Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/10/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/10/10--Canada; Monday 12/13/10--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

At Maggie’s, Phillip explains to Chloe how seeing how happy Parker makes her & Daniel got to him & Melanie. Chloe is happy how everything worked out. Phillip explains how he was going through his high school boxes and found the song they wrote to Joy. Chloe can’t believe Phillip still had it. They talk about when Chloe was so sick waiting for her bone morrow donor and not knowing if she would make it or not. Once Phillip found it, he thought she would like to sing it to Parker. Chloe thanked him for bringing it to her and for being the first boy to look at her twice. Proceed to high school flashback of Phillip asking Chloe to take off her glasses and once off, Phillip expresses his disbelief over why Chloe would want to hide those eyes. End of flashback. Chloe confesses that Phillip was the first person she ever really loved. They joke how they both ruined that, but they are happy that they are still friends and are still apart of each other’s lives. They hug.

Over at Chloe & Daniel’s, Daniel, who is taking care of Parker while Chloe is out, gets a visit for Melanie who reveals her and Phillip’s plans to make a family. Daniel is not happy with the idea since she hasn’t been married long to Phillip, but Melanie comments they have been married longer than Chloe & him. Daniel just thinks having a baby is a lot of work and just not sure if Phillip & Melanie are ready for that kind of work. Melanie assures him that she is, but Daniel wants to know why suddenly Melanie is in a rush to have a baby. Melanie explains it was almost dying, but Daniel reminds her that when she was sick, she said she couldn’t live without Nathan. Melanie says that she was sick and didn’t know what she was saying. She goes on to say that she is married to Phillip, but Daniel thinks that if she is attracted to Nathan, then maybe she shouldn’t be having a baby with Phillip. Chloe walks in followed by Phillip who says hello to baby Parker. As Parker smiles at a smiling Phillip, Daniel says he wonders where Parker got his dimples from.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie tells Grandma Caroline of her decision not to tell Nathan that Phillip is Parker’s father, and Grandma is pleased. Stephanie explains that she wants to protect Caroline and also she doesn’t want to make any waves in her relationship with Nathan. Caroline mentions how Stephanie told Nathan that she had something important to him so what did she tell him if it wasn‘t about Phillip and Parker, then what did she tells him. Stephanie replies that she told Nathan that she wants to marry him as soon as possible. Caroline asks if he bought it, and Stephanie assures her that he did. Stephanie wonders why Caroline is not happy, but Caroline wonders about the wedding bringing Kayla back to town. As they discuss Kayla’s return as a potential problem, Nathan walks up and asks what problem. Stephanie explains that her parents can’t be there for the wedding. Nathan suggests that they postpone their nuptials, but Stephanie doesn’t want to wait. Nathan can’t believe that Steph would want to get married without her parents and asks why can’t she wait. Steph explains that she is not rushing, and wants to marry the man she loves. Her family just needs a happy event right now and her parents made a choice for them and she wants to make a choice for her & Nathan.

Will walks into the Brady Pub wanting to talk to Gabi who is working about their kiss from the previous night. Gabi apologizes , but Will is not sorry at all. Later, they look through Sami & Rafe’s wedding pictures and find something in the pictures. Both of them decide to take what they found to Rafe instead of Sami since she is already freaked out.

At Sami & Rafe’s loft, Sami wraps Christmas presents, but once she gets to Syd’s toddler sweater, she becomes upset and throws an ornament at the wall. Rafe enters to see the ornament hit the wall, and asks what is going on. Sami explains that she was wrapping presents and got upset while wrapping Sydney’s. She keeps worrying that if this Christmas is hard for her, then what about Johnny. Sami begins kissing Rafe and tries to take off his jacket, but Rafe tells her that he can’t play, he has to go to work. He explains that now he has to work a lot as a detective, but they will have a good Christmas. Rafe leaves.

In the DiMera den, EJ explains to Johnny who has his back turned against him how when he was a little boy, he got his presents on boxing day but how he loves Johnny so Johnny will open his gifts on Christmas. Johnny becomes angry and accuses EJ of hating him by keeping him away from his mother. Johnny goes on to yell at EJ not to touch him. EJ admits that he knows Johnny is not happy but Lexie & Theo will be taking him to see Father Christmas later, Johnny snaps “It’s Santa, stupid!” EJ warns Johnny not to use that word with him. EJ shows Johnny his pretty Santa wish list which includes Johnny’s drawing of Will, Sydney, Allie…Johnny exclaims, “and mommy and Rafe.” EJ says he would like to be in the drawing too but Johnny replies no that EJ can’t be and proceeds to tear the wish list in half.

