Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/28/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/28/11--Canada; Tuesday 3/1/11--USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


Taylor is at the reception, but everyone else has left.  She holds a wedding bell decoration while she has a flashback to the wedding, when she asked E.J. if he had been thinking of her, like she had of him, and he said that he hadn't. Brady walks in and urges Taylor to throw out the decoration because it looks like she wants to. She makes a joke about not doing that to her sister. Brady replies with a sarcastic comment about how long Nicole and E.J. will be together. He thinks Taylor feels the same way. They sit down, and Brady grills her jokingly about what happened at the wedding. She can tell that he's just putting on an act because he's upset about Nicole marrying E.J. He admits that's true, and then he goes to talk about how bad E.J. is and how he's going hurt Nicole again. They argue about it, although Brady makes some good jokes about E.J. as well. Taylor gets annoyed when she realizes that Brady has been drinking again, and he drove there. When she mentions that she had to put him in a cab the other night, he admits that he doesn't remember much about the other night. She urges him to think about his own problems instead of worrying so much about Nicole. Brady jokingly gets angry that she is implying that he is flawed, so they both share a laugh.

Brady offers to buy Taylor drinks and dinner, and he also promises to be on his best behavior. She points out that they've got all this free Champagne there still. He admires her good qualities and wonders with a laugh if she's really related to Nicole. Taylor orders some more Champagne for them. They chat some more about Nicole. Taylor lets slip that she is worried about Nicole, since she could get hurt. Brady insists on talking some more about Nicole. He knows that she has fallen for E.J. again. Taylor doesn't want to discuss it because she feels like she's betraying her sister's confidence. Brady jokingly reminds her that he doesn't remember things, due to his alcoholic blackouts. They make a toast to Nicole. Brady adds that she just married the biggest jerk in the world. Taylor sighs heavily. She is not so sure that they should be toasting that with E.J.'s own Champagne. She thinks they should be careful about what they say to Nicole because she really is in love, and she thinks E.J. will love her back.

Brady insists on changing the subject. He jokes about her job at the hospital and asks her again to come work for him. She wonders why he wants her so bad, so he replies that he thinks they would work well together. She thinks that it's because it would drive E.J. nuts. He agrees but also says that she's honest, trustworthy, and would be a great asset. Taylor says she will think about it, and that makes him very happy.

In bed, Nicole asks E.J. what's wrong because he seems distracted. He apologizes and then gets in the mood. They kiss and make love. Later, they joke around. Nicole seems confident that their marriage will work. She gets nervous about whether he has doubts, but they are interrupted by her cell phone ringing. This prompts her to check her laptop for wedding photos from the photographer. He is reluctant to look at them, but she begs him to look with her. He agrees that she looked beautiful in her dress. He smiles at the photo, and we see that she is standing next to Taylor. Nicole talks about Taylor for a while and how she opened up to her about her feelings before the wedding. She starts to tell him something about how she feels, and E.J. knows that things are complicated between then. He laughs and make jokes, saying that it's a good thing that she has her sister to chat with. He's suddenly hungry, so she tells him that they have leftovers from the wedding. He tells her that he's glad that she's his wife. They kiss, and then he goes to get the food. E.J. has the same flashback that Taylor had earlier.

Nicole brings the food back, which they enjoy. He wants to go check on the kids, but she tells him that she already did. She shows him a photo that she took on her phone of the kids sleeping. They chat briefly about how Johnny did at the wedding. Nicole gets serious and thanks him for sharing his kids with her and letting her be a part of his life. She smiles and says that Sami is with Rafe, and she has him. She thinks the right people ended up with each other. They kiss. E.J. says that Sami has the man that she deserves.

In the Bradys' Pub, Rafe #2 insists that Stephanie get up and hug him because she looks like she could use one. Sami sees them through the window as she walks toward the place, on the phone. She stops and gapes in astonishment. Stephanie pulls away uncomfortable as Rafe #2 urges her not to be so sad. Sami walks in and demands to know what's going on. Rafe #2 explains what was happening, that Stephanie was upset and that he was trying to comfort her. Sami doesn't sound like she believes it, but she offers her help. Stephanie turns her down and goes away to clean up. Rafe #2 can tell that Sami is upset now, too. Sami accuses him of being all over her. Rafe #2 pretends to be offended, saying that Stephanie is like family to him. Sami protests that Stephanie is HER cousin, her family, so he says knowingly that Sami must be jealous of her. Sami is shocked and annoyed. She sits down with Rafe #2, and they argue about his changed behavior. Rafe #2 puts on a big show about how he felt that Stephanie was like the sister he lost (Arianna). He claims that he went into big-brother-mode when she got upset. Sami admits that she didn't think about it like that. Rafe #2 protests that he feels like Sami is always watching him. Things are very tense between them. When he suggests they go home and make up, Sami's brow knits. She tells him that she's going to stay there and make sure Stephanie is okay, and she'll meet him at home later. Rafe #2 leaves, asking her to tell Stephanie that he hopes she feels better.

