Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/20/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/20/10--Canada; Tuesday 12/21/10--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

At the jail, Bo dressed as a prison guard surprises a battered and beaten Hope with reassurances that everything is going to be ok . Bo explains that as soon as he read her letter and saw that she misspelled Ciaraís name, he knew Hope was in trouble. Hope tries to get up, but says she canít move from all the pain. She fills Bo in all about Lee, the prison warden , how they killing prisoners, and while they are pretending that she is crazy but she isnít crazy . Bo tells her that he believes her, but he has to get Hope out of the prison, but Hope says that she is in too much pain to move. Bo encourages to find the strength to get up by thinking of Ciara. Bo helps Hope up, but Lee enters Hopeís cell. Bo pretends that he is trying to get Hope off of him, but Lee wants to know why he is serving dinner when its not dinner time. Bo comments thatís its his first day on the job which prompts Lee to reply that she heard nothing about a new guard. Lee becomes suspicious and wants to talk to the head guard but Bo stop her and Hope knocks her out with the dinner tray. Bo puts Lee on Hopeís prison clot and covers her with a blanket. With Boís help, Hope escapes.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor is on the phone wanting answers on the Swiss company thatís buying up Titan stock. Maggie comes in with stuff that Melanie and Phillip had left behind. Victor tries to flirt with Maggie with suggestions of going away together, but Maggie doesnít want to hear it, and still very upset about Victor leaving Vivian in the coffin to die. Kate overhears Maggie yelling at Victor, and comes into the living room, and in front of Maggie, Kate goes on to Victor about their upcoming getaway. Maggie immediately leaves which amuses Kate who informs Victor how she has to pretend to be a gold digger using Victor so Maggie will want to save Victor. Victor comments that Kate is a gold digger who is using him. Phillip walks in saying how he just got a text from Victor, but Victor says he didnít text to Phillip. At the same time, Kate gets a text from Victor too.

On the pier, Gus gives Vivian a brown envelope which delights her as she comments about Victor getting his. She also talks how sending all these fake text messages reminds her of her wedding day. She goes on to say she was so naÔve on her wedding day, she never thought that by Christmas, she would have to do what she is going to do.

At the DiMera Mansion, Brady & Nicole continue to make love unaware that someone outside is taking photographs of their tryst. Afterwards, Brady gets a text from Victor to come home to the Kiriakis mansion. Once alone, Nicole also gets a text from Victor for her to get the Kiriakis mansion too.

At the Kiriakis mansion, once Brady & Nicole are there with text messages from Victor, he figures out that Vivian was behind the text messages just like she was on the wedding day, but this time Vivian summoned the coffin keepers. Victor instructs them all that make a run for it. On cue, Vivian enters and tells Victor, Kate, Phillip, Brady, & Nicole how itís the end of the line for all of them. Vivian goes to say that she owns all of them because she is now owns Titan thanks to her recent stock purchases. She warns them all that if they donít follow her orders, then they will have nothing.

At Chloe & Danielís apartment, Lexie calls Daniel and fills him in Johnnyís condition. Even though he is not on call, Lexie asks him to come in to operate on Johnny. Daniel agrees and updates Chloe on the situation and why he is going into work. Later, Maggie stops by to see how everything is after Daniel & Phillip fight, Chloe tells her that all is well now and fills Maggie in on Johnnyís eye cancer.

At the hospital, Rafe is on the phone saying how Sami & EJ are in Johnnyís hospital room telling him about the surgery. Lexie informs Rafe that Daniel will be performing the surgery. Rafe just wonders how much does Sami have to take first with Grace and now with Johnny.

In his room, Johnny gets the news from Sami & EJ that he is going to lose his eye permanently. Johnny doesnít handle the news well . Sami & EJ begin fighting with each other which leads Johnny to yell at them to stop fighting. They apologize saying that they are just afraid for Johnny, and Johnny says that he is afraid too. Sami reassures Johnny that everything will be fine and how the secret to being brave is love.

Johnny is wheeled out for surgery. Rafe comforts a crying Sami who admits that she couldnít have gotten through losing Grace without Rafe. EJ says that Johnny will not die; and after this ordeal, Sami will not go anywhere near Johnny. EJ & Sami begin to fight again but Lexie breaks it up. Later Rafe talks to Will on the phone while Sami talks to Roman on the phone with an update and advises him to stay away from the hospital in fear that he and EJ will fight. Lexie suggests that EJ call their father who would understand, but EJ doubts anyone could understand. As Rafe comforts Sami, she is terrified for Johnny, and she just hopes that after the surgery, he will be ok and cancer free.

In the operating room, a patch now covers one of Johnnyís eyes as Daniel asks the specialist, Dr. Kim, if Johnnyís cancer has spread.

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