Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/17/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/17/11--Canada; Tuesday 1/18/11--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

Bo is trying not to tell the truth to Jane. She asks Bo to give Hope’s location. He tells her that he’s never going to tell her where hope is. She picks up a weapon. She hits Bo and he bleeds. Jane comes back from the location he told her about and is not happy. He tells her that she probably changed locations. She cant believe the torture he’s willing to withstand for a woman that wanted to kill him. She tells him that he’s no help and is going to contact her boss.

Hope figures out that they know about her hacking into the prison computer. Someone comes in- its Bo’s friend, Leo and Hope asks him if he got the phone. Leo asks about Bo and Hope tells him that she hasn’t heard from Bo. He wants to help and tells him to go to a certain location and try to find him. He checks the location and no sign of Bo. Hope uses the phone and gets in contact with Nathan but she doesn’t say anything.

EJ and Nicole arrive hand in hand at the hospital and ask Dr. Jonas whether Sami and Rafe are in Johnny’s room. He tells EJ that Johnny is still asleep and has to postpone the bandage removal. Lexie asks to talk to EJ. She wants to know why Stefano is not there. He tells her that he’s feeling weak and Kate’s there to take care of him. She warns EJ about the degree of sight Johnny may have after the surgery. She sympathizes with him because she knows it’s hard to raise a child with limitations. EJ gets defensive and calls her comments condescending. He states that his son will see. She leaves and Nicole comes over and wants him to promise to accept whatever happens. He’s insistent that his son is going to see.

Lexie comes back and everyone is outside Johnny’s room. She tells them that they’re ready to remove the bandages. EJ is concerned that too many people would be in the room and Lexie agrees. The doctors, Sam and EJ enter the room. Dr. Jonas goes to take the bandage off. He asks how many fingers he has and Johnny playfully says “2 up and 8 down.” Sami and EJ are ecstatic. Carly checks his sight at a farther distance and he can’t see. She tells him not to worry. Sami tells him that they’ll throw a party but Johnny says that his birthday not until October. Rafe comes in and gives him a FBI hat. Everyone leaves to give Johnny time to rest. EJ comes back in by himself and tries to get the FBI hat away from him. Johnny asks his daddy if he’s friends with Sami and Rafe. He says he’s friends with his Mommy and Carly enters wanting to check Johnny. EJ goes outside and sees Sami and Rafe kissing. He says that he’ll be friendly to Sami but “Rafe is another matter.”

Outside Johnny’s room, Nicole tells EJ that its wonderful news and gives her a kiss. He can’t thank Nicole enough for being so supportive and for catching the cancer so early. She mentions that Johnny can be the ring bearer at their ceremony. He says that they’ll talk about it later. He gets a call from the judge wanting to know a new wedding date and he tells her that they’re postponing the wedding. Nicole overhears and worries. She waits for EJ outside and Sami comes up and thanks her from “the bottom of her heart.” She tells her that Johnny is all that matters. She tells her that she realizes that she lost every one. Sami says it must be painful. Nicole tells her there’s probably no wedding and she wins.

Nicole is back with Sydney at the DiMera’s and tells her that Johnny’s fine and gives her a high five. She tells her about Sami being part of her life again and hugs her.

Sami and Rafe are in another part of the hospital. Rafe is telling her how brave Johnny is and he’ll overcome whatever obstacle is in front of him. Sami cries and tells him he should need to overcome anything, just be a normal kid. Rafe tells her that he’ll be fine. She talks about losing Grace and how she lost faith. Rafe reminds her of a hopeful saying her grandma always says. They kiss. After they get the good news about Johnny, she tells him that she doesn't want to make waves with EJ. He tells her that he has to investigate because it’s his job.

Vivian is lying on the deserted island and hears a plane. She tells Gus that they are going to be saved. Something drops from the sky- more supplies. She talks about being cursed. Gus opens the box and finds wine and caviar. They admire the wine but no bottle opener? She opens the bottle with her teeth and is enjoying the wine.

Maggie and Victor look at a map and points to an island. She figures out that it has something to do with Vivian, since it has two letters written on the map, V and A. He tells her that he really doesn’t know what island Vivian is located. Maggie tells him that he has to rescue her. Victor can’t believe that she wants him to rescue Vivian. He goes on about having all the comforts of home. Maggie thought that he was a good man. He’s sorry that he’s disappointed her. She doesn’t believe him and wants him to stop thinking of himself. She lectures him about his behavior towards the woman he married. She gets frustrated and goes to leave. Victor tells her that she has a big heart and wishes he wasn’t such a big disappointment. He says that she’ll do anything for her but bring back Vivian. She mocks him and wants to barter with him. He only wants one thing- her. She tells him if her brings Vivian back, they’ll go out to dinner.

Phillip asks Melanie if she’s pregnant. She slams the door in his face. Melanie is blaming Chloe for telling him that she’s pregnant. He tells her that she’s not a good liar. Then he says that she wanted a baby now she doesn’t. He guesses that she’s going to get an abortion. He wants the truth. Phillips tells her to remember how angry she was at Carly for not telling anyone about her. She says that she’s made up her mind. She will not terminate the pregnancy and raise the baby alone. Phillip is saying that he’s sorry about not being a good father to Tyler and worried about being a dad to Parker. He says that Melanie has changed him. He says that they both love the baby that she’s going to have. He wants another chance to be part of a real family. She tells him that she doesn’t love him anymore and wants him to leave. She slams the door again.

Jen and Dr. Ben are at the Pub eating and wanting to ask Ben some questions about his volunteer work at the prison. Jen explains that she wants to give back and maybe volunteering in the prison would be good. He tells her to stay away from the prison. He elaborates that a sweet and kind woman like her shouldn’t be in a prison. Nathan comes in and Dr. Ben asks him to convince Jen to volunteer at the hospital instead of the prison. He looks confused because he knows that Jen’s volunteered at the hospital for years. Nathan’s phone goes off and he’s wanted back but Ben says he’ll go instead. He leaves and Jen tells him that she’s sorry about Stephanie. He says he’s worried about Melanie.

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