Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/24/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/24/10--Canada; Monday 12/27/10--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

At the Horton house, Maggie looks at Alice & Mickeyís Christmas tree ornaments as Julie & Jennifer come into the room talking about the turkey followed by Doug and Ciara. Maggie asks if Ciara is excited about Santa, but Ciara stuns the Hortons by saying she no longer believes in Santa. Ciara explains that her parents are not going to be home for Christmas and if Santa did exist, then her parents would have come home for Christmas. Ciara wonders if her parents are ever coming home, but Jennifer reassures her that they will. Julie tells Ciara that they all love her so much, and Ciara replies that she loves them too. When Maggie notice her necklace, Ciara explains that it is Hope's Christmas gift to her so that way Ciara knows Hope is always thinking about her and missing her.

At Johnnyís hospital room, Rafe disguised as Santa Claus walks in and surprises Johnny with a toy he has been wishing for. Santa Rafe explains to Johnny how his mother told him about the toy and also Santa Rafe tells Johnny how his mom, brother, sister, & Rafe miss and love Johnny so much.

Santa Rafe walks out of Johnnyís room and into another Santa Claus. The Santa is revealed to be Brady who had the same idea as Rafe, but since Rafe already visited Johnny, he won't confuse the little boy. Both decide that they have to make a run for it before they are caught. On his way out, Brady spots Nicole and asks if she'd like to sit on his lap and tell him what she wants. Recoiling in her seat, Nicole proposes to shove a candy down his throat. Santa Brady knew she was on his naughty list. After he pulls down his beard and glasses, Nicole asks Brady what he's doing there. He says he wants to spread Christmas cheer starting with her, and they kiss.

At the Nurses' Station, Lexie fills EJ in how Johnny is doing so amazingly well that Johnny will be coming home for Christmas. Stephanie overhears Lexie & EJís conversation, and gets a call from Sami who is desperate for an update on Johnny. Stephanie tells Sami about EJís orders that Sami gets no updates on Johnnyís status. Sami freaks out on her cousin demanding an update, Stephanie tells Sami not to worry and lets Sami know that Johnny is doing so well that he is being released. Kate comes to the hospital to witness EJ signing Johnnyís release forms. Lexie & EJ update Kate on Johnny having cancer and his eye being removed. Kate wants to give EJ encouragement about Johnny, but EJ doesnít want to hear it and leaves to fill out the paperwork. Lexie apologizes for her brotherís behavior to Kate who admits to Lexie that she came to the hospital to give Lexie a present for Theo. Stefano comes up and Lexie leaves. Once alone, Stefano thanks Kate for Theo's Christmas presents. They talk about Johnny. Kate brings up Chad, but Stefano doesnít want to discuss his son with her. Kate leaves wishing Stefano a Merry Christmas. EJ walks up to Lexie with all the completed forms. Lexie tells EJ that she is not happy that Sami is out of the loop about Johnny's release, and tries to convince EJ that Johnny will need his mother but EJ won't listen and believes he is the only parent that Johnny needs.

At Sami & Rafeís loft, Sami updates Gabi & Will on what Stephanie told her on the phone about Johnny being released, and how she will not rest till she gets Johnny & Sydney back. Santa Rafe returns home and tells Sami all about his adventure at the hospital. Sami is delighted that Rafe would disguise himself as Santa for Johnny. Rafe explains that he told Johnny that his mother loves him more than anything in this world, and Johnny told Santa to give mom a kiss from him. Later, Rafe surprises Sami with photo ornaments made by Will, Allie, Johnny, & Sydney displayed on their tree next to their wedding chords. Will, Gabi, Sami, & Rafe sit to open presents. Gabi is touched by Willís gift since he knew how much she loved photography. Sami is also touched by her present from Will & Gabi which is a framed photo of her & Rafeís wedding with Will, Allie, Johnny, & Sydney. Sami hopes soon all four of her kids will be back together living in the loft.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian is putting gifts in the stocking while Victor is on the phone demanding that Bo be found before the state police find him or their ass is grass. Vivian comments on Victorís lack of holiday spirit and Victor shoots back about Vivian stealing Christmas. Vivian announces how Bo's disappearance is Victor's fault since he refused to help Vivian get rid of Carly while Victor blames Vivian for having a triple martini before breakfast. Victor tells Vivian that everyone would be in the Christmas spirit if Vivian just disappears. Later, Vivian comes in to announce that Christmas Eve dinner is ready, and wants to know where is everyone. Victor explains that Melanie & Phillip are celebrating Christmas with Melanie's family and Kate & Brady are out because no one wants to spend Christmas Eve with her not even him. Afterwards, Kate returns home and finds a gift in her stocking. She opens it up to find a lump of coal. Vivian comments that many people out there would perceive Kate as being naughty this year and gifting her a lump of coal including her own husband, Stefano. Kate comments how Vivian is all alone which prompts Vivian to reply that Kate is flying solo just like her.

