Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/8/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/8/11--Canada; Wednesday 2/9/11--USA


Written By Lucy
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Maggie opens the door to Phillip, asking to see Chloe. She has Parker and he asks to hold his son. He’s talking to his son about being perfect. She tells him to visit more and he agrees. He wants to be father to both Parker and Melanie’s child. Phillip leaves and Chloe comes back. She asks Chloe if she’s ok. Chloe tells her to go see Jennifer. Maggie asks about her appointment and she tells her that the doctor is running some tests and gave her a prescription. As Maggie is leaving, Chloe starts crying and she tells Maggie that she saw Daniel. She tells her about their conversation. Chloe feels out of it and tell her that she doesn’t know if she can love Parker. Maggie is trying to calm her but Chloe interrupts and tells her to see Jennifer. She tells her that she’ll put it off and wants to talk about Parker. Chloe leaves, telling her she’s not a good mother. She’s now at the pier talking to herself about not being able to look at her baby. Melanie sees her and asks why she isn’t taking care of Parker.

Melanie is reading a magazine and Kate drops in to talk about Chloe. Kate tells her about Chloe’s attitude towards Parker. Melanie tells her that she loves Parker and doesn’t believe her. Kate is saying that she’s trying to help Parker, Philip and her. She says that she’s not ready to make any decisions. Kate understands that she needs time to think. She invites her to the Java Café to talk. As Melanie opens the door, she sees Phillip. Kate leaves.

Phillip asks what her mother wanted. Melanie tells him that she wanted to talk about her grandchildren. She tells her that his mother has decided that she should raise both his kids. He thinks that she’s insane. Phillip worries about what his mother will do. She also tells him that his mother wants them back together but that’s not going to happen. She tells him that her father and Nathan will help her. He can’t believe that she wants to raise her child with Nathan. She tells him that he doesn’t care how he feels because she will make all the decisions and he doesn’t matter. She tells him to go and he leaves. He goes to tell his mother to back off running people’s lives.

Daniel’s in the hospital as Chloe commends him on his brave actions towards Jennifer. She says its fate that she ran into him. Chloe informs him that she went to see the psychiatrist. He thinks its good that she’s seeing him. He tells her he’s really busy with patients but Chloe ignores it and asks for time to talk. Dan doesn’t want to talk and Chloe reminds him about Parker. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to use Parker as a weapon. His pager rings. Chloe is still trying to get him to talk.

EJ and Nicole are kissing and she stops and asks what is he doing? He said is kissed her and wants more. He tells her that isn’t a fiancé allowed to kiss the person he’s going to marry? Nicole is confused and EJ wants to know if there’s a “no sex” rule in place? She thought that’s what was implied. He tells her that he didn’t think it was implied. Then he clarifies that he wanting more- the kiss, sex, is separate from the arrangement they have. He wants to have a new level of trust between them. She says trust is good. He gets closer and tells her that he thinks they’re ready to take things to the next level. She backs offs.

Nicole says it’s really unexpected. He brings up their prior checkered relationship and asks if Brady is the reason why she doesn’t want to have sex. She clarifies that Brady has moved on. He gets closer and asks if that means she’s willing to give them a chance. She says, no. He wants to know why she said, “no,” and she tells him its because of the lies and deceptions she perpetrated against him. She thinks he still hates her. She says sorry just doesn’t cut it and thinks that hasn’t changed. He tells her what matters most to him is her love for his children. He sees the love she has and whatever happened in the past, he wants put in the past. She asks if the past can stay the past always? He says we’ll see. He gets closer and kisses her, telling her conversation is over. She’s coy and he stops and backs away saying that they’re done. She stops him and comes closer to him, kissing him. She says that was a surprise and he agrees and goes in for more heavy kissing. They go to his bedroom and have sex. Afterwards, they both laugh say “WOW!” and EJ wants to talk about what just happened. Nicole suggests getting some martinis and she goes down to fix them. EJ gets a call from Rafe2 telling him he’s never felt better.

Downstairs, Nicole is wondering whether EJ would want to have another round of sex. She hears the doorbell and opens it to see Taylor. She asks her what she’s doing here.

Rafe is eating cake and talking to Stefano about why he’s keeping him alive. Stefano tells him that he needs him. Rafe is trying to figure out why he would need him. He asks if he’s done something to Sami. Stefano thinks that he’s so full of himself. He tells him that maybe Sami is not missing him at all. Stefano comes back with some milk. He tells her that Sami’s probably terrified because she doesn’t know where he is. Then he describes possible scenarios that he’s done to ensure that Sami suffers. Rafe wants him to get out. Stefano says that they’re not done and needs him help. He tells him that he would never help him. Stefano disagrees. Stefano is going to tell him why he’s going to cooperate.

Sami and Rafe2 are kissing. He stops and she asks what’s wrong. He says nothing’s wrong and covers with saying that he’s has too much to drink. She tells him that he’s lying. She tells him that ever since he came home from the hospital he telling her that he’s fine but he’s not. She blames herself for driving fast and causing the accident. Sami understand that they need to take things slow. She goes to check on the kids but he stops her. He tells her that he’s up for anything and she’s not rushing him. She says that she’ll do anything to help him remember. Rafe2 starts kissing her neck and wanting to talk in private about “details.” She says they can talk about as much or little as she wants. They kiss. Rafe2 tells her “its now or never.” They go to the bedroom and have sex. Afterward, she lies towards the side and looks confused.

Maxine apologizes about taking blood from Jennifer. She asks about the doctor that saved her life. Jennifer is not staring at a portrait of Alice and talks about being given a second chance. She talks about being saved by one man. In comes her savior, Daniel. She wanted to see him because she wanted to thank him for saving her. She tells him about Carly talking about how great he is. She says that he’s lucky and he agrees. He tells her that she needs rest. She apologizes for getting personal. She feels that it’s all her fault to trust Dr. Walters. He tells her that she’s a brave woman. She tells him that she owes him so much.

Lexie and Taylor are at the pier. She asks Taylor to stay but she can’t impose on her again. She will head to her Mom’s when the bus arrives. Lexie wants to talk about Nicole. She tells her that Nicole doesn’t want her around. Lexie wants her to go talk to her one more time. She thanks Abe and her for letting her stay at their house and she leaves.

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