Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/29/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/29/10--Canada; Tuesday 11/30/10--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

Carly has just injected herself with the virus as Daniel knocks out a security guard. Dan takes the keys and opens the isolation room as Melanie wakes up and asks what they are doing there. Daniel is helping Nathan as he struggles with the effects of the virus. Melanie and Carly bond as they both now are feeling the effects of the virus. Nathan confesses to Daniel about loving Melanie. Melanie confesses to Carly that she loves her as she passes out. Daniel doesn't understand what Nathan means when he apologizes for not telling him the truth.

In another part of the hospital, Stephanie and Phillip are discussing Parker, and she tells him that heís Parkerís dad. He protests that thereís no way heís the father. Chloe is with Adrienne, Justin, Phillip and Stephanie; all are worrying about the people in the isolation room. Stephanie and Adrienne start talking and she tells Adrienne that Phillip is Parkerís son. Adrienne is shocked and wants to know how this is possible and she explains. Adrienne tries to reassure her that Nathan will be fine and pull through.

Little Parker comes back to Chloe as Phillip is there. Justin tells Phillip that whatever he needs, just ask. Phillip calls the nurses' station by the isolation room and tells Chloe that thereís no news. Phillip says that heíll look after both her and Parker if Daniel gets sick.

At the DiMera mansion, Rafe is trying to plead with EJ that all the kids need each other. EJ wants to be clear that his kids are not ever going to have a relationship with Sami. He tells Rafe that if Sami has any contact with his kids, she goes to prison. Rafeís trying to convince him to have Will and Allie keep the bond with the kids, but EJ counters that Sami is just going to use them because she uses everyone.

Nicole is playing in the DiMera garden as Sami walks up. Nicole stops her before she can get Sydney and warns her about being there and EJ getting upset. She protests and keeps trying to get to Sydney. Sami tells Nicole that all she wants to do is hold her and almost convinces Nicole, but she starts yelling for EJ. He comes and sees Sami there. Rafe follows.

EJ asks Nicole to bring Sydney inside as he starts on accusing Sami and Rafe of distracting him as Sami goes to see the kids. EJ makes is clear that if they pull a stunt like that again, heíll send her to prison and play the taped confession to their kids on their birthdays. She leaves very upset and Rafe stays to call EJ a ďheartless bastard,Ē and EJ thanks him.

EJ comes back inside to see Nicole and Sydney hugging on the couch. Nicole apologizes and says she didnít know Sami would be there. EJ accepts. He doesnít blame her for Sami being there. Nicole states that she would do anything for Sydney and asks if she proved herself. He reluctantly says today she did. He tells her that Sydney needs her nap and Nicole asks if she can take her up to her room and tuck her in. He agrees, stays on the couch and looks tired.

Sami and Rafe are now at the pier talking about going to the DiMera mansion. Sami knows it was a bad idea. Rafe explains that he was there to see if the kids could see each other during the holidays. Sami thinks she ruined his plan, but he explains that he didnít get through to EJ. Rafe tells her that she canít go running around, trying to get the kids like that. She says that it's an unbearable situation for her, and she canít live without her children.

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