Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/1/11

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/1/11--Canada; Wednesday 2/2/11--USA


Written By Lucy
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 Nathan asks Melanie why she doesn’t want to talk to him. She says its complicated and he gets paged. He still wants to talk, but she tells him no.

Taylor compliments Nicole’s beauty, hugs her and tells the cop that she’s her sister. The cop tells Nicole that she tried to steal a woman’s wallet. Taylor explains that it was a misunderstanding. Nicole believes her and the cop leaves. She asks what is she doing here and she tells her about writing to her. She says that she didn’t get the letters because she moved around. Nicole tells him that she’s marrying EJ again and Taylor says that she doesn’t look happy. She tells her that she’s happy and describes the amenities of the mansion and the most important part- Sydney. Taylor brings up how horrible the first breakup was and Nicole cuts her off. Taylor gives her an engagement present. She opens the box and it’s a picture of them as kids. Taylor says that Nicole was always protecting her. She apologizes for bringing the wrong present because it brought back bad memories of their childhood. She asks Nicole if she can freshen up in the bathroom. Nicole clutches the picture.

Nicole gets a drink and Taylor questions why she’s drinking if she’s so happy. She says that she doesn’t want to cause troubles for her. Nicole sarcastically says if she wants to help her with the wedding and Taylor says that’s what sisters do. Nicole tells her that she remembers a time when she needed her and she went to Romania instead. Taylor apologizes and says that she missed her and wants to reconnect. Nicole tells her that she hates that word, “reconnect.” Taylor tells her that she worries about her. She tells her that they’ll go to lunch. Taylor tells her that she came a long way to see her. Then she drops a bomb- she wants to move in the mansion with her! Taylor tells her that she got laid off. She needs her help to get on her feet again. She tells him that the house has many rooms, but Nicole tells her it’s not her home yet. Taylor keeps whining and Nicole tells her to stop. She recommends a motel across the highway and tells her good luck.

EJ and Stefano are in the basement and in come the “new” Rafe. EJ is ecstatic and shakes the man’s hand. Stefano explains to nuRafe that the car accident sped up their plan and questions him about Rafe and Sami’s relationship. EJ chimes in with a question about his children and nuRafe is quick to tell him that EJ is the father. Stefano informs them that Rafe is asleep for the night and it’s the perfect time for the switch.

EJ and Stefano arrive at the hospital and sees Rafe talking to Nathan. Stefano tells him that despite Rafe awake, their plan still remains the same. Lexie comes up and asks why are they there. They say that they came to see Johnny. Lexie tells him Johnny’s asleep. EJ asks about Rafe and Lexie jumps on him for asking about him. He tells her that he’s being a more compassionate person towards Sami and Rafe and was just concerned about his health. EJ leaves to visit his son and comes back to a lecture from Stefano about being ready for their plan. He tells EJ that Marco has knocked Rafe unconscious. They are ready for the switch and inside the room; nuRafe is in the bed, while Marco takes real Rafe away. They go back to the basement, where the real Rafe is resting in their cell.

Lexie is checking up on the real Rafe in the hospital. She feels bad for him and tells him that he’ll get him to his family really soon. Rafe gets up and wanders around outside of the room telling Nathan about being acting commissioner and needing to do his job. Nathan tells him about getting a message to Hope. Rafe tells her why didn’t he contact the police.

Carly calls Daniel and tells him about the organ scandal. He sees Ben with the heart and attacks him. He tells him if he’s lost his mind. Daniel questions the paperwork and tells Ben that his patient needs to go back to the waiting list. A cop tells Ben that he needs to come with him. The cop also takes the heart back as evidence.

Lee gets a phone call saying that the heart was delivered to the hospital. She gets another call and tells her assistant that Jane has been taken into custody. She tells her to get rid of Jennifer’s body. The police bang on the door and the assistant opens the door. Melanie is with the cop. They go in the door and Melanie recognizes Jennifer. She calls Daniel and tells him about taking Jennifer’s heart.

Bo, Hope, Jane and the other cop are at the station as Abe tells them that a heart has been harvested from the prison. Bo and Hope tell them that are it proof that they’re telling the truth. We see Jennifer lying on a gurney. Jane is arrested but takes the cop’s gun and Hope as hostage. She tells him that Hope dies unless she gets what she wants. Hope hits her and the gun goes off.

Jane is arrested and taken away. Hope thanks Carly for risking her life for her family. Jane tells Abe that she’ll tell him who’s the boss of the organ stealing scandal for immunity. Abe leaves to authorize a deal. In wants a cop who’s on the DiMera payroll and threatens Jane. If she tells the cops about Stefano’s involvement then she dies. Abe comes back and she tells him that Dr. Ben Walters is the one in charge.

Carly is worried that she hasn’t heard about Jennifer and wants to go to the prison. She tells the cop that they need to go check it out now. She calls the hospital and Melanie picks up the phone. She tells him its urgent to get Daniel to call her back. Daniel goes to the police station and asks for the heart to be released so he can’t implant it. Abe leaves to get the heart and Carl asks about getting her message. He tells her that he never received the message. Carly tells him that they have to get to the prison to help get evidence.

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