Patti join EJ and Stefano. They talk up EJ's bid for mayor. Patti suggests EJ have a wife. Lexie approaches and can't believe them, asking how dare the both of them. Lexie asks how EJ could do this to her and Abe. EJ tells her it's politics and not personal, he just wants to do what's best for the city. Lexie tells him it his personal as he humiliated Abe. Lexie wants to know what this is all about. EJ claims he's trying to make the world a better place. EJ doesn't see any harm in it. Lexie accuses EJ of taking Abe's moment. Lexie calls EJ a crook. Patti tries to interrupt but Lexie cuts her off. Lexie says she can't stop EJ from running. EJ tells her she's made herself clear and Lexie walks away. Kate asks Stefano if he's going to let her just walk away. Stefano says Lexie is full of fire and more of a DiMera than she'll ever admit.

John and Marlena talk on the bench. Marlena says she imagined coming back to reconnect with their family and friends but guesses that isn't happening after EJ's stunt. John tells her to prepare herself because he doesn't know how or when this is going to play out.

Rafe talks with a fellow cop and says to hold off on the arrest as he wants to let Sami know what's going on. Rafe calls Sami hoping she will pick up.

Bo brings Hope a drink and tells her they should try and enjoy the evening, relax, and not think about the bank statements. Hope says she can't. Bo dances to make her smile. Bo thinks there has to be a logical explanation for the statements. They spot Maggie and decide to ask her. They approach Maggie and she doesn't want to talk about EJ at all. Hope asks Maggie if there's any reason why Alice would have an overseas bank account. Maggie says that her Swiss bank account is where she put the money that she made from donut sales. Bo asks if there's a reason she would stash money away to pay someone off. Maggie is surprised as Hope wants the truth.

Chad sits with Abigail and says they can leave if she wants. Abigail says she's ok after talking with Melanie. Abigail calls Chad amazing and likes that he knows what she's going through and is patient and understanding. Chad says he gets family complications. Abigail wishes she understood how Jack could show up with no warning and expect her to be happy.

Jack tells Adrienne that she's right since he broke his promise to never leave again. Adrienne comments that he always acts without thinking. Jack states that he shouldn't have come back and should leave right now. Jack then gets up and hurries off.

Jennifer tells Daniel her feelings towards Jack is anger and she feels so protective of Abigail. Jennifer says she can't even sort out all her feelings. Daniel asks Jennifer if she still loves Jack. Daniel brings up how they loved each other in the past and had a long marriage. Jennifer says he's right and part of her will always love Jack but if he's asking if she wants him to be a part of her life then he doesn't need to ask. Jennifer assures Daniel that she wants him and kisses him.

Adrienne stops Jack from leaving. Jack thinks it will make things worse if he stays. Jack says he loves Jennifer more than anything. Adrienne tells Jack to tell Jennifer the truth and beg for forgiveness. Adrienne says Jack owes that to her. She tells Jack to go tell Jennifer everything now. Jack hugs her and tells her to wish him luck as he exits.

Maggie tells Hope and Bo that Alice never had any secrets. Brady comes up to them and asks if he can borrow Maggie. They agree and Maggie walks away with Brady. Bo tells Hope that Maggie is right that Alice never kept secrets. Hope agrees and notes that Alice never said anything about the account. Hope wants to keep looking as she has a bad feeling that Maggie is wrong.

Nicole gets approached by paparazzi and interviewers as Mrs. DiMera. The interviewer asks Nicole if EJ saved her life. Nicole says she wouldn't have made it without him. They want more information from her. Nicole tells them to talk to the police cause it's all a blur to her. EJ comes up and asks them to respect Nicole's privacy. The press leave and Nicole asks EJ what's wrong with him because she doesn't think EJ is going to use her for his publicity.

Carrie and Austin walk with Marlena. Austin says they're investigating a corporate giant about penchant funds and have to go. They say goodbye to Marlena and exit. Marlena walks on and rejoins John. John asks Roman and Abe to sit down as they need to talk. John says he hoped they didn't have to do this tonight but it's serious. John tells them that something could be wrong and it could be very serious.

EJ walks with Nicole as paparazzi follow them. Nicole tells EJ that he doesn't get to use her for his publicity campaign. EJ says that wasn't what he was doing. Nicole thinks he's throwing in heroic anecdotes about saving the day. EJ understands that she's not supporting his campaign. Nicole says she won't be his wife longer but wants to know why he's running for mayor. EJ says he's doing it so Johnny and Sydney can have a name they can be proud of. Nicole tells him that could take centuries. EJ tells Nicole that he can change the way that other people see him.

Jennifer tells Daniel how great he is and so unlike Jack. Jennifer talks about how Jack could've called and said he was coming but it's always drama with him. Jennifer says that's not what she wants. She wants empathy, communication, and commitment. Jennifer says they shouldn't even talk about Jack anymore since he's probably already gone anyway. Jennifer just wants to know why Jack did this and why he wants to hurt her and Abigail all over again. Daniel hugs her.

Victor takes Maggie to show her something. The lights dim and a screen displays "Will You Marry Me?" Everyone watches as Maggie smiles and starts to cry. Victor tells Maggie that he loves her. He talks about love and says he feels like a teenager with her and doesn't want to lose that feeling. Melanie watches with Sonny. Victor asks Maggie to become his wife and shows her the ring. Maggie calls it beautiful. Everyone around them watches. Bo admits to Hope that he knew about it. Hope says she wasn't surprised since Victor came to her and Jennifer for advice. Bo tells Hope not to worry about Maggie as she is the most important thing to Victor. Bo and Hope talk about love and surviving anything as they kiss.

Nicole comments to EJ about Victor's proposal. Nicole says Maggie has no idea what she's in for. Nicole calls marriage a fraud. EJ brings up all that they have been through. Nicole asks EJ where his date is. Stefano approaches and comments that Victor's choice in wives has finally improved. Nicole starts to leave but EJ stops her. EJ asks Nicole if he has her vote. Nicole tells him that she's not sure and it depends on where he stands on issues. She wishes EJ luck and then exits. Stefano starts to talk to EJ but Rafe walks by with his fellow cop. Rafe approaches John and Marlena and says he hates to do this to him.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she's tired of it and wants to tell Jack that he's out of her life but she can't do it since they have two children together. Daniel offers to do anything he can. Jennifer tells him to just keep being himself and she wants him. Daniel kisses her and hugs her. Jack arrives outside her door and prepares to knock.

Maggie tells Victor that all this wasn't necessary but she loved it. Victor says he's a romantic and Maggie tells him he didn't have to try too hard. They get distracted by the cops as Rafe tells John is under arrest for embezzlement, security fraud and misappropriation of pension funds. Rafe reads him his rights as everyone watches. Bo can't believe it and Carrie comments to Austin that this is what his message was about earlier. Brady watches as Rafe handcuffs John and he looks over at Marlena.

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