Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/14/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/14/11--Canada; Monday 1/17/11--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano walks in to find EJ looking at Johnny’s picture on the desk, and tells EJ that he has something to tell him. However, EJ interrupts saying he has something to say, and wants to go first. EJ tells Stefano all about his deal with God that if God saved Johnny’s sight, then he would make peace with Sami. EJ goes to say that Sami overheard the deal and he must honor it. Stefano admits that the fighting with Sami has gotten tiresome. However, Stefano questions how long EJ will be able to honor the deal, but EJ assures him that the deal with God is forever. EJ asks what Stefano wanted to tell him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate tells Victor that she is leaving and going back to Stefano. Kate brings Victor up to speed about Johnny and Victor is sorry to hear that, but he is worried about Kate. However, she reassures him that Vivian is taken care of, and shows Victor the coordinates of the Kiriakis island that Vivian is now residing on. Victor agrees with Kate that she is safe from Vivian and hopes Stefano will get good news regarding Johnny. Once Kate leaves, Victor studies the map.

Maggie drops by to pick up Melanie’s stuff. She notices the map and asks Victor if he is planning an exit strategy and reminds him how Vivian got the better of him. Victor can not believe Maggie is on Vivian’s side given what she has done to Maggie. Maggie apologizes and admits that she is just upset for Melanie. Maggie goes on to say that she hopes Vivian is not upstairs because she does not want to see her, but Victor assures her that Vivian is not there which makes Maggie ask where she is. Victor says that he doesn’t know where Vivian is. Maggie picks up the map and asks Victor what the initials V.A. stand for, and asks what Victor has done to Vivian now.

On the Island, Vivian is upset that Gus is not being a lookout instead he is searching for the supplies that were dropped. He wants to know what Vivian did with the food, but Vivian only tells him that its in a safe place. Also, Vivian reminds Gus that she is the boss. However, later when Vivian unsuccessfully tries to open a can of food, Gus tells her that he has the can opener. Later, Vivian teases Gus for not being able to find the food. Gus reveals how he spelled out the word, help, with palm leaves and if he will leave Vivian on the island alone. He starts to leave, but can’t do it. Vivian offers him a can of food as a peace offering to restore their good relationship, and declares they must never fight again because their real enemy is the Kiriakis family.

At the hospital, Chloe comes up to Carly who immediately figures out that Chloe is at the hospital to see Daniel. Chloe says that Daniel shouldn’t be alone right now. Carly makes it clear that she will not Chloe’s messenger and that they are no longer friends.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Kate comes in to see EJ’s shock over Stefano’s announcement that Kate is spending the night because he needs his wife. EJ thanks Kate for looking after Stefano. Once Stefano leaves the room to test his blood sugar, Kate tells EJ that she hopes that Johnny will be fine. Later alone, EJ calls out to Mary that he just got a call from the hospital saying that Johnny’s bandage is about to come off and is going to the hospital.

At Maggie’s, Melanie accuses Stephanie of trying to kill her. Melanie & Stephanie begin fighting again but Brady storms in and breaks it up. Brady tells Stephanie that she needs to leave. Once Stephanie leaves, Brady wants Melanie to open up to him. Melanie tries to hide the papers, but Brady wants to see the papers and is shocked to learn that she is pregnant. Melanie makes Brady promise her that he will not say a word to anyone. Brady reassures Melanie that no matter what she decides to do with the pregnancy he will be there for her and that its her decision. Melanie confides in Brady that she is afraid that Victor and Phillip will never leave her alone, but she doesn’t want Phillip’s baby. However, she also confides to Brady that when she fell, she immediately was worried about the baby. Brady reminds that she has her parents, but Melanie declares that she can not tell Daniel since he already is being with so much suddenly a freaked out Melanie remembers that Chloe suspected that she was pregnant.

Later back at the hospital, Melanie runs into Carly, and tells her mom that she is happy that Carly didn’t lose her medical license. Melanie goes on to say that she is proud of both Daniel and Carly for all that did for Johnny. Melanie comments that having a baby must be scary, and asks Carly if she had it over again, would Carly still have had her. Carly tells Melanie that she is the best thing that ever happened to her, she is the reason she gets up every morning so yes Melanie was worth it. Carly admits that she hopes one day Melanie will have a daughter of her own and feel the same way.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie overhears Nathan on the phone turning the Johns Hopkins offer saying that he can not leave Salem. Once he hangs up, Stephanie confronts him for turning down Johns Hopkins in order to be with Melanie who is still Phillip’s wife and will only string Nathan along. Stephanie advises Nathan to remember his past failed relationship with Melanie and how history will repeat itself. She can not believe what she did to hold on to Nathan because she now sees how he was not worth it. Nathan tells Stephanie that he couldn’t make her happy and doesn’t believe anyone can.

At the pier, Chloe tells Phillip how Daniel is ignoring her calls. Phillip offers to babysit Parker anytime. Chloe snaps at Phillip to forget being Parker’s father. Phillip tells Chloe that he will never forget that he is Parker’s father and he will be a part of Parker’s life. Chloe doesn’t want to hear it. She explains to Phillip that if he is out of the picture, then Daniel will return to her and Parker. Phillip doesn’t believe Daniel will ever get over Parker being Phillip’s. Chloe brings up Melanie as a reason for Phillip to stay away from her and Parker, but Phillip admits that he would be delusional to think Melanie would take him back. Chloe declares that she believes Melanie is pregnant with Phillip’s baby, and fills him in on Melanie getting sick at the apartment. Chloe says that even though Melanie begged Chloe not to tell anyone, Phillip has a right to know and that if she is having a baby, then Phillip should be raising that baby not Parker.

Chloe hears Brady yelling on the phone and asks him where is the real Brady Black. He snaps that she is not any better these days. Chloe admits that they both have changed and not for the better.

Back at Maggie’s, Melanie tears apart the abortion papers and throws them in the trash only to hear a knock on the door. She opens the door to Phillip who demands to know if Melanie is pregnant with his baby.

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