Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/21/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/21/11--Canada; Monday 1/24/11--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

Vivian & Gus fight over the last few drops of wine but only to lose it to the sand. Vivian cries that she just wants to go home. All of sudden, a helicopter is heard and a ladder is dropped. The person who comes down the ladder is Brady. Vivian believes Brady has come to finish them off, but Brady tells her thatís not the case. He goes to say he has papers for her to sign in order to get off of the island. Brady gives the documents along with a pen to Vivian.

Melanie admits to Maggie that she feels sick after eating the eggs. Maggie offers Melanie tea. She tells Maggie that she told Nathan that she was pregnant but didnít give him a chance to react to the news. As Melanie suddenly runs off to the bathroom not feeling Maggie gets a knock of her door. Victor tells her that he has accepted her offer. Melanie re-enters and Victor reassures her that the baby she is carrying will have everything, but Melanie says except for a family. Victor says that regardless of what happens, he supports Melanie, tells Maggie he will be in touch, and leaves. Maggie confesses to Melanie that it broke her heart when Melanie said that the baby wouldnít have a family. Melanie explains that she just said to Victor and she believes Maggie will be the best surrogate grandma ever to her baby. They hug in joy.

Chloe tries to get Parker to stop crying at the hospital and Daniel walks up to them. Chloe tells him that Parker is missing him and their home. Daniel begins to feel uncomfortable and doesnít want to get close to Parker. Chloe doesnít understand why Daniel is doing this to their family how they are all miserable. Ben interrupts wanting to talk to Daniel about a case. They walk off to discuss the patient.

Phillip is at DiMera mansion to visit his mother and to talk about Melanie who wants nothing to do with him. Phillip asks Kate if she regrets keeping Bill & Lucas apart. Kate replies that every day she regrets keeping Bill & Lucas apart. She hopes that Phillip will learn from her mistakes. Phillip explains that Chloe is in denial about Daniel. Kate suggests that it would be in Parkerís best interest for Phillip to get rid of Chloe, but Phillip insists that Parker needs his mother. Kate warns Phillip not to be taken in by Chloe. Phillip is getting upset over Kate badmouthing Chloe. Stefano walks in and congratulates Phillip on being a father. Phillip decides to leave but before he leaves he asks about the noises. Kate explains they are redecorating downstairs. Once alone, Stefano calls EJ and orders him to come home now.

Carly and Jennifer are at the Brady Pub discussing where Carly is going to live now that she is hated by all in Salem. Jennifer insists that Carly stay in Salem and that Bo would feel guilty if Carly were to leave Salem, but Carly disagrees. Jennifer brings up Melanie needing her mom. Carly agrees that she needs to stay for Melanie and thanks Jen for being there. Carly mentions to Jennifer that Bo had contacted her which makes Jennifer ask why Carly didnít tell her sooner.

A beaten Bo refuses to talk so Jane calls Stefano wanting to know if she can kill Bo. Stefano tells her to do whatever she needs to do. Later, Jane tells Bo that this will be his last day alive. She gets a phone call from one of her associates saying that his car is not working so he canít come. Jane tells Bo that she will be back. Once alone, Bo is able to get out of the ropes. He runs to the door only to find it locked. Jane calls Ben to give him the heads up that she will have organs for him very soon. Warden Jane returns to the room only to find Bo missing.

Nathan is awakened by Hope who explains she got in using the spare key and tells Nathan all about what is going on at the prison and seems surprised by Nathanís surprise. She explains that Nathan answered the phone, but Nathan tells her that it wasnít his phone. Hope is so relieved to know that Nathan is not involved in what is going on at the prison. Hope wants the another doctorís name. Nathan says its Ben Walters but he can not see Ben being involved in whatís happening at the prison. Hope gives Nathan a letter of instructions asking him to follow them for Boís sake.

Back at the Pub, Nathan rushes in asking to speak to Jennifer alone, Carly leaves, and Nathan gives Jennifer Hopeís letter. Later, Jennifer goes to the boat to find Hope who brings her up to speed about Bo going missing, and that Ben is involved in what is going on in the prison. Jennifer agrees to help Hope save Bo, and gives Hope a family drawing and a necklace from Ciara. Once alone, Hope looks at Ciaraís drawing and hopes that Jennifer is able to save Bo.

Jennifer goes to the hospital to see Ben and tells him that she just couldnít stay away, and goes on to say that with Hope escaping and Ben working at the prison, she would like for Ben to let her know if he hears anything. Ben promises her to let her know and that the prison warden had called needing him tomorrow as he takes out his keys.

Carly decides to stop by Danielís to talk about Melanieís pregnancy. However, they are interrupted by Chloe who is there to thank Daniel for the stuffed bunny. Chloe is upset at over seeing Carly and wants to know why she is there. Daniel tells Chloe that its none of her concern why Carly is there, and closes the door on her. Chloe goes to the Pub with Parker, and tries to get him to stop crying. Phillip walks in and sits with Chloe and Parker. Phillip gets Parker to stop crying and wants to talk to Chloe about changing Parkerís name since he was named after Danielís mother. Chloe freaks out saying that she will never change Parkerís name and storms out with the baby.

Back at Maggieís, Nathan comes over and Maggie excuses herself so Nathan and Melanie can talk in private. Nathan explains that Melanie didnít give him a chance to respond to her pregnancy so he wants to respond now. He tells Melanie that he loves and wants to be with her along with her baby. Melanie thanks him for his sweet words, but tells him that all she can think of right now is her baby and wants to be alone. Nathan leaves as Melanie tries not to lose it.

Victor gets a visit from Maggie who wants proof of Vivian being off the island so Victor walks over to the computer to show her the video feed of Vivian climbing the ladder of the helicopter. With Victor honoring his end of the deal, Maggie announces that their dinner date will be at Chez Rouge 7pm, but Victor tells her to leave the planning to him.

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