Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/29/11

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/29/11

Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

While watching Daniel tell Jennifer that he wants to make a bigger commitment, Jack gets bumped into on the stairs and falls off the staircase through the big cake. Jennifer and Daniel are shocked as Jack greets Jennifer while covered in cake.

John asks Marlena what she's thinking about. She says she's thinking how much she loves being home. She admits that she hates not being able to tell their friends and family why they are really there. John says they will eventually but not tonight as he doesn't want to ruin the evening.

Jack stands covered in cake and says he will be right back as he walks away leaving Daniel and Jennifer confused and surprised.

Abe tells Roman that he's about to make his re-election speech official. Abe calls running unopposed anticlimactic but he has to make a big splash for Lexie. Roman tells him that no one would stand a chance against him. Lexie joins Abe's side as a limo pulls up and Stefano steps out. Kate says the night is about to get interesting as she and EJ join Stefano. John and Marlena comment on Stefano's arrival while Marlena suggests they ignore him but John calls that impossible. Stefano asks EJ and Kate what he's missed. Kate and EJ make fun of the party. Stefano says no Horton-Brady shindig is complete without a DiMera. Stefano looks over and sees John then decides he thinks it's time to say his hello. Stefano approaches John and Marlena. John asks what he wants. Stefano says he just wanted to welcome him back home along with Marlena. John tells Stefano to go to hell. Stefano tells them to have a good evening then walks back to Kate and EJ. John comments that Stefano is up to something. Marlena adds that he always is but John thinks it's worse this time.

Lexie apologizes to Abe and Roman for the rest of her family. Roman suggests they pretend they aren't here and he walks off to go get some food. Lexie tells Abe that she's found the perfect space for campaign headquarters. John and Marlena join them and Marlena tells Abe it's about time for his announcement. John's glad they are here to see it. Lexie tells them that she has a surprise of her own.

Daniel and Jennifer go walking with Jack as he is wiping himself off. Daniel tries to introduce himself but Jack is not interested. Jennifer asks Jack what he's doing there since they haven't heard from him in a year. Jack understands that she's mad. Jack says he's mad too but can't talk about it in front of Daniel. Jennifer tells Jack that Daniel is not going anywhere. Jack asks Daniel for a moment with his wife but Jennifer tells Jack that she is not his wife as they are divorced.

Stefano tells EJ and Kate that it's a lovely evening to be with his family while celebrating someone else's memorial dedication. Stefano says he's curious and wonders if anyone ever thought about making a statue for him. EJ jokes with him about the idea. Kate thinks they will accomplish more than a statue. Stefano comments that Tom and Alice were loved by many but Kate adds that they weren't loved by all.

Lexie tells John, Marlena, and Abe to wait for her speech about how Abe should be mayor for another four years. Lexie talks about how big of a deal the campaign is. Roman returns with a waiter with drinks for all. Lexie makes a toast to Abe as mayor. Roman tells Abe that everyone's behind him. Abe adds again that no one is running against him. Lexie says they are blessed to have them as friends and toasts to everyone being behind Abe.

Jack asks Jennifer when they got divorced. Jennifer tells him that he abandoned them. Jack tells her that she can't divorce him without his consent. Jennifer says she had a judge draw it up. Jack claims that he can explain everything. Jennifer tells him how much he hurt their children by leaving. Jack says he loves them and her. Abigail comes over with Chad and she is shocked to see Jack. Jack says he loves her so much and is glad to see her but Abigail backs away from him.

Abe prepares to go make his speech. He kisses Lexie and heads to the podium. Rafe walks up to Marlena and John. Marlena asks about Sami and Rafe explains that she went to go put the kids to bed. They thank Rafe for taking care of Sami.

EJ comments to Kate that he wonders how Abe got lucky enough to have Lexie. Lexie begins to make her speech.

Abigail walks away and Chad follows her. Jack goes after her trying to talk to her as Daniel and Jennifer stay behind. Jack tells Abigail that he's sorry. Abigail turns to him and asks what he's doing there. Jack says he came to see her and Jennifer, thinking it had been long enough. Abigail tells him that his timing sucks and asks if he even cared that they needed him. Jack says he tried to get back to them. Abigail yells at Jack about reading his blog. Jack says he understands he has a lot of explaining to do. Abigail brings up that Jack never called or e-mailed. Abigail calls Jack selfish and asks if he has any idea how worried they've been about him. Abigail tells him that he can't just come back and pick up where he left off. Jack says he never expected that. Abigail calls this so wrong. Jennifer hugs Abigail and tells Jack that he's done enough. Jack doesn't think it will get any better if they don't talk. Jack tells Jennifer that she can't keep him from his daughter. Daniel tells him that she was clear and holds him back. Jack tells Daniel that he doesn't want to push him. Daniel says he doesn't want to but he will.

