Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/17/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/17/10--Canada; Monday 12/20/10--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

Bo is talking to Carly about leaving Salem to help Hope. Carly is trying to put a brave front because she knows that Hope is in trouble and he’s the only one able to help her. Bo tells her that he’s said goodbye to Ciara and gave her a Christmas present. She will be staying with Julia Doug. Carly tells him to be careful and they kiss and hug. After he leaves his office, she breaks down crying.

In the prison, the Warden and Lee go to Hope’s cell with a box of oranges and stocking. Lee and Hope have to fill the stockings. Lee tells her that Hope should be familiar with the oranges because cops use them to beat confessions out of people. Lee says if done right, you don’t see any broken bones on the x-rays. Warden also talks to Hope about being a troublemaker in prison and threatens her life. Hope throws the oranges at Lee and she calls for the guard. The guard handcuffs Hope to her bed.

At the hospital, Sami, Rafe and EJ get the test results about Johnny, its Retinoblastoma, eye cancer. Sami and EJ want another opinion and the doctor tells him that’s their right and he’s going to teleconference another colleague because time is a factor. He tells them the sooner they operate, the better the chance the cancer hasn’t spread. EJ questions Lexie if this is true, and she says that yes, she was afraid that it would be Retinoblastoma. They are all in shock and Sami tells EJ that she will be there for her son and doesn’t care what he says. EJ is in shock and starts to argue with her but then stops and tells her this is not the time. They both say that it’s the time to call a temporary truce and be there for Johnny. Sami then tells Rafe to call Will and tells him the news. Lexie books an OR room because the other doctor agrees with the diagnosis.

They all enter Johnny’s room and prepare to tell him about his condition. All Johnny wants to do is go home- to his mom’s home.

At the Loft, Will and Gabi are talking about Johnny and the picture. They flirt and are working on their homework. Rafe calls Will. He breaks the news about Johnny and he asks him to come to the hospital because Sami and Johnny need him. Rafe asks about Allie and Will tells him that he gave her dinner and is playing in her room. He’ll call the neighbor to take care of her while Will comes to the hospital. After the phone call, Will tells Gabi and they both hug.

Nicole enters the DiMera house after taking Sydney to another outing. She looks around for Stefano and EJ but Mary tells her that Stefano is out of town and EJ is out. Nicole is shocked because EJ is usually there when he lets her take Sydney. She asks for more details and Mary tells him that he had to take Johnny to the hospital. Nicole asks if it’s serious and Mary doesn’t know but that he won’t be back soon. Nicole calls EJ to tell him about coming back with Sydney, on time. He has just gotten the news about Johnny and is in no mood to deal with Nicole. She offers to take care of Sydney while he’s in the hospital but EJ tells her that she’s had enough time with Sydney. He tells her to have Mary put her down for her nap and she can leave. Nicole tries to plead with him but he’s not hearing any of it and warns her not to use her “waterworks” on Mary because Mary knows not to follow her orders. Nicole is upset and hangs up the phone. She then calls Brady.

Brady is at the docks when his phone rings and its Nicole. Earlier, she had told him that he couldn’t see him until later, but she suddenly has the afternoon free and wants to see him in the DiMera house, now! He comes over and starts kissing him. He asks about people being there and she tells him that the only person home is Mary and she guarding Sydney to make sure Nicole doesn’t spend another minute with her, per EJ’s orders. He sits down and she starts kissing him again. Nicole suggests that they have sex here and Brady likes the idea. They start drinking and throw their glasses at the fireplace and laugh at EJ. They end up in the couch with a blanket, having just had sex in the DiMera living room. They start kissing again.

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