EJ calls Sami and tells her that he needs to see her right away. Later, Sami walks into the DiMera den and EJ explains how Johnny is throwing tantrums begging to see her. Sami assumes she is going to see Johnny, and EJ says maybe once they get a few things straight. EJ tells Sami that Johnny needs closure from Sami, and orders Sami to tell Johnny that she doesn’t love him anymore. Sami is in disbelief that EJ would want her to tell that to Johnny, but EJ clarifies that he doesn’t want her to only tell him, he wants Sami to make Johnny believe it. Sami thinks her words will destroy Johnny, but EJ disagrees and thinks the closure will make Johnny move on. Sami tells him to go to hell and leaves.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Rafe walks in to find Victor who asks if he came to kick Nicole around so more because he likes when he and Rafe team up to kick Nicole around together. Rafe says no, and that he is now a detective for The Salem Police Department, but he wants to make a deal with Victor before signing onto the SPD. He goes on to say how he and Victor both share a common enemy, EJ DiMera, and he wants EJ out of his wife’s life permanently. They make a deal that whenever Victor gets info on EJ he will give it to Rafe and once Rafe throws the book at EJ, then Victor can deliver the news to Stefano.

In a hospital room, Abe walks in on Lexie & Theo. Abe asks why Theo is at the hospital and Lexie explains how Theo needed his shots but the pediatrician’s office only stocked the combination shot so Lexie brought Theo to the hospital to administer the shot. Theo surprises Abe as Theo reads a book to him. After reading the book, Abe comments on what Theo just read, but Theo doesn’t remember any of it. Lexie tells Theo that they have to go back to school. Abe & Theo hug goodbye. Lexie asks Abe to wait for her to come back. Once Theo gets on the bus, Lexie walks back into the hospital room and wants to talk about Theo reading sentences but not understanding what he is reading. Abe thinks regardless its progress. Lexie agrees but goes on to talk about Theo’s friend Charlie who is already on Chapter books. Abe tries to explain that each child works at their own pace. Lexie angrily exclaims she knows, but soon apologizes. Abe asks about Sami since Lexie mentioned seeing Johnny. Lexie fills Abe in on Johnny & Sydney’s new living arrangement. Abe can’t imagine Sami giving EJ custody unless as Lexie points out EJ has something over her.

In Bo‘s office, Abe wants to know why EJ’s attempted murderer is still walking around Salem. He goes on to say its Bo’s professional and moral duty to find out what happened and if Sami is the shooter, then Bo must bring her in. Abe asks Bo if he wants to keep his job or not. Also, Abe is not happy that Rafe who is Sami’s husband is now on the force as a detective. Bo questions if Abe’s real concern is re-election, but Abe says he wants to protect the department so Bo and Roman must do the right thing or get fired. Sami overhears this who blasts Abe while assuring Bo that no one will come forward accusing Rafe as being an accessory to attempted murder. Bo believes that should settle things for now. As Bo walks Abe out, he tells Sami not to move. Once Abe & Bo leave, Sami immediately calls EJ agreeing to tell Johnny what EJ wants her to say on the condition that EJ does something for her. Bo walks back into his office to find Rafe but no Sami, and is worried about what Sami is up to. Later, once alone Rafe gets a visit from Will & Gabi who ask if he sees what they see in the wedding photos.

Sami returns to the DiMera mansion and makes a deal with EJ. She will tell Johnny whatever EJ wants in exchange for EJ not to do anything to stop Rafe from getting a job with SPD. Sami proceeds to tell Johnny that she doesn’t love him anymore while using the secret code hand signal which makes Johnny reply that he doesn‘t need her using the secret code hand signal while EJ‘s back is turned. Sami & Johnny say their goodbyes using their hand signals.

Back at the hospital Dr. Walters finds Lexie crying as she holds Theo’s book and she explains to him everything that happened earlier with Theo along with all her false hopes crashing down on her. Dr. Walters comforts her saying that she can always unload on him and they hug. Abe witnesses the hug.

In the hospital waiting area, Stephanie leaves a message for her aunt to call her. Caroline walks up to Stephanie who is still upset that Stephanie’s parents are not coming for the wedding, but Stephanie believes her parents not being able to come is a sign that she is doing the right thing. Stephanie concludes to Caroline that no one has to find out that Phillip cheated on Melanie which is overheard by Daniel.

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