Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/7/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/7/11--Canada; Tuesday 2/8/11--USA


Written By Lucy
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Hope joins Bo in the interrogation room and says how he deserves a medal for all he has done. Roman walks in and agrees with Hope. Roman goes on to say that as long as Bo does not go to the press with his story, the governor will not go against them. Bo refuses to leave Hope who has not pardoned and must wait for the judge to review her case. Hope ask Roman to speak to Bo in private. Hope asks Bo to go home and be there for their daughter, Ciara. Bo surprises her with the news that he and Carly have broken up. Later, Hope meets with Justin who wants her case to be reviewed by the judge. Hope confesses that she is not sure what terrifies her the most going back home or going back to prison. As Justin and Hope look over the paperwork, Bo returns with Ciara who rushes into Hopeís arms.

Carly visits Jennifer in her hospital room and Jen immediately asks if Jack has called. However, Carly explains that Julie hasnít been able to reach Jack. Carly goes on too apologize for putting Jen in Benís orbit. Jen wonít let Carly take any of the blame, but she admits that this whole experience has got her thinking about the current status of her life. She has two kids, a husband who is not around, no job, and no direction. Carly announces to a surprised Jen that she and Bo have broken up, but she did the right thing for Bo and Hope. Jen tells Carly that she is allowed to grieve over the break up given how much Carly loved Bo. Carly thinks once the heartache goes away, she will be ok.

Nicole and Sami are alone at the loft with the kids watching TV in the other room and the men still out. Sami comments on Nicoleís bracelet. Nicole spills that the bracelet is really tracking device that she must wear as ordered by EJ. Sami is stunned that Nicole would go along with such an order, but Nicole argues that she would do anything for Sydney. Sami just thinks Nicole is insane and reminds Nicole that Sydney is hers. Sami goes on to tell Nicole that her relationship with Sydney is fragile and to just think about what will happen when Sydney grows up and finds out what Nicole did when she was born. Sami just doesnít understand why Nicole would wear the tracking device and marry EJ who will never love her. Sami gets a text from Rafe2 saying that he and EJ are on their way. Nicole and Sami learn that both of them have bought dresses for Sydney to wear. Nicole pretends to trip and spills a bottle of beer on Samiís dress.

Rafe locked in his cell has a dream of Sami being happy without him at Sydneyís birthday party and he tries to warn her to not trust EJ. Rafe wakes up and walks to the bars. He can't never understand what EJ meant about how Sami didnít miss him. Suddenly, Rafe is in pain, puts his hands to his head and passes out.

Outside, EJ reassures Rafe2 that he is doing just fine but he should keep his distance from Gabi so she will not suspect anything. EJ tells Rafe2 that he hope Rafe2 is happy. Rafe2 gushes about the excitement of the arrangement and all the money he is getting out of it. Stefano walks up to them and admits that he would be complaining nonstop if he had to live with Sami. Stefano wonít disclosed what is wrong with Sami, but is amused that Rafe2 is so taken in by Sami. Rafe2 admits to Stefano and EJ that he needs to tell them something that babies donít like him, but EJ thinks that isnít a problem since he doesnít want Sydney and Johnny to like Rafe2.

Rafe2, EJ, and Stefano go to Sami and Rafeís loft, and Sami is stunned at the sight of Stefano. Sami wants Stefano gone now. Roman enters and demands to know why Stefano is at Sydneyís birthday party. EJ argues that Stefano has much right as Roman to be there. Sydney is heard crying. Sami asks why Sydney is crying. Will explains that Sydney just saw Rafe and began to cry. Sami is confused. Roman tells Sami and Rafe2 that he is back at SPD. Rafe2 thinks that is great news since given his accident he now needs time to recover. Stefano comes up and comments on the evil prison warden selling organs. Roman gives him a look. Once the party is over, the guests leave, EJ tells Sami that Sydney and Johnny can spend the night with Sami and Rafe. Sami doesnít want Rafe to help her with the clean up and begins to blame herself again for the accident. Rafe2 assures her that the accident was not her fault and despite his fuzzy memory everything is good. Sami tells him that she believes things will come back to him and kisses him.

Later, Gabi confesses to Will that she gets the feeling that something is off with her brother, but Will explains that Rafe is on medication so it might be the result of that. Gabi says that Will is right that it could the pills causing Rafe to act differently.

Stefano returns to the basement to find an unconscious Rafe laying on the ground. Stefano immediately goes into his cell and gives him a pill along with water. Rafe wants a doctor instead Stefano gives Rafe birthday cake, but Rafe refuses to eat it. Stefano tells Rafe that he has to eat in order to keep his strength which prompts Rafe to ask why. As Rafe eats the cake, he wonders why Stefano is taking such a big risk by keeping him alive in the basement.

Upstairs, EJ tells Nicole that he is happy with how she handled Sami today. Nicole confesses that handling Sami is not easy but she would do anything for the kids. Nicole comments on EJ being a good sport by letting the kids spend the night at Sami and Rafeís. EJ and Nicole make a martini toast to kindness and happiness. Nicole exclaims that life just canít get any better. EJ admits that he has a reward for her and proceeds to take off her bracelet. Nicole is so happy but is caught off guard when EJ goes in for a kiss.

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