Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/6/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/6/10--Canada; Tuesday 12/7/10--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

Sami dreams that she’s trying to get help as someone has kidnapped her kids. She sees a cop but he turns out to be EJ and starts laughing at her. She wakes and tells Rafe about the nightmare. Rafe tells her to get dressed and come to the living room where he surprises her with a Christmas tree. Rafe tells her that they will get the kids back. She’s tells him that she needs to get in the Christmas sprit and celebrate with Will and Allie.

Nicole flashes back to EJ telling her that she has to choose- Brady or Sydney. She hugs Brady and tells him she has everything but it will all go away. Brady thinks she’s worried about Vivian and reassures her that he’ll protect her.

As EJ and his kids are getting ready for Christmas shopping, Johnny asks for his Mommy. EJ tells them she can’t come and they leave. They run into Caroline, who is excited to see them but EJ tells her that they won’t be coming around the Pub anymore. Caroline tries to change his mind, but he leaves and heads to the pier where he runs into Nicole. They talk about shopping for Christmas gifts and he invites her to join them. She declines but Sydney mumbles, “Please,” and she relents. After shopping, they talk about Christmas and EJ invites her to the DiMera celebration as long as she breaks up with Brady- ZERO contact. Rafe, Sami and Allie run into them at the pier. Johnny sees his Mommy and screams for her. EJ picks him up and says “no” as Sami stares and cries.

Melanie and Phillip come into the kitchen and he tells her that he wants kids now. She’s shocked but she agrees. Brady comes in and wants to talk to Phillip but Melanie tells him she knows about Vivian. She thinks was he did is ok because Nicole blackmailed him. Brady is angry with her and tells her she’s wrong and doesn’t like her tone.

At the Pub, Stephanie confronts Caroline and she dismisses her and is angry because she wants the truth to come out. Stephanie thinks that her son Roman and Bo will protect her. Stephanie says she promised her mom to do the right thing. Caroline now tries to convince her that Sami needs her because she lost the kids to EJ. She begs her as Nathan arrives. Stephanie tells her she understands and will protect her and the family. She goes to sit where she tells Nathan that Sami has lost custody. He tells her that she has to hold her family together.

Stefano and Kate are talking about the lies that Kate told him. She apologizes and wants them to be together. Stefano wants to get past it, but he puts a condition for his forgiveness. He asks her to be his proxy and gives her a paper then calls Daniel congratulating and giving him a gift for his baby. He gives her a box and tells her to do what’s on the paper. Kate is upset because he wants her humiliated and Stefano recounts her poisoning Chloe. He tells her that he was willing to kill Daniel for her, but he ended up saving his son’s life, while her actions caused could have caused his death. She comes back after doing the errand and Stefano wants her now to deliver a dinner invitation to Vivian. She talks about being about revenge and he talks loyalty and respect.

Kate goes to Daniel and Chloe’s apartment with the gift that Stefano asks her to deliver. She then apologizes about poisoning Chloe and describes herself as pathological liar and compliments Chloe on being beautiful and young. She leaves and they think her whole speech was so strange. They decided not to open the present and start talking about the Christening.

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