Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/10/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/10/11--Canada; Tuesday 1/11/11--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe calls Melanie wanting to know if she’s pregnant. Melanie can’t believe that she’s asking her such a private question. She does tell her that she’s not pregnant. She asks Chloe to mind her business and hangs up the phone.

Daniel comes in and tells Chloe that the movers are there to take her and Parker’s things. He tells her that he can’t be a part of her life. She says to him that Phillip may have no interest in raising Parker. Parker cries and Chloe tells him to go to his son. He wants to but resists and gives her the keys to her new place and wants the keys to the apartment. She’s crying but finally gives him the keys. She tells him that she loves him but he leaves. The moving man tells her that everything’s packed and as she’s leaving she thinks of a way to get Daniel back.

Melanie looks at a “positive” pregnancy test. Nathan comes in and tells Melanie that it’s over with him and Stephanie. He tells her about Stephanie’s part of the paternity switch. Melanie asks why it’s over and he says because Stephanie thinks he still loves Melanie. Nathan wants to know if she ever stopped loving him. She says that she can’t talk about this and leaves.

Melanie goes to the hospital wanting to talk to her father. She runs into Carly and asks if she’s here for her hearing. She tells her that she knows that she won’t forgive her, but when she’s a mom, she’ll understand. Daniel comes in and hugs Melanie. A nurse tells Carly that they are ready for her hearing. Daniel will be testifying. Melanie wants to tell him something but he is called to testify. Nathan lurks in the background. They now meet at the pier and he tells her that he knows she’s upset. He wants to help her.

In Carly’s hearing, Lexie reviews the information from St. Mary’s. She asks for Daniel to be called into the hearing. Lexie asks Daniel if Carly got his DNA under false pretenses.

Stephanie opens the door to her Mom in tears telling her that the wedding’s off. She tells her what Nathan thinks of her. They hug and Kayla tells her its not her fault, but Carly’s. Stephanie, Sami and Caroline are now at her place and Sami thanks her for taking in Caroline. She asks if Nathan doesn’t mind. She tells him that they broke up. Caroline asks if it’s because of her and she doesn’t want to think about it. Sami leaves. Caroline wants to know what why would Nathan leave her? Caroline tells her that it breaks her heart that it’s over. Stephanie says that it’s not over.

Carly asks Caroline why she switched the tests. Caroline blames Carly for doing the paternity test in the first place. She says that they each made their choices. Sami comes in and Caroline complains about Carly. Rafe doesn’t want to hear it because he’s an officer of the law. Caroline wants to go now.

Sami finds out that she’s been released today. Rafe tells Sami that the DA is going to file charges against her grandma. Rafe pulls some strings to get her bail, but tells Sami that she has a tough road ahead of her. After Sami comes back from Stephanie’s, she tells Rafe that she worries about her grandma and talks about Johnny. She worried about how he’s going to grow up- all the challenges he’s going to face. Rafe tells her that he’s a fighter, like his mom. They hug and he compliments her on her devotion to her kids. She talks about missing her kids. She wishes for something to change in their situation.

Stefano asks Lexie and EJ to come to the Brady Pub. He doesn’t want to be there but Lexie has to go back to the hospital. EJ thinks that is has to do with his marriage to Nicole. Stefano tells him that Nicole will never be part of his family. Then he tells them that they have another brother. He tells him about his affair with Madeline Woods. EJ laughs, then think about it and figures out its “Chaz,” that’s his son. Lexie says its “Chad.” EJ thinks Chad asked for cash, but Stefano corrected him and says he doesn’t want anything. EJ thinks no one needs to know about Chad. Stefano is telling them that he’s tortured and he’ll come out of it. EJ insults Chad.

Chad comes in and Stefano approaches him. He tries to leave and he tells him that he will listen to him. He sits down and Stefano tells him that he would have been a part of his life from the beginning if he knew about him. Chad doesn’t want to hear it. He wants no part of the DiMera life. Stefano is now talking about his mother’s death and the way that Mr. Woods treated him. He tells him that he’s stubborn like EJ, his brother. Stefano says it’s not about money, but love. He wants to welcome him home. Chad tells him he’s watched the Sopranos and he would be ashamed to be a DiMera. He wants him to stop following him because he’s wasting his time. Stefano laughs and gets a call.

Nicole is in her wedding dress wanting freedom. Johnny comes down the stairs dressed in his tux. She tells him that she’ll never take the place of his mom but just wants to be friends and love him. He agrees and she notices something in his eye and asks if its bothering him. He says no. Nicole is trying to look at his eye and asks if its hurts him. He turns around and she hugs him.

EJ comes back from the Pub and is going to tell Nicole about Chad, when he notices that something is wrong. He asks and she tells him that she thinks something’s wrong with Johnny’s other eye. She says that it could be nothing. EJ starts getting upset and tells her that Johnny just had a check up and was fine. He gets defensive and tells her that she doesn’t have a medical degree and keep her thoughts to herself. She apologizes and is going to leave him alone, but then she explains that she’s sympathetic to his and Johnny’s condition and prays that nothing bad ever happens to Johnny. She leaves.

EJ and Johnny are now talking about watching a movie and tell him to go and get some milk and cookies. Nicole watches and enters the room. He tells her that he saw the same white spot in his eye and he apologizes. He tells her that he had a checkup. Nicole tells him that she’s read that things like this can change quickly in kids. She tells him that they should go to the doctor’s today. They go to the hospital and EJ is asking Nicole why they didn’t let him go inside with Johnny. Nicole says it might distract him. She holds his arm. The doctor comes in and tells them that the cancer has spread to the other eye.

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