Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/3/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/3/10--Canada; Monday 12/6/10--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

Bo visits Carly in the hospital. They are talking about Hope and Boís worried that something has happened to her since they donít have contact. Jennifer also visits her and apologizes for her initial treatment of her with Bo. Bo comes back and they all talk about Hope and worry about her being in danger. Jennifer also talks to Dr. Ben about his patient who needs a heart transplant but no match is available. She wishes the doctor good luck in finding a donor.

Hope is in her cell as an inmate brings her food and tells her about Pam dying. Hope suspects that Lee is to blame and the inmate tells her that Lee and the Warden are very close. Hope figures out that both of them are doing something to the inmates when they go to the infirmary. As the inmate is distracted, she knocks her out and escapes her cell.

In the Wardenís office, Lee and the Warden talk about Hope suspicions and believe that they need to get Hope out of the way. The Warden then calls up another inmate who was busted by Hope when she was a cop. This inmate is very angry and as Hope is caught and bought to the Wardenís office, Charlene (the angry inmate) sees Hope and attacks her. A guard takes her out of the office and the Warden tells Hope that sheís become a nuisance and will transfer her to a jail 5 hours away. What Hope doesnít know is that Charlene will be transferred in the same van. She will be handcuffed, Charlene wonít.

A call comes into the Wardenís office, its Dr. Walters requesting another organ donor. The Warden says that sheíll the heart shipped tomorrow.

Jennifer brings Maggie home from the hospital and leaves. Maggie is glad to be home as Brady comes to see her. They are both concerned about each other. Maggie canít believe what Brady did to Vivian and Brady doesnít apologize for his role in Vivianís entrapment. He tells her he would do it again. She tells him that he sounds like his Grandpa Victor. Maggie talks about how disappointed his mother Isabella would be in him. Brady is upset and leaves to drink on the pier, where Vivian runs into him and tells him that he will pay. Victor visits her and proclaims his love again to her, but she closes the door on him.

Victor, Kate and Stefano meet up at the docks. As they are talking, Vivian is spying from the side of the pier. Stefano questions the secrecy between Victor and Kate. She lies and says that they are talking about Phillip. Stefano doesnít believe it and keeps trying to get the truth out of Kate, but she keeps to the story that they are talking about Phillip. He leaves, disgusted that sheís keeping another secret again, especially with his enemy, Victor.

Vivian comes to the DiMera mansion to tell him about what happened to her in the sarcophagus and that his wife Kate was partly responsible. He doesnít care about Vivianís ordeal, but he does care that Kate chose the Kiriakis clan over his. Kate comes back as Vivian leaves. She confesses about her role in Vivianís entombment and hopes that Stefano forgives her. He tells her that itíll be a long time to wait for forgiveness and still wants her out of the mansion as soon as possible.

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