Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/15/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/15/11--Canada; Wednesday 2/16/11--USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures By Suzanne and Juanita

Rafe breaks out of his prison and grabs Marco's gun, but then Marco trips him. Rafe falls and hits is head. However, he gets up and overcomes Marco and then leaves. He's clearly still weak and wobbly.

Melanie phones Kate, who asks her if she's ready to take the next step to take Parker away from Chloe. Melanie hangs up and then knocks on Philip's door. He's glad to see her. She smiles and wishes him Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary. He grins. She goes inside and he tells her that he had a great dream about their wedding. She looks sad. He wonders what he came there to tell him. She brings up their recent troubles and says that she was confused. She has to think about the baby and what the best thing is for it. She tells Philip that she wants him back in her life. He is very happy to hear it and kisses her. They kiss a lot. Philip then wants to go get her stuff so that she can move back in, but she tells him that she wants to take it slow. He agrees but tells her that he'll do whatever it takes. She looks like she feels a little guilty, then she says she should go. She promises to call him tomorrow. He walks her out, getting her coat and helping her on with it, and then he hugs her. He tells her that he loves her, and she replies in the same way. She walks out, and they say good night. Philip looks ecstatic.

Taylor smells the scarf that E.J. gave her and flashes back to his giving it to her. She tells herself that it's stupid to think that love at first sight actually exists. She then has a fantasy about E.J. finding her and kissing her. Chad comes up and tells her that she dropped her scarf. She thanks him and takes it. He recognizes it as one like his brother has. She is happy to hear it. She says if it's the same man that gave it to me, he seems pretty terrific. Chad laughs and says it can't be the same guy, and then he leaves. She looks suspicious.

Stefano meets Kate for dinner at Chez Rouge. He gives her a little kiss and asks her if she saw the gorgeous red Ferrari that is parked next to her car. She exclaims that she has because she was drooling over how sexy it is. He tells her that it's hers and wishes her a Happy Valentine's Day. She is shocked. He hands her the keys and tells her that she can try it out after dinner. She is very grateful. She is suspicious about why he's giving her so many gifts lately. He laughs when she suggests that he's cheating on her, saying that he has the loveliest woman in Salem. She can tell that he's up to something, though. He looks at her in consternation. He points out that she said that she didn't want to know his secrets. She agrees that's probably for the best, since she has her own things going on. Now he is curious. She agrees not to keep any secrets from him if they affect him. He agrees that's a good idea.

E.J. stares out his door and thinks about Taylor. Nicole brings him Champagne, and they toast. She wonders if they will stay together, so he brings out a jewelry box, so she wonders what it is, since he already gave her a Valentine's Day present. He opens the box, which has a big blue stone. Her breath is taken away as she sighs that it's very beautiful. He puts it on her engagement ring finger and then kisses her hand. She looks at him with starry eyes. Nicole gets very nervous in her happiness. He kisses her and tells her to calm down. They kiss some more. They both agree that they are happy, and then they go back to kissing. Rafe watches them from the bushes, through the window. He whispers to himself, "Son of a bitch..." (Kind of dumb because you'd think that the first thing he would do is call the police and then go over to Sami's!) Rafe says to himself that he's not getting away with it this time.

Nicole and E.J. clown around and kiss some more. Johnny runs in, wearing his pajamas, and he yells, "Happy Valentine's Day!" They scold him mildly for being up and ask if he had a nightmare. E.J. picks him up in his arms. Johnny tells them that he heard noises outside that woke him up. E.J. checks it out but sees nothing. Nicole tells Johnny a story about pirates wanting to take his eye patch once he gets his new eye. She figures out that he's nervous about getting his new eye tomorrow. E.J. gives him a pep talk about his operation and then talks him into going back to bed. E.J. carries him back into the other room. Nicole looks at her ring, and then the doorbell rings. It's Taylor, there with her new bridesmaid dress. They smile at each other. Taylor comes in and shows Nicole the dress, although Nicole is impatient and wants her to be quick so she can get back to her evening with E.J. Nicole wonders why she is rushing her out, until Nicole reminds her that it's Valentine's Day. E.J. is just about to open the door as she is about to go out of it. Just then, Marco comes staggering in the front door, so E.J. doesn't open the door where Nicole and Taylor are. Instead, he asks Marco what's happened to him.

