Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/24/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/24/11--Canada; Tuesday 1/25/11--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

Jane gets a call and tells one of her cop friends that Bo’s escaped and he tells her that he’ll get him. Bo sneaks up and strangles Jane. Then he tells her that he’ll break her neck and wants the truth. Jane’s cop goon comes and saves her. She tells Bo and he’ll kill him tonight.

Hope is worried about Bo. She dreams that Bo’s been hurt. Hope and Leo ask about the virus and warn her that Jane is dangerous. She talks about the infirmary and having some leverage over her. She also talks about knowing that Dr. Walters is also involved. Leo tells her that Jennifer needs to be careful.

Jennifer flashes back to Hope telling her about Ben and the prison. Ben asks her if something’s wrong. She covers and tells him that she’s worried about Bo and Hope. Ben tells her that he wishes he could help. His phone rings and he offers to talk to her after he takes the call. Dr. Dan walks up and asks Jennifer if she’s fine.

Ben, Dan and Jennifer head for some “real” coffee and chat. They arrive at the Pub but Ben gets a call. Jennifer’s glad that she has this time to get to know Dan since he’s the father of one of Carly’s kids. He thinks that she’s trying to put in a good word for Carly. Dan tells her that Ben likes her. She doesn’t notice that and points out that she’s still married. She asks if Dan thinks Dr. Ben is a good guy. Dan asks if she wants him to check him out. She tells him not to and tells him about the “friend” and her terrible mess. He welcomes her dilemma and she tells him about her “friend.” He says that the “ends justifies the means.” Dan goes back to the hospital and Jennifer gets her coat to leave when Ben comes back and tells her sorry for taking so long with the call. It was about a heart transplant patient. During this time, she takes his keys.

Maggie and Victor discuss their date. She tells him that he’s a better person for rescuing Vivian from the island. She asks where they’re going and he says they’re staying in the mansion. She gets hysterical and says that in no way is she’s staying the night at his house. He says she misunderstood. He wants to have brunch with her. Take their new relationship slow and graduate to dinner! Vivian enters and mocks them. Maggie leaves. Now Brady, Vivian and Victor are insulting each other. Brady leaves. Victor tells her he wishes that the time in the island changed her. Victor offers her a new room but she says that she doesn’t want to stay. She’s filing for divorce. He can’t believe it and looks for hidden cameras. She tells him that he’s boring and looking for greener pastures. She leaves and he’s delighted!

Out in the foyer Brady is on the phone talking about documents. He comes in and sees Victor opening a bottle of champagne. He asks Brady if she signed over the company. He assured him that she signed and compliments Brady on his good work and says he’s starting to act like him.

Maggie opens her kitchen door to Vivian. She tells her that she’s appreciative of her role in getting her back to Salem. She says that she’s learned a lot about the people closest to her. She tells her that she’s the biggest liar. She explains that she told herself that it was ok to flirt with a married man. Now that she’s divorcing him, she can be the new Mrs. Kiriakis.

Rafe and Johnny are playing with toys. Johnny asks if Rafe can stay at the hospital with him and Sami. Dr. Dan comes in and tells him that Johnny can go home soon. Rafe and Dan talk about EJ and Sami. He says that both parents need to be there for Johnny. Rafe tells Dan that EJ says he’s a changed man, but he doesn’t believe it. He tells Dan about EJ keeping his promise, so far. Then he talks about Stefano being a threat. He talks about being a stepdad to the kids and says that he thinks of them as his kids.

EJ is in the foyer when Nicole comes down the stairs. He tells her that he was waiting for her. He asks her to pick Sydney up at the hospital. He warns her that Sami is going to be there and she doesn’t care. She asks why isn’t he picking Sydney up? She’s suspicious about his motives. EJ tries to cover, but Nicole points out that he could send Mary or Harold to pick up Sydney. She thinks he likes it when Sami and Nicole fight. He laughs and tells her he can send Mary but Nicole tells him that she’ll go. She tells him that she bought Johnny a new book and will also visit him in the hospital. As she’s heading to the door, he stops her and thanks her. She tells him that she wakes up and knows her purpose in life- those kids.

Nicole is now in Johnny’s room. Rafe is there and she asks about Sydney. Nicole calls EJ and tells him that Sami took Sydney and Allie ice-skating. Nicole thinks Sami is trying to test the new agreement. She asks if he wants her to see what she can find out about the location of the rink so that he can send someone over to get Sydney. He tells her to tell Rafe that Sydney can be returned to him in the morning. Nicole’s shocked and asks if he’s kidding. He apologizes for wasting her time. He hangs up and Nicole is asking herself what has happened to the real Elvis. She tells Rafe about EJ letting Sydney spend the night and he can’t believe it. He insults EJ and Nicole defends him. He asks Nicole about why she’s still in the picture. She coyly says that she wont be the nanny for long.

Nicole spends some alone time with Johnny playing patty cake as EJ watches and smiles. She leaves his room to find EJ outside and asks why didn’t he come in. She tells him about Rafe and his suspicions. He asks if she told him about the wedding and she says no way! She tells him to go and spend time with Johnny and he kisses her on the cheek. He goes in as Rafe comes in with chocolate milk. EJ tells Rafe that he can spend time with Johnny and leaves. He tells himself that Rafe won’t be spending time with his son soon!

Stefano is with Marco in the family room making sure that their “project,” is going along as planned. He tells Marco of the importance of nothing going wrong. Marco warns him that the noise level is hard to keep down.

Stefano and Nicole talk about the goings on here at the mansion. She mentions Marco and the secretive DiMera men and she stops herself. She says that maybe she should just stop asking. He welcomes her to the family.

EJ and Stefano are talking about their newest plans. Stefano comments on his change of attitude towards Sami. He says he wants her to think everything fine so that she’s caught off guard when they put their plan into action.

Chad is in the Java Café talking about getting his job back. Gabi walks in and tells him that he feels bad about his situation. His adoptive dad has turned his back on him. She tells him that he seems so alone and talks about having the DiMeras as family. She asks him to give them a chance but he interrupts her and tells her that his Mom hated them and wanted him to stay away. He will respect his mother’s wishes. Gabi wants him to listen to her and they sit. She talks about his mother’s promise. She tells him that maybe his mom would understand because he’s alone. He thanks her and leaves.

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