Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/7/11

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/7/11--Canada; Monday 1/10/11--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

At The DiMera Mansion, Stefano opens the door to Chad only to find out that Chad just returned from a trip to clear his head, and that he plans to go back to school without the DiMera money. He doesnít want anything to do with Stefano or the DiMera family so he wants Stefano is stop calling him offering the DiMera money. They are done. Chad starts to leave, but Stefano blasts that they are not done. He understands that Chadís anger stems from never having a father who wanted him, but Chad interrupts saying he never will and leaves. Later, Stefano looks at a photo of Chad and calls Lexie to summon a family meeting.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor fills Kate in how Vivian is nowhere to be found. Kate tells Victor not to worry about Vivian that she and Brady took care of Vivian so Victor could clean up the mess Vivian made at Titan. With Vivian neutralize, Victor suggests that he and Kate can now focus on Parker. Both agree on their disgust for having Chloe as the mother of their grandson. They only wish they could get rid of her and keep Parker to raise as a Kiriakis. However, they realize that they have to play it smart so they will keep their distance for now and hope that Phillip will get smart about Chloe. If he doesnít, then they will step in and do whatís best for Parker.

On the island, Vivian vows revenge on those who dumped her on this deserted island with canned food and bottled water, but agrees with Gus that they have to get off the island first. Vivian sees a tanker and demands for Gus to build a fire. They try to signal the ship, but fail. Vivian blasts Gus for being worthless. Gus loses it reminding Vivian all the things he has done for her. They fight and literally draw a line in the sand. Later, alone on her side of the island, Vivian wonders why she is so hated by all, and how she is now all alone on an island just like she was in Salem. Suddenly, a shirtless Brady appears telling Vivian that he always had a thing for older women, and asks for a swim. Vivian realizes it was a dream and screams for help.

At the hospital nursesí station, Melanie runs into Daniel and tells him about her research on a divorce lawyer for them. Melanie is scared that Chloe will manipulate Daniel with Parker, but Daniel assures her that wonít happen because Chloe & Parker are moving out. They comfort each other. However, Melanie loses it upon seeing Kayla going after Kayla for her motherĎs actions and Kayla knowing about it. Daniel calms Melanie down reminding her that anger and throwing blame doesnĎt help and that it will get easier with time. Once calm Melanie asks to Daniel if she can crash at his place for a few days, Daniel is more than happy to have Melanie live with him and tells her that she can stay as long as she wants. Daniel has to get back to work. Melanie asks about Carly, but Daniel only replies that he will see Melanie at home.

At Danielís apartment, Chloe is on the phone with the movers telling that Parker is asleep so they canít come, and that never is a good time. Carly drops by looking for Daniel. She tries to leave, but Chloe wants to talk to her. Carly says she wishes she never met her. Chloe in tears reminds Chloe about Vivian, but Carly doesnít want to hear it. She helped Chloe because of Melanie & Daniel. If she had any idea that Chloe slept with her daughterís husband, then she would have never looked the other way to help out Chloe. Chloe tries to convince Carly that they can help each other with the fallout, but Carly refuses saying that they will not face the consequences of their actions together, and that Chloe has to start living in the real world. Carly leaves. Later, Melanie goes to Danielís only to find Chloe. Melanie orders Chloe to get out. Chloe begs, but Melanie doesnít want to here it saying she hates her, she will divorce Phillip, and how everything is a lie including Parker. Suddenly, Melanie gets sick and runs to the bathroom. Once she is out, she explains that she must have the flu, but Chloe asks if she is late with her period. Melanie shouts that she is not pregnant.

At Nathan & Stephanieís apartment, Nathan bursts in shouting that he knows that Stephanie is a liar. Stephanie pretends to play innocent, but Nathan is not buying it. He wants the truth and wants it now. Stephanie admits to knowing everything, but she still believes she did the right thing. Her silence protected her grandma from criminal prosecution. Nathan doesnít believe it accusing her of wanting to switch the test results herself. Stephanie denies it, but Nathan brings up Ianís email and how Ian told him everything. Nathan comments how Caroline beat her to it. Stephanie confesses that he is right and that she would do it all over again, and Stephanie accuses him of still having feelings for Melanie. Stephanie goes on to say that she knew Nathan was only with her because Melanie was with Phillip so if the truth came out, then Stephanie would have been left with nothing. She demands for Nathan to admit that he is going straight to Melanie. Nathan tries to leave, but Stephanie begs him for another chance and not to leave her. Nathan gets her goodbye and leaves. Stephanie dissolves in tears.

At the Brady Pub, Chad runs into Kate and asks about her breakup with Stefano. She fills him in on how mostly because Kate kept the information about Chad from Stefano. Chad declares that he is free of Stefano, but Kate warns him that she knows how Stefano feels about his children and Chad will never be free.

Back the hospital, Carly tries to talk to Daniel, but Daniel reminds her how once again she kept a secret from him that made their daughter suffer. Carly apologies, but Daniel blames her for not telling him and now his life is a mess and their daughter is suffering. Kayla walks up, and Daniel tells her that now is not a good time to chat. However, Kayla declares to Carly that its time to face the music for her actions and brings up how Danielís DNA was taken for an unethical paternity test which is a felony. There will be a hospital disciplinary hearing on Carly based on all the evidence gathered at St. Mary, and Kayla is confident that Carly will lose her medical license. Kayla leaves. Carly tells Daniel that she knew that this would happen and vows that she will make this right.

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