Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/26/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/26/10--Canada; Monday 11/29/10--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital lab, Daniel tells Carly that he has identified the deadly virus strain, and has the viral antibody. The only downside is that there is no time to test the drug and what is the correct dosage to give the patient. However, they need a guinea pig who is healthy, contracts the virus, and the antiviral is administer immediately. Daniel offers to test it on himself. Carly protests that he just had a son, but Daniel refuses to sit by as his daughter gets weaker and weaker. They agree to do what is best. Daniel thanks Carly for always having his back. Later by herself, after she writes letters to Daniel, Melanie, and Bo, Carly takes the antibody, and goes unprotected into Melanie & Nathanís room. Melanie freaks out over seeing an unprotected Carly telling her that she is not supposed to be there. Nathan notes that Carly is not wearing a hazmat suit.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole and Brady talk about Vivian being free while Maggie is in the hospital. Also, Brady tells Nicole that he has to go see Melanie who is critical. Before Brady goes off to see Melanie, Nicole fills him in on EJ having custody of Johnny & Sydney. Nicole admits that she found Samiís confession of shooting EJ in Ariannaís belongings and gave it to EJ which he used against Sami to get the children. Brady figures out that Nicole did this to be with Sydney, but warns her that if Nicole expects EJ to do the right thing, then she is a fool.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Kate all about having proof that Sami shot him and how Sami admitted to him that she shot him as a result of Kateís phone call to her revealing all about his plan to kidnap Sydney & Johnny. At first Kate denies it, but later admits that she did call Sami to tell her about EJís plan, and she has no regrets because EJ is a monster and he better not threaten her since Kate doesnít handle threats well. Nicole stops by wanting to know if EJ is going to let her see Sydney. EJ says after the holidays, but he gets distracted by Johnny so Nicole decides to walks past into the DiMera living room to play with Sydney. Afterwards, in the living room, EJ tells Nicole that he knows how much she loves Sydney & how she always will so he is allowing her to take Sydney out into the DiMera garden for an hour.

At Sami & Rafeís loft, Allie and Will ask Sami & Rafe if and when Johnny & Sydney will ever return. Rafe gets Allie ready for school as Sami fills Will in on Nicole giving EJ her video confession and how she had no choice but to turn Johnny & Sydney over to EJ. Once alone, Sami calls EJ asking for Will & Allie to see Johnny & Sydney especially during the holidays, but EJ denies her request, and hangs up on her. Later, Kate stops by telling Rafe & Sami that she has a plan that can help them all. Kate explains that she canít stand the thought of Johnny & Sydney being taken from Sami so with Stefano being in the dark and out of town, Kate wants to get her hands on some documents that could be a ďreal game changerĒ but Kate gets a phone call by Brady and has to leave. She promises Sami & Rafe that she will be in touch and how her plan may be the only way to get Johnny & Sydney back. However, Sami warns Rafe that Kateís plans tend to always blow up in Kateís face much like hers. Sami tells Rafe that she is going to lay down for a little bit.

Rafe goes to the DiMera mansion and asks EJ if they can come together to work on some holiday visitation for Will, Allie, Johnny, & Sydney, but EJ says never. As Nicole & Sydney continue to play in the DiMera garden, Sami quietly walks up and Nicole sees her.

In Chloeís hospital room, Stephanie, Chloe, and Phillip talk about Maggie doing a lot better. Daniel walks in and updates them. He is hopeful about Melanie & Nathan but asks to be alone with Chloe and Parker. Chloe freaks out over Danielís plan to expose himself to the virus and the risks he is taking, but he convinces her that as Melanieís father, he has to do this.

At the nurses' station, Phillip and Stephanie explain to Brady the whole quarantine procedure and how Brady can only communicate with her via speaker. Daniel comes out of Chloeís room to get questions by Brady, Phillip, & Stephanie about Melanie & Nathan, but Daniel only tells them to talk to Chloe who will explain everything, and asks to speak with Phillip alone. Later, Daniel goes back to the lab looking for Carly only to find her letters, and rushes out of the lab. Daniel goes to Melanie & Nathanís room pounding on the door for Carly to explain the letter, but instead Carly injects herself with the viral antibody as Daniel screams and Melanie & Nathan look on.

Back at the nurses' station, Brady fills Stephanie & Phillip in on Danielís plan to test the antibody on himself. Kate comes up to Brady, Phillip, and Stephanie, and gets updated on the latest with Melanie & Nathan along with DanielĎs plan. Kate asks to speak with Brady alone. Once alone Kate wants to know if what Brady said on the phone is true. Brady claims that itís a very long story, but yes, Vivian is now free. Kate is worried about Vivianís revenge, but Brady believes he is number #1 on Vivianís hit list. Meanwhile, Phillip tells Stephanie that if the drugs works, then everyone is going to be happy, but Stephanie disagrees saying that no one is going to be happy and that Phillip should know the truth about him and Parker.

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