Taylor also turns because Nicole gives her the purse she left behind. Taylor sees the huge ring and admires it. Nicole talks about how much it most have cost. Taylor can tell that she is very happy. Nicole admits that she is, so Taylor is very glad for her, even if she is marrying a DiMera. Nicole lists all of E.J.'s good qualities, and then they talk about Stefano, who is not such a nice guy. Nicole jokes, "Who cares about his father? I'm marrying the hot one", so Taylor laughs. Taylor has to take her word for it, since she doesn't know what he looks like. She looks around for a photo of E.J., but Nicole reminds her that she was on her way out. Taylor tells Nicole that she thinks by next Valentine's Day, she won't be alone. Nicole knows about her "mystery man" and makes jokes about him. Taylor goes on and on about him and how romantic their meeting was. She hopes she will see him again.

Fake Rafe and Sami make out on the couch. She stops for a minute, so he wonders what's wrong. She tells him that nothing is wrong, and they go back to it. She wants to go into the bedroom, so he agrees. They are just about to go in when Will arrives with Gabi. Sami exclaims and puts a pillow over her skimpy negligees. Fake Rafe yells at them for not knocking as he buttons his shirt. They look surprised. Will reminds them that they wanted to their picture before they went to dinner at Chez Rouge. Fake Rafe grabs a beer and tells them that they look great. He also mentions that he was upset before because he thought something had ruined their big plans. Sami is happy to take their pictures. When she mentions how beautiful Gabi looks, Fake Rafe says, "Yeah, she sure knows how to sell it!" which makes them all gape and look concerned. He acts like he just misspoke and says that she looks amazing, but they all look uncomfortable. Gabi observes to Fake Rafe that he's been acting weird (while Sami and Will are in the other room). He tries to brush it off, but she is very worried. Later, Sami takes their pictures. Will groans about how many photos she's taking. Fake Rafe is impatient and tries to rush them out the door. Will and Gabi leave.

Sami gives Fake Rafe an exasperated look for rushing them off, but they go back to kissing. Sami suddenly says that she should call her grandma, but he goes back to kissing her, so she gives in. They head to the bedroom. As they are in bed, Sami hears a knock at the door. Fake Rafe suddenly remembers that he planned this big surprise for her. He gets out of bed. Sami says to himself that he's just trying to hard, even though he doesn't seem like her Rafe yet. She sighs that she just has to be patient. A man brings in a big box. Sami walks in wearing Rafe's shirt and shorts, wondering what's going on. The man, dressed like a waiter, tells her that he has a fancy romantic dinner for them. She is surprised. Fake Rafe tips him, and he leaves. He tells her that he figured that since they can't go to a fancy hotel and have room service because of the kids, they'd have it here. At first Sami tries to protest, but then she kisses him happily, saying it's just like him. They eat dinner. Fake Rafe makes her feed him, and vice versa. He tells her that he's not really in the mood for food. They go back to kissing.

Meanwhile, Rafe passes out in the snow, dropping the photo of Allie as well. Rafe gets up after a while and walks on, leaving the photo behind. Next we see him on the elevator outside his place, barely able to walk, leaning against the wall as he staggers toward the door.

Chad walks in to Chez Rouge, so Kate points him out to Stefano. Chad asks the bartender if he can fill out a job application. Stefano comes over and tells him that he can get him a job. Chad reminds him that last time he wanted a job, Stefano blew him off. Stefano tells him that he was just in a hurry. Chad counters that he said family always comes first. Stefano laughs and agrees. He invites him to come over tomorrow and he will set him up with a job. Chad agrees that he might come over. Will shows up with Gabi. They all say hi, and so does Kate. Kate compliments Gabi on her dress. Kate and Stefano go back to their table to leave the younger people alone. Will is wondering if Chad is really going to take a job from Stefano. Gabi politely invites Chad to join them, but he replies, "I don't think Valentine's is supposed to be a threesome". (LOL! That will put those gay rumors to rest!) They say goodbye, and Chad leaves. Gabi says that she feels kind of sorry for him. Stefano also watches him leave, looking sad.

Chad goes for a while, telling himself that everything he does is wrong. He looks down and sees Allie's photo. He calls around to see if anyone is there.

Melanie phones Kate to tell her what she did. Kate wonders if she mentioned Parker, but Melanie snaps her, "One baby at a time, Kate!" Kate agrees, but Melanie assures her that Philip will do whatever she wants.

Stefano phones someone to ask how their underground project is going. Marco and E.J. go to the jail cell. Marco explains what happened and apologizes. E.J. sees the broken phone and figures out where Rafe is headed. Rafe looks through the mail slot and sees Sami and Fake Rafe together on the couch. He looks hurt.

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