Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/31/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/31/10--Canada; Monday 1/3/11--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

In a Baltimore hotel room, Nathan & Stephanie are in bed when Stephanie gets a call so Nathan steps out to raid the vending machine. Stephanie sees that it is a local call from Kayla so she lets it ring. Nathan comes back into the room, and asks if she is going to answer her cell or not. Stephanie says that she is going to let it go to voicemail since itís a drunken friend calling her. Stephanie tries to say that nothing is bothering her but he does not believe her. She suddenly has an idea to get married ASAP. Nathan does not even know if they can get married now. Stephanie tells him that they can get married in Virginia since the state has no waiting period. He thinks it is crazy but suggests that they drive to Virginia tomorrow for a New Years day wedding. Later, Nathan and Stephanie are in bed and she decides to listen to the voice mail message from her mom. The message talks about her grandma having a stroke.

At Chloe & Danielís apartment, Phillip asks to see Parker. Chloe says that he is sleeping and doesnít want Phillip to see him. Phillip will not take no for an answer so Chloe relents and brings Parker to Phillip. While holding Parker, Phillip tells him that he is his daddy and will always do right by him. Chloe points out that Daniel is Parkerís legal father, but Phillip doesnít think Daniel will want to raise another manís baby. Phillip tries to explain to Chloe that she needs to stop believing that Daniel will come back to her, but Chloe wonít listen and wants Phillip gone. Once Phillip leaves, Chloe vows to Parker that Daniel will return. Daniel returns and kisses Chloe who hopes that she is not dreaming. Daniel replies that she is and calls her a lying slut. Chloe wakes up with a start to realize that she was dreaming.

At Sami & Rafeís loft, Sami gets a phone call getting her about Grandma Carolineís stroke, and she & Rafe take off for the hospital.

At the Brady Pub, Maggie runs into Kate who is picking up her takeout order. Maggie assumes that Victor will not be in the mood to celebrate New Yearís given what happened. Kate plays along like she knows exactly what Maggie is talking about. Once outside, Kate leaves a voice mail message for Victor wanting to know what is going on.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie tells her father that he is a far better parent than Chloe & Phillip, and wants to go get Parker now, but Daniel stops her. Daniel explains that taking Parker would be the worst thing that they could possibly do because Chloe & Phillip are Parkerís parents, and they have to think of Parker not themselves. Melanie becomes distraught over losing Parker, but Daniel promises her that they will get through the loss together. He gets a page and has to leave. Melanie assures him that she will be fine by herself. Once Daniel leaves, Melanie grabs her wedding photo, throws it across the room, and breaks down in tears. Later, Melanie opens the door to leave only to run into Phillip who pleads with her not to leave him. Melanie wants him to get out of her way and that they are done talking. Kate witnesses Melanie leaving with her suitcases. Phillip fills Kate in on everything about sleeping with Chloe and being Parkerís daddy, but he refuses to give up on his marriage to Melanie. Kate tells Phillip that she loves him along with Parker, and she hopes that his marriage will survive this.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ orders Nicole to call Brady and break up with him or she is out of Sydneyís life. Nicole asks if he loves her. After giving a sarcastic answer, EJ states that he doesnít love, like, want, or respect her. Nicole asks why marry her. EJ claims that he has already her why many reason, but Nicole declares that none of his reasons make sense. She can only figure that EJ enjoys torturing her. Nicole tries to explain to EJ that itís not healthy for Sydney & Johnny to see daddy in an unhappy marriage, and how they will see her resentment towards daddy for depriving her of the only man she ever loved. EJ tells Nicole that if Sydney & Johnny ever see Nicoleís resentment towards him, then she will be out. EJ comments how it appears that Nicole has already made her choice and tells her that she can spend some time with Sydney. After spending time with Sydney, Nicole calls Brady asking him to meet her at the pier.

At the hospital, Sami and Rafe enter Carolineís room. Sami tells Grandma that she is going to take care of her. Kayla and Rafe go outside. Sami doesnít want Grandma to tire herself so she can get better. However, a struggling Caroline is able to say a few words that she is not sorry about what she did for her family, and asks Sami to protect the family.

At the nursesí station, Maxine gives Daniel his tickets for the Salem Pier New Yearís Eve fireworks display. After thanking her, Daniel throws the tickets in the trash. Later, he thinks back to happier times with Chloe.

At the pier, Nicole meets Brady who is excited about celebrating New Yearís with her. Brady can see that Nicole is going to give him some bad news. Nicole fills him in on Vivian showing EJ the photos and how EJ is giving her another chance to be with Sydney, but in return Nicole has to give up everything including Brady. Nicole cries as she tells Brady how much she loves him and how sorry she is, but in her heart, Sydney is her baby so she has to choose Sydney. Brady & Nicole tearfully say their goodbyes.

Back at Sami & Rafeís loft, Sami & Rafe talk about going to that New Yearís Eve Bash at the pier as acting commander. Rafe feels bad about Sami hearing the news about Caroline, but Sami says that her grandma would want her to have fun so Sami decides to accompany Rafe to the New Yearís Bash.

Back at the DiMera Mansion, Nicole returns to find EJ fixing decorations on the Christmas tree. He tells her that by her coming back, he knows he's made her decision. He jokes about the decision already driving her to drink. Nicole is taken aback by EJ telling her to go upstairs where he has a new pretty dress waiting her for. EJ explains that there is a huge celebration with fireworks display at the pier for New Yearís and he wants to show off their engagement to all of Salem so he tells Nicole to hurry up.

Back at The Brady Pub, Melanie walks in and hugs Maggie. Melanie goes on to tell Maggie how she gave up everything for Phillip, now she's paying for it, and she never should have given up Nathan. They hear the countdown to the New Year, and both agree that they are not in the mood to celebrate so they head home.

At the pier, the New Yearís Eve celebration is full of people, balloons, champagne, and music. Sami & Rafe talk about celebrating their first New Yearís as husband & wife, however, their celebration is short-lived when EJ & Nicole arrive holding hands. EJ wishes Sami & Rafe a Happy New Year. Sami insults him then goes on to insult Nicole, calling her names. Nicole throws her champagne at Sami. EJ laughs as Nicole sweetly asks for EJ to fetch another glass of champagne. Sami tries to attack Nicole, but Rafe hold her back while EJ steps in front of Nicole to block Samiís path. Rafe is able to pull Sami away from EJ & Nicole and praises her for showing restraint and not killing Nicole. Later, the countdown to the New Year begins and at midnight, EJ kisses Nicole while Rafe kisses Sami. EJ begins to pop balloons and announces his engagement to Nicole DiMera.

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