Back at the Hortonís house, Stephanie & Nathan arrive, and Nathan tells Maggie that he is moving to Baltimore. Maggie is stunned that Nathan is leaving for Baltimore next week and will begin working at Johns Hopkins soon after. Maggie congratulates him but wants him to promise that he will be in touch as much as he possibly can. whether its call, text, twitter, Skype. Nathan promises he will. Julie and Maggie talk privately. Julie believes that with Melanie now living at the Kiriakis mansion and Nathan moving to Baltimore, Maggie needs to meet new people so she doesnít become lonely. Julie even suggests that Maggie consider dating Victor which upsets Maggie since not only does Victor drive her crazy, but she is still grieving Mickey. Julie understands but tells Maggie that Mickey wouldnít want Maggie to be alone. Lexie, Abe, & Theo also arrive and Theo & Ciara exchange presents. Lexie explains that they are expected at her fatherís house. Abe expresses his displeasure on how EJ has cut Sami & The Bradys out of Johnny's life when he needs them the most, but Lexie doesn't want to talk about it. Before they leave, Doug asks if Abe has heard anything about Bo & Hope. Abe explains to Doug that since Hopeís escape is being handled by state police, Abe is out of the loop, but if he hears anything, then he will let them know. Julie decides to call Victor. She asks him to please let them know if Victorís men find out anything about Bo & Hope. Victor agrees to keep them up to date on any findings, and asks Julie to please wish Maggie a Merry Christmas. Julie tries to get Maggie to talk to Victor on the phone but Maggie doesnít want to as she looks at a picture of her & Mickey. Later, the Horton family ornaments are hung on the tree.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano, EJ, Nicole, Johnny, & Sydney arrive home. Johnny asks about presents but EJ says that they have to wait for Theo which prompts Johnny to ask if mom is coming over. Johnny begins shouting for his mother. Stefano tries to calm Johnny down, but he wonít listen. Nicole comes up to Johnny reassuring him how much they all love him and want him to be happy. Nicole asks Johnny if he wants to know a secret which gets Johnny all excited about hearing. Nicole confesses to Johnny that sometimes when she is sad, it makes her feel really good to open a present, and asks Johnny if he would like to open a gift with Sydney. Johnny happily agrees. Later, EJ thanks Nicole, but Nicole replies that thanks are not necessary since she loves Johnny & Sydney and wants to help. Alone, Stefano calls Chad, but Chad hangs up on him. Afterwards, with Abe, Lexie, & Theo are now, Stefano announces that its time to open the presents. Nicole thinks that she should go to the guesthouse since itís a family thing, but EJ tells her that the kids want her to be there so she should stay. Later, Theo reads a A Baby Born in Bethlehem with Abeís help and everyone is impressed and cheers when Theo is finished especially Stefano who gives him a hug praising him becoming a wonderful reader and how proud Nonno is of him.

At the pier, Sami & Rafe alone decide to exchange their gifts to each other. They end up giving each other identical presents their safe house key which they both held onto. They talk about how much the safe house means to them since itís where they fell in love. Sami & Rafe declare their love for each other and wish each other a Merry Christmas.

At St. Lukeís, Will, Gabi, Allie, Sami, Rafe, Nathan, and Stephanie are at midnight mass. Sami gets up in the middle of service and later appears outside lurking in on the DiMera Christmas tearfully watching Sydney & Johnny.

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