Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/14/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/14/11--Canada; Tuesday 2/15/11--USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures By Suzanne

Hope comes home with Bo. She looks around with a smile. He tells her that they have to go over and pick up Ciara at Doug and Julie's. She's very glad to be back. Doug, Julie and Ciara run in from the other room yelling "Surprise!" Hope laughs and picks up Ciara. She hugs and kisses her, calling her "My little angel" Doug tells Hope how glad he is that she's home, and he kisses her. Julie informs them that they have been helping Ciara prepare a Valentine's Day dinner for two. Hope and Bo look at each other in surprise, so they wonder what's wrong. Bo and Hope sit down with Ciara. Bo explains that they appreciate the trouble she went to, but they think they should all have a family dinner together. Everyone agrees, so Ciara says she'd better put out more dishes. Doug offers to help, but she insists on doing it all on her own. They laugh as she leaves. Bo knows that this was not all Ciara's idea, but Doug and Julie feign innocence. Later, Hope tells Doug and Julie that she and Bo still have a lot of issues to work out. They understand. Doug has an idea of how Hope should play it.

Still later, Bo and Hope are alone. They both agree that it was a long, tiring day. Bo suggests that they leave the dishes until tomorrow and go to bed. Hope raises an eyebrow at him. She says they need to go back in time, and this time maybe they can get things right. Bo is puzzled. Hope holds out her hands and shakes his hand, introducing herself. He laughs and introduces himself, too, and he asks her out for a date. He continues looking puzzled as she goes to bed alone.

Nicole chats with Taylor at the DiMera Mansion. Nicole tells her to buy some things for the wedding and charge it to DiMera as Taylor takes notes. Nicole talks about how weird it is to have her there. Taylor wonders when she gets to meet E.J. Taylor tells her that he's been busy, but she knows they will hit it off. Taylor is a bit glum as she says that she's happy for her. Nicole figures that Taylor is just worried because their first marriage didn't go well. She tells Taylor why it's such a good match.

E.J. wanders around Salem Place. He sits down and has a flashback to meeting Taylor. He remarks to himself that he'll probably never see her again and that he's about to get married.

Rafe shakes his head in his cell. He begs Sami to figure out that the imposter is not really him; he threatens dire things if the guy hurts Allie.

Allie tells Fake Rafe that he got her the wrong cookies. Sami walks in and wonders what's wrong. When Allie fills her in, Sami wonders how that happened. Fake Rafe shrugs and says defensively that he's not perfect. He pretends that he's upset about it because of being in the hospital. Sami goes to get his medicine. While she's gone, Fake Rafe makes fun of Allie and tells her to get used to not getting what she wants. She looks at him sadly. He is mean to her and throws her cookies in the trash, then he grabs his jacket and leaves. Sami returns and wonders where he went. Allie tells her that Rafe was mean to her. Sami looks shocked and hugs her.

Fake Rafe, still angry, meets E.J. on the docks to explain how Rafe gave him the wrong information and how badly it went with Allie. Fake Rafe tells E.J. that he told Allie where she could stick the cookies. E.J., clearly angry, just nods for a minute. Fake Rafe keeps blabbing on, so E.J. tells him to shut up. He orders Fake Rafe to get the right cookies and then go back to Allie and tell her that he was just pretending to be angry at her. Fake Rafe doesn't think it will work. He asks Fake Rafe if he got Sami a Valentine's Day gift yet. Fake Rafe tells him that he hasn't, so E.J. orders him to get Sami some chocolates and roses. Fake Rafe agrees. E.J. tells him to romance Sami into the bedroom and make sure to leave his phone off. E.J. informs him that they are going to repay Rafe for lying to them. Fake Rafe leaves as ordered.

E.J. says to himself that it's time for Allie to take a little holiday. Just then, Taylor walks by, chatting with Nicole on the phone about the bridesmaid dress she bought. She sees E.J. and quickly tells Nicole that she'll call her back. He tells her that he was just thinking about her, and vice versa. She wanted to give him back his scarf, but he insists that she keep it. She wants to know his name, but he thinks it's best if he not say. He says that he has a meeting, but he'd hate to think that he'll never see her again. She suggests that they leave it up to fate. Taylor tells Nicole on the phone about her mystery man.

