Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/31/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/31/11--Canada; Tuesday 2/1/11--USA


Written By Lucy
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At the bus station, Taylor arrives in Salem and drops her purse.

Rafe opens his eyes and closes them again without saying a word. Sami goes to Daniel with the news and is worried that Rafe may have suffered brain damage. Daniel is optimistic that Rafe will come out but regardless Sami is strong and will overcome. Sami hope so and begins to blame herself for Rafe’s condition, but Daniel tells her that she is not to blame for any of this. Sami pleads with Rafe to come back to her because they all need him.

Gabi talks about calculus with Will at Sami and Rafe’s loft, but Will is worried about Sami and Rafe and why he has not heard from them given how the custody meeting shouldn‘t have taken that long. Will realizes that his phone was off and is stunned to hear his voice mail messages.

Will & Gabi rush to Sami, who is at Rafe’s bedside. Gabi is heartbroken that Rafe is not responding to her but Sami explains that Daniel is optimistic that Rafe will come around. She believes Rafe will come back to them since he knows how much they need him. Gabi asks what happened and Sami fills them in. Once alone with Rafe, Sami pleads with him again to come back to them, talks about their Christmas presents to each other, how they are soul mates, how much they love each other, and how no one has ever treated her with so much respect as Rafe has even though she is so screwed up. Sami wonder who else would protect Sami from herself. Rafe whispers, “no one.” Sami smiles asking Rafe if he heard what she was telling him and Rafe admits that he heard every word. Rafe doesn’t want Sami to call the doctors. All he wants is Sami. Sami and Rafe exchange “I love you” to each other. Sami reassures Rafe that he will get better and that they will have a wonderful life together. Rafe closes his eyes again.

Will & Gabi return to the loft, and Gabi declares that she will return to Rafe’s bedside once he is awake. Will comforts Gabi as she becomes upset on the thought how she will tell her mom about Rafe.

Outside of Rafe’s room, Stefano and EJ are both happy with the turn of events and how the accident was just perfect timing since now Rafe may suffer from permanent brain damage. However, EJ is not sure whether or not they should execute their plan tonight. Stefano insists that they must make their move tonight. Stefano is on the phone asking Marco for a status update and later orders a handmade Italian doll for Sydney’s birthday. EJ laughs at Stefano declaring that Sydney will be spoiled. EJ agrees that her birthday will be special and can not wait for family stability.

Stefano & EJ go back to the DiMera mansion basement and are convinced that no one will know that they set up Rafe. Stefano announces its show time and opens the door. Someone who looks just like Rafe comes out. He smiles at Stefano and EJ as they smile back at him.

Nicole and Sydney are hanging out together at the DiMera Mansion. Nicole tells Sydney that she is supposed to be in bed and goes on to tell her that little Sydney is going to have the best birthday party ever with Sami signing the custody papers. Nicole admits to Sydney that she misses Brady, but being with Sydney makes her so happy. Nicole promises Sydney that nothing will ruin their future together. Later alone, Mary gives Nicole a letter addressed to her. Upon looking at the letter, Nicole throws it into the fireplace. The door bell rings and Nicole opens the door to find Taylor with a police officer who claims that Taylor said that Nicole knows her. Taylor hugs Nicole and tells her how much she has missed her. Taylor goes on to tell the officer that Nicole is her sister.

At the infirmary, Jennifer sneaks her phone back while Lee is talking to Ben. Lee promises to get Ben a heart within the hour and to get ready. Jen is shocked that Lee is on the phone with Ben and behind her back, she presses a button on her phone. Lee hangs up with Ben and goes back to Jen who promises to keep quiet claiming to be in love with Ben and she would never do anything to hurt him. Jen declares that she can even help with her medical connections, but suddenly Jen’s phone beeps. Lee calls Jen a liar and throws her onto the ground. Later, Jen is strapped to the bed screaming for Lee to not go through with what she has planned. The nurse enters asking Lee if the warden knows what Lee is about to do, but Lee reassures her that she will deal with any fallout and it is time to get started. Jen is put asleep and her heart is removed. Jen continues to be hooked to machines as her heart is taken to Ben and Lee calls the warden.

As Hope and Carly hide behind the trees, Bo turns around to face Jane and the shooter. Jane thinks Bo is stalling and order the shooter to put a bullet in Bo. Bo makes eye contact with Hope and Carly and tries to stall saying that no one will believe the setup. Carly screams as Bo jumps the shooter. Later, the shooter and Jane are in handcuffs as the sounds of the police sirens get closer and closer.

At the pier, Ben tells Daniel that he is waiting for an important heart delivery and Daniel asks to watch the surgery. Later, at the hospital, Daniel gets ready to observe the transplant and looks over the faxed paperwork. Daniel is dismayed that once again the organ donation is coming from the prison and wants to talk to Ben.

Hope and Bo meet with Abe,who tells them that they are in way too deep how now Hope may never get out of prison and Bo risked everything. Hope insists that Jane would have killed her. The detective wants to know why they should believe Hope & Bo. The detective thinks they are just making up this story to cover themselves. Hope tells him to check the infirmary records. Bo believes a clean detective would check the records, talk to the warden, and get the facts. The warden is brought into the room who explains that she hoped that Bo would lead her to Hope. The detective believes her and praises her for her work.

In the other room, Carly backs up Hope & Bo’s story to Abe and says that Jennifer knows too. Abe comments that cops are on their way to Jennifer since she left a voicemail. Carly asks Abe if she can make a phone call. She decides to call Daniel and tell him all about the prison killing prisoners for organ donations just at that moment Ben arrives with the heart.

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