Sami asks Stephanie how she's doing. Stephanie just feels like she has screwed up her life, and Sami can understand how that is. Sami questions her about Rafe's behavior, which makes Stephanie uncomfortable. Sami asks Stephanie if Rafe was coming on to her. Sami explains that she's worried about him because of the accident. After some hemming and hawing, Stephanie agrees that Rafe was holding her a little too close, and when she pulled away, he pulled her closer. She is not entirely sure, though, that she may not be imagining the whole thing. Sami and Stephanie agree that he doesn't seem like himself. They chat some more about Rafe's behavior. Stephanie suggests that Rafe get another checkup, and Sami agrees. Sami and Stephanie hug quickly, and then Sami leaves.

At Maggie's house, Daniel talks to little Parker, assuring him that Chloe will be okay and that he has a lot of people that love him. Kate shows up and makes a snarky comment, so he shuts the door in her face. Kate goes inside, anyway, and blasts him for being immature. She wants to help her grandson. Daniel is not interested in anything she has to say, and he keeps telling her to leave. In fact, he threatens to take Parker home and take out a restraining order on her. Kate argues with him, but he reminds her that she tried to frame him for murder, so he knows that she's a crazy person. She insists that she will be in the baby's life, whether he likes it or not. They keep arguing. He vows to make sure that Philip and Melanie never let her see their babies. They argue some more. Kate points out that Chloe cheated on him just like she did on Lucas and Philip, and Daniel should have listened to her. He is about to yell at her some more when he gets a phone call.

At Java Cafe, Nathan and Philip try to help Melanie out because she's in pain. Melanie can tell something is wrong, and Philip thinks they should take her to the hospital. Nathan tries to get Melanie to calm down in case it is just stress, but Philip is freaking out. After a few minutes, Nathan agrees that they should go to the hospital. Melanie goes to the restroom while Nathan phones the hospital to let them know they are on their way.

Maxine at the hospital phones Daniel to let him know that Melanie is there and cramping.

Nathan tends to Melanie at the hospital while Philip hovers nearby. Maxine tells them that she phoned Daniel. Nathan assures her that they'll know more after her doctor examines her. Philip apologizes, but Melanie doesn't want to talk about it. Daniel comes in, so Melanie cries on his shoulder. Daniel consoles her as she talks about how much the baby means to her. He's very glad that he's there for her. She goes back to crying on his shoulder. Later, Melanie returns from her exam and gets back into bed. Daniel kisses her before he goes to the lab to see if they can speed up her test results. Nathan sits on her bed. She laments that everything is so screwed up, but he knows that she'll get through it like she always does. She is not so sure that will happen this time.

Outside Melanie's room, Kate tells Philip that they are waiting for the test results. He tells her that if Melanie loses this baby, it's her fault. Kate asks him not to say that. She admits that she makes mistakes, but she just wants what's best for him. He replies that she has a funny of showing it. He gets up and walks away from her.

Rafe #2 meets with Stefano on the pier. He tells Stefano that he doesn't want to be a one-woman man with Sami. Stefano reminds him that he's being paid to be Rafe. Rafe #2 figures that since he is supposed to be messing up the marriage, maybe he should just cheat on Sami to do it. Stefano considers the idea. They have a laugh about how Sami is suspicious of how the accident changed Rafe. Sami walks up just as they were laughing together, wondering what is going on. Stefano comments that he thought they were all supposed to make nice now, and then he leaves. Rafe reprimands her for telling him off in public, so she insists they go home to do that. They go home, and she yells at him. He says that he's going to bed because he's had just about enough fun for one night. Sami phones Stephanie to ask her for a favor.

In a wordless scene, Daniel gives Melanie the bad news about the baby, and she cries again on his shoulder. Kate delivers the news to Philip.

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