E.J. visits Rafe in his cell to yell at him about lying to them about the cookies. E.J. tries to deny it, but E.J. knows better. He says that a 4-year-old will pay the price for it. Rafe tries to convince E.J. that he just made a mistake and begs him not to punish Allie. E.J. tells him quietly that this is his one and only reprieve. He warns him not to pull anything like that again, then he leaves. Rafe sighs with relief.

At Java Cafe, Maggie looks a photo in her purse of her and Mickey. She wishes him a Happy Anniversary. Brady walks in and notices that she's upset. He offers to meet her at another time, but she says it's fine. He wants to talk to her about Victor. Brady explains to Maggie how he took over Victor's company from Vivian. Maggie is aghast. She yells at Brady for what he did; she knows that Victor must be heart-broken. Brady admits that he might be, but he brushes aside her concerns. He tells her that he has to leave, but he wanted to make sure to let her know that she is free.

Brady runs into Taylor at Salem Place and tells her that he has a job offer for her. He wants her to be his new head of marketing at Titan Publishing. She's flattered but turns him down. He wonders why. She doesn't want to jeopardize her relationship with Nicole, and she reminds him that they just broke up. Not only that, but she used to be married to his uncle. He is surprised that she has such tough stipulations when she's out of work. She wonders if he really wanted to hire her or whether it was just to get back at Nicole.

Victor is at home, yelling at his attorney on the phone about Brady stealing his company. He slams the phone down, then sighs and gripes about what he did for Brady.

Kayla and Stephanie pick up some food at the Brady Pub. Kayla tells Caroline that her clinic in Johannesburg is up for review, so she will be going back there tonight. Sami brings Allie for a visit. Sami and Allie hug Caroline and welcome her home. Sami tells Kayla that she really needs her help. Kayla counsels her to just give it time with Rafe. She assures Sami that Rafe will be okay and will be himself again soon. Sami looks forlorn. Kayla tells her that she's going back to Africa. Stephanie comes over, and they make chit-chat about Caroline and Allie. Sami hugs Kayla and then goes up to see Caroline and Allie. Kayla tells Caroline about her chat with Sami. She hopes that she can help Stephanie out, She worries about her. Stephanie assures her that she's fine now and over all of the obsession she had for Nathan. She assures her mom that she's fine, and Kayla is glad to hear it.

Sami returns home (Allie is still with her grandma). Fake Rafe is there to apologize for being so upset earlier, and he shows her that he got the right kind of cookies. Sami forgives him, and they hug. She tells him about her conversation with Kayla. He says there are SOME things that he doesn't forget, so he goes to get the flowers and chocolate for her. She laughs and is happy to see them. They hug, but she still looks concerned.

Maggie goes to visit Victor. Henderson informs her that Victor is not seeing anyone right now, but she charms her way in. She sees Victor, who is standing and staring at the fireplace flames.

E.J. goes home and tells Nicole that she looks "sumptuous". She thanks him and gives him his favorite drink. They toast valentine's Day. She also has something for him. There are cards from his kids, and one from her. She blushes, and then he kisses her. He realizes suddenly that he didn't get her a card. Then he coyly says that he got her a gift but can't remember where he put it. He pulls out a jewelry box and continues to tease her. They are beautiful diamond earrings. She thanks him in a heartfelt way and wonders if he really does like her. He assures her that it's true and kisses her. Nicole remarks that things are going very well for them. She thinks they may have earned their happiness, and he agrees.

E.J.'s guard brings Rafe a phone and tells him that he's going to get a call. Meanwhile, Fake Rafe is wooing Sami. She offers to change into something sexy. They kiss. She laughs about how hot to trot he is and goes into the other room. Fake Rafe gets a text, telling him to make the call. Fake Rafe laughs that Rafe is going to learn that payback's a bitch as he makes the call. Rafe gets the phone. Fake Rafe laughs at him for lying about the cookie thing. He taunts Rafe about what he's doing with Sami on Valentine's Day, especially in the bedroom. Rafe yells at him and warns him not to touch her. Sami walks in with a sexy nightie, so Rafe yells, "Sami, no!" She doesn't hear, and Fake Rafe tells her that he'll be there in a minute. Fake Rafe taunts Rafe some more and then hangs up. The guard demands the phone back. Rafe hands him the phone but then uses the opportunity to grab his neck and cut off his air supply so he passes out. The phone is broken, but Rafe gets keys from the guy so that he can get out of the cell. He chuckles as he does it, saying that he's coming for Sami.

Sami and Fake Rafe kiss as she agrees that he's back to his old self.

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