Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/13/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/13/10--Canada; Tuesday 12/14/10--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

Will and Gabi have brought the wedding picture of Johnny with his white pupil to Rafe. Rafe takes a magnifying glass and looks at the picture and sees the white dot too. They discuss whether it’s a technical glitch and decide to reprint the photos. They also decide not to tell Sami until its necessary. They print the pictures five times and Rafe tries to calm them down. They leave and Rafe goes to see EJ.

EJ thinks this is another plan by Rafe and Sami to try and get to see the kids. EJ tells him that Sami explained to Johnny that she’s not going to see him again and EJ will not interfere with his new job at the Salem PD. He tries to convince EJ to look at the pictures but he puts them down. Rafe keeps insisting and he closes the door in his face. Mary comes in and he asks if Johnny is up from his nap. Rafe comes back home and Lexie is knocking at the door.

Melanie is questioning why Nathan and Stephanie moved up their wedding. She’s accusing Stephanie of lying about her birth control pills and getting pregnant. Nathan can’t believe she brings it up and tells her that she’s not pregnant. Nathan is talking about saying “I love you,” when in quarantine. Melanie asks him if he regrets saying it and he says no. Then she asks why he’s marrying Stephanie if he has feelings for her? He talks about a patient that is in a long and happy marriage with a person who wasn’t their soul mate. He believes he truly can be happy with Stephanie. Melanie then starts to talk about how great her marriage to Phillip is and why should they both ruin their relationships. She tells him that she trying to get pregnant and they leave the Pub.

Stephanie is with Caroline. They are talking about her wedding and how her parents are not going to be in town. Stephanie says it’s a sign that she isn’t supposed to tell about Phillip cheating on Melanie. Oops, Daniel overhears this and isn’t happy and says he’s going to kill him. Stephanie and Caroline see him and talk about her upcoming wedding. He congratulates her and leaves.

Nathan joins Stephanie, Caroline and Dr. Walters. He tells Dr. Walters that they moved up the wedding and he protests. He tells Nathan that he should be cautious because of the viral medication. It’s new and untested. Nathan gets upset and tells him that he’s fine. Dr. Walters tells Nathan that Stephanie’s a great woman and that he’s happy for them.

Phillip stops by Chloe’s with some takeout. He mocks her cooking skills and Brady comes in to see Parker. Chloe asks about Nicole and Brady tells her that they broke up. Chloe asks why and Brady says they had a fight and doesn’t want to talk about it. Chloe goes to change Parker’s diaper and Phillip questions Nicole’s loyalty when it comes to Vivian. Brady tells him that they’ll talk about Nicole later on and Phillip leaves. Chloe comes back and asks if everything’s ok. He deflects and wants to hold the baby.

Daniel walks along the pier talking to him about what he heard. He gets a call from Chloe and she tells him that Maggie will be late for babysitting. In walks Phillip. Phillip asks if he’s finding and he asks him if he cheated on his daughter. Phillip asks why is he accusing him of such things. Daniel said that he saw him with that secretary. He doesn’t believe him and starts pushing him.

EJ opens the door to see Nicole and she proceeds to call him a “bastard,” and slaps him. Nicole tells him that she hates and he counters with mocking her about Brady. She insists on seeing Sydney now that he made her break up with Brady. EJ stops her. He tells her he can see her when she moves out of the Kiriakis mansion, she says as soon as she finds a place. He protests about how long it would take and she mocks him with wanting to see her as a bag lady on the streets. He tells her to move in with him and she’s shocked. Then he elaborates that she can stay in the guest cottage. She tells her that he wants her around to keep an eye on her. He doesn’t protest and answers that its free room and board and it’ll anger Sami.

Nicole comes back to see Brady and as Brady is asking about their plan, Henderson walks in and Nicole pretends to start a fight with Brady by throwing a glass. Brady tells Nicole to choose between him and Sydney. Henderson leaves. They kiss and start making out and go upstairs to have sex, all the while they’re making fun of “breaking up.” She tells him about moving into the guest cottage and he understands that it’s about Sydney. She tells him that she can’t give her up. She can’t give him up either. Brady then tells her that he’s worried that EJ will watch her like a “hawk,” and Nicole says it’ll be fun to sneak around.

Dr. Walters is consoling Lexie when Abe steps in. Lexie is surprised that he’s there. Lexie asks Abe what’s wrong and he wants to know what was going on with Dr. Walters. She explains about being sad for Theo. She asks him what he’s accusing her of. Abe is upset because another man has his hands on his wife. Lexie tells him that she’s worried about Theo’s reading and she can’t will herself not to worry. Abe counters that she runs straight to the arms of another man. He doesn’t see it that way. She asks if something’s wrong. He says that Sami reminded him of the rocky past they have and he apologizes. He blames himself for his attitude towards Theo and their marriage and she stops him and tells him she loves him. They kiss and he leaves.

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