Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/27/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/27/10--Canada; Tuesday 12/28/10--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

At Sami & Rafe’s loft, Sami is cleaning up and she notices the present for Johnny. Rafe tells her that he understands that Christmas was hard for her. She tells Rafe that she has a confession to make. Rafe guess that she went to spy on Johnny and Sydney. Sami is shocked he knows and asks if he’s mad. Rafe tells her no. She talks about not being able to talk to her kids and just seeing Nicole being with her kids. Rafe promises that they’ll get her kids back. Sami mentions that she has to take Allie to the hospital to check for Retinoblastoma. Rafe tells her to stay out of trouble. She tells him how can she get in trouble at a hospital.

At The DiMera Mansion, Nicole and Sydney are playing patty cake. EJ comes in and she asks about Johnny. He tells her that he was in pain last night and she feels bad for him. EJ thanks her for being there for Christmas and she reiterates that she’ll do anything for the kids. Then he tells her that Sydney has a doctor’s appointment with the ophthalmologist to check Sydney’s eyes for Retinoblastoma. Nicole worries but EJ tells her not to because its just to make sure she doesn’t have it. He tells her if she can take her since he and his father have business. She tells him she’ll be glad to and asks the time. She mentions that she has baby Parker’s christening today. He gets testy takes Sydney from her and tells her that he’ll get Mary to do it.

Nicole then starts to tell him that Chloe is her only friend and he says he doesn’t care and wants her to make Sydney her first priority. She reminds him about bringing him the evidence of Sami’s shooting him. He counters that it’s because of him that she gets to be with Sydney. He tells her that she’s under the “pleasures of the King.” She retorts, “your majesty,” and tells him that she’ll cancel and go to Sydney’s appointment instead.

At Daniel & Chloe’s apartment, Daniel and Chloe talk about the christening. Carly walks in and Daniel goes to change Parker. Chloe offers Carly some coffee and she asks how is she feeling. They talk about the paternity. Chloe gets a call from Nicole telling her that she can’t make it to the christening. Daniel questioned whether that’s a bad thing. Phillip arrives with Melanie and they talk about Bo and Hope. The ladies help Chloe with his christening gown. Phillip thanks Daniel about keeping the affair a secret. They come back with Parker.

At St. Luke’s, Chloe arrives and sees father Matt. He talks about Phillip being the godfather and whether she told Daniel about the affair. She tells him she hasn’t told him and whether he would not perform the ceremony. He tells her that has no bearing and that he needs to go to the hospital but he’ll be back.

At the hospital, EJ and Lexie talk about his kids. He tells her about Johnny’s pain. He says he feels bloody helpless. Lexie asks who took Sydney to her appointment and he tells her Nicole. She mocks him about her being the one who kidnapped her. He defends Nicole saying that she’s nothing but loving towards Sydney. She tells him that’s why she came to Christmas as well or is there some other reason. EJ says that Nicole paid for what she did. He tells her that Sami has nothing to do with it.

At The Pub, Caroline and Stephanie are talking about leaving Salem for Baltimore. They talk about the secret about Parker’s paternity. Caroline says she did the right thing. She talks about her mother not agreeing about her keeping the secret. Caroline says that Kayla is half way across the world. Stephanie leaves.

Kayla is at the Salem airport. She talks about Caroline being on good terms with Roman after assuming that she told him. She walks in and Caroline is shocked to see her. Kayla asks about what happened to Bo and Hope. Roman shows him the newspaper about Bo and Hope and Roman tells her that he knows nothing. Kayla says a lot has happened since she left. They talk about Johnny and Kayla mentions Caroline and Roman being on good terms. Caroline then talks about Stephanie and wants Kayla to make sure she doesn’t miss saying goodbye to her daughter. Kayla wants to talk about the test results.

Rafe, Roman and Caroline are in the Pub discussing Bo and Hope, then Sami. Caroline wants to lace EJ’s clam chowder with rat poison. Roman asks about Sami and he tells her about the appointment with Allie. Rafe tells them about Sami sneaking into the DiMera house on Christmas.

Back at the hospital, Sami arrives with Allie and sees Nicole with Sydney on her lap. Allie goes to see Sydney and tells her that she misses her. Sami comes up to Nicole and she tells her that she’s getting her eyes examined. Sami asks Nicole if she can hold Sydney. Nicole tells her she can’t and leaves. Allie asks why they can’t see Sydney and Sami tell her its complicated.

Sami and Nicole meet up again while the girls are being examined. Sami starts talking Nicole’s past and how she kidnapped her. Nicole blames Sami for putting herself in this situation by shooting the father of her kids. Sami teases her that EJ will never let her into Sydney’s life. Nicole taunts about bathing Sydney, feeding her, tucking her in at night. Sami is furious. Nicole keeps going on about Sami having everything but thanks to her, she’s in Sydney’s life. Sami tells her EJ will throw her away. She then calls her a porn star. Nicole tells her what is she going to tell her kids about shooting their father in the head. Sami punches her and Nicole gets a stuffed gingerbread man and starts fighting with her as EJ enters the waiting area.

Nathan says he’s off duty and Maxine tell him to stay in touch. Melanie comes in and she overhears talk of Baltimore. She asks Nathan about it and he tells her that he and Stephanie are moving there. He tells her about his fellowship at Johns Hopkins. They hug as Stephanie comes out of the elevator. She comes over and Melanie tells them good luck. She has to go because she’s going to her baby brother’s christening. They talk about not telling Daniel about Chloe’s affair.

At Kiriakis Mansion, Phillip walks in, and pours some coffee, and has a chat with Victor. They talk about being godfather to baby Parker. Victor tells him that there might come a time where he has to step up and be a father to Parker. He tells him that has taking the roles of godfather too seriously. He recounts of how Daniel’s parents died and he had to step up and be a father to him. Phillip tells him that Parker is a cool kid and he loves him. It would also be good practice for the time when he has kids. He tells him that he’ll try to be as good as he was to Daniel. Maggie walks in as he’s telling this to his dad and leaves.

Maggie asks about Victor’s Christmas and he says it was fine. He wanted to talk to her because he knows how hard it would be this year. She says her family was there and it was fine. Victor makes fun of the “wholesomeness” of the Hortons. Maggie tells him that Hope is a Horton and Bo helped her escape. Victor says that’s the Kiriakis in him.

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