Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/3/11

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/3/11--Canada; Tuesday 1/4/11--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

At the cabin, Hope wakes as Bo is studying a map. He needs to contact Roman in order for Hope to be transferred to another prison so she can serve her sentence there. He leaves and goes to a nearby gas station phone and calls Carly at hospital.

Back at the cabin, Hope caressing the little pink bow that Bo gave her to keep. It was Ciara’s from the time that she gave it to Bo. She the sees Ciara running through the door and hugging her. She is telling Ciara that she'll make the holidays up to her. She talking about loving her and Ciara asks if she is back together with her Daddy. Hope wakes up- it was a dream.

At the gas station, Bo asks Carly to get in touch with his brother Roman. She says if he’s ok and he says yes, but he needs her to do this favor for him. He explains about the wiretapping and how to contact him with out giving away his position. Carly says she will do it and tells him she loves him. He doesn’t reply and gets angry because he’s heard a click on the phone- it’s tapped. Bo comes running back to the cabin and tells Hope that they need to get out right now because he heard that phone was tapped after he hung up. The state police are on their way.

At the prison, the warden is drinking coffee with her new employee, Jennifer. She is talking about Bo and Hope being dangerous and how the state police are on their tail. Rafe enters and tells the warden that she hasn’t returned any of the phone calls he’s placed to her. She tells him that she told him that she would call after the holidays and that the Salem PD has nothing to do with this case. He tells her that Bo was Commander and “one of their own,” and want to capture and question him too. He also thinks is strange that Bo would risk the jailbreak if something wasn’t going on at the prison. He asks her if she helped them escape. She says that she’s done with this conversation and throws him out. She gets a call from one of her informants at the state office and he tells her that they had the phone that Bo used tapped and their creating a three-mile radius to search for them. They are close and can’t escape. She is pleased with the news.

The warden also gets a call from Dr. Walters who is in urgent need to organs for his two patients. She tells him she’s out of the organ-stealing business for now because too many officers are crawling here and can’t possibly do anything suspicious. She hangs up.

At the hospital, Jennifer walks up to Carly and Dr. Walters. Carly leaves and Jennifer talks with Dr. Walters about New Years resolutions. They both are having a bad day and he invites her to coffee.

At Sami & Rafe’s loft, Mary is filling Sami in on Johnny’s condition on the phone. She hangs up and Sami talks to Rafe about Johnny not being in school. Sami is complaining about EJ and Nicole. She says that she’s not going to let Nicole be Mommy to her kids. Rafe tells Sami that he needs to go and talk to the warden and he'll be back to she cant go after EJ and Nicole. He tells her he doesn’t want to change her. He knows that she does what she wants but is worried that she's giving EJ more ammunition.

At the Brady Pub, Sami walks up to Brady who is yelling at someone on the mouth. Why is he so sad? Brady tells him that he & Nicole faked the whole breakup because of EJ's ultimatum. Sami badmouths Nicole calling her narcissistic. Sami encourages him to fight for her against EJ. He says that he's not going to fight; Nicole made her choice. Sami complains about her kids and Nicole being a mother to them. Brady tells her that’s her problem. She goes on and on about working together and he stops her and tells her he needs to get crazy Vivian off his back first and leaves.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ walks in and Nicole is staring out the window. He asks her is she's thinking about Brady. She tries covering. He tells her that she's going to be the mother to his kids. He gives her an engagement present. She opens it- a Diamond bracelet! As he is helping her putting it on, he tells her that now he'll know exactly where she is at all time. Nicole looks wary.

EJ explains the tracking device that the bracelet has. He'll be tracking her at all times. She tries to take it off but he tells her that she wont get to see Sydney and the deal's off if she tries to take it off. She calls him a monster. He gives her this speech about motherhood and how Sydney in time will call her Mommy. They toast on Motherhood.

Nicole proclaims that she loves Brady forever and hates him forever. She states that their marriage will be in name only! He agrees and disagrees. He tells her, for example, when the priest says that he has to kiss the bride; He grabs her and plants a passionate kiss then he finishes his sentence. He stops the kiss and coolly picks up his drink.

Nicole walks in telling EJ about what the kids are doing. She talks about Sami going to jail or worse and he laughs calling it a fantasy. She wants to know what will happen to her? EJ says not to worry because he has given her his word. Stefano comes in and asks about what he has promised her. She leaves and Stefano now insists on knowing the news. EJ tells him that he should congratulate him because he's getting married. Stefano turns around and keeps saying “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!”

Stefano is now yelling at EJ, telling him if he remembers what that woman did to him, that she kidnapped Sydney. He yells out that he kidnapped her too! He's explaining to him how he has complete control of the situation and this will drive Sami up the wall. Stefano is saying that having Nicole here will drive him up the wall and he's totally against this!

EJ tells him if he doesn’t want to live here with Nicole and the kids he can live in Italy or Argentina. Stefano can’t believe it. EJ is saying it’s a win-win situation that will help the kids and drive Sami to jail or an asylum! Stefano mentions love and EJ tells him this marriage is not for love. He tells EJ that he still loves Sami. Stefano goes on about taking the kids and leaving for Argentina. EJ tells him that this is "his turf" and will not leave. Stefano tells her that Nicole's pure evil and is putting the kids lives in danger.

At the church, Nicole lights a candle and talks about being in prison and looks at the tracking bracelet. She questions her decision and in walks in Rafe and tells her she usually makes the wrong one. When EJ gets what he wants, he will throw her away. She reminds her of Sami and he’ll be in the same boat as she.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Johnny is playing with toys and asks his daddy to tell him a story about pirates. He holds his son and says yes (in pirate voice) but first tells him about marrying Nicole and what he thinks of the idea. Johnny says, “No!”

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