Lexie thanks everyone for being there for the grand opening of the town square in honor of Tom and Alice. Kate and Stefano talk about Abe and Lexie while EJ struggles to stay awake. Lexie talks about it being an important day and watching Abe grow as mayor. EJ and Stefano talk about Lexie being a good speaker.

Daniel tells Jack to give Jennifer and Abigail some space. Jack says he doesn't care since they are his family and he will not abandon them. Jack accuses Daniel of trying to break up his family. Jennifer tells Jack that she wants him to go. Jack refuses to go until they all talk. Jennifer says they are going then and she walks on with Abigail and Daniel follows. Jack asks Chad what he's looking at and Chad just walks on.

Lexie continues her speech, praising Abe as incredible and how good he is at his job. Kate tells Stefano that it's been a night of surprises. Stefano adds that there's many more to come as EJ raises his glass to that. Lexie talks about Abe and the police department solving the case of brutal attacks on women at the pier. Lexie talks about the decrease in crime and increase in job creation under Abe's reign. Lexie thanks John for his foundation and thanks Abe. Lexie talks about living Abe and seeing how he works. She continues about how proud she is of Abe and says there's no one like him. Lexie announces she has reduced her work so that she can aid Abe in his campaign. Stefano and Kate don't like the idea and EJ comments she's going to be very upset with him. Lexie states that she stands by Abe. John talks with Abe on the side. Rafe gets a phone call and he steps away to answer it. Rafe is surprised by what he hears and asks if they are sure. Lexie introduces Abe to make his speech.

Abigail talks to Jennifer about Jack. Jennifer explains how Jack fell onto the cake in front of them. Abigail wonders why he would show up today. Jennifer says he disappears the same way. They talk about not letting him explain and Abigail says she isn't going to. They talk about it being upsetting. Jennifer says she can decide if Jack is in her life but Abigail can't. Jennifer reminds Abigail that Jack will always be her father. Abigail hates what Jack has done to them. Chad tells Abigail that he gets it better than most but Jennifer is right that Jack will always be her dad. Chad thinks she needs some time, space, and air. Abigail agrees and she hugs Jennifer. Jennifer assures her that she loves her no matter what happens with Jack because they have each other. Chad and Abigail then exit together and Jennifer hugs Daniel.

Jack goes to the bar and orders a drink of scotch. Jack takes the drink and orders another. Adrienne then walks up and is stunned to see her brother Jack. She excitedly hugs him and says she's so glad to see him. Jack tells her she looks great and Adrienne says the same. Adrienne then stops to ask him what's on his jacket. She brings up Abigail and Jennifer. Jack says he just thought he'd drop in. Adrienne asks how he could do this and where he's been.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she doesn't want to leave as this party is for her grandparents and she won't let Jack ruin the night. Daniel can't imagine how hard it is. Jennifer assures him she's fine but is just worried about Abigail. Jennifer says Jack needs to grow up and apologizes to Daniel for Jack acting that way towards him. Daniel reminds Jennifer that nothing can ruin the celebration of her grandparents. Daniel tells her the party is winding down and it would be ok if Jennifer doesn't want to be where Jack is. Daniel kisses her and they walk off so Daniel can take her home. Jack walks up after they leave and raises his glass.

Abe joins Lexie at the podium and hugs her while everyone claps. EJ gets up and takes to the podium. EJ apologizes for the interruption before introducing himself and he says he has something to share that is very important.

Adrienne follows after Jack and wonders where he's been. Jack says he will tell her but it's been a long day. Adrienne tells him that he should be talking to Jennifer and Abigail. Jack says he did and that's why he's drinking. Jack thought they would listen and make them understand. Adrienne tells him to practice on her and explain where he's been from the beginning and why he left his family.

Daniel brings Jennifer home. She sits down and Daniel asks if he can get her anything. Jennifer says no and Daniel sits down next to her. Daniel wishes he knew what to say or do to make her feel better. Jennifer holds back tears as Daniel understands that Jack was a big part of her life. Daniel tells her he understands if she needs time alone. Jennifer thanks him. Daniel says he's going to go but if she doesn't want to be alone, she can call and he'll be right back. Daniel tells her to rest and says he's there for her no matter what. Daniel tells Jennifer that he loves her. Jennifer tries not to cry as Daniel gets up and starts to leave. Jennifer stops him and tells him to wait. Jennifer gets up and begs him not to go as she hugs him and cries.

Lexie interrupts EJ and takes him aside to talk to him. Abe and Lexie ask EJ what he's going on. EJ tells them not to worry as he won't take up too much time. Kate and Stefano watch and comment that it's going very well. Rafe walks by still on the phone and asks if this has to happen now. Rafe says ok and hangs up. John and Marlena look at one another. EJ returns to the podium and thanks the Horton family for the evening. EJ says he has just a few words before Abe announces his re-election campaign. EJ announces that Abe will not be running unopposed. EJ declares that he is intending to become the next mayor of Salem.

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