Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/25/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/25/10--Canada; Friday 11/26/10--USA


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Sami is very upset, crying in Rafe's arms in the park, after E.J. and Nicole took Johnny and Sydney. Rafe kisses her and tries to calm her down with a pep talk. He urges her to be strong so that they can fight E.J. He assures her that it's not over.

Victor walks in just as Brady is telling Det. Hanson at the Salem PD that he can't sign his statement against Vivian. He wonders why and then asks Hanson if he can speak to Vivian and Brady alone. Hanson wants him to wait outside, but Victor tells him who he is, that he's Bo's father, and asks him again. Hanson agrees to go get some coffee. Brady and Vivian tell Victor why Brady can't sign the statement-because she will rat them all out. Victor points out that no one will believe her, but she reminds him that Maggie will. He calls her a witch, so she knows that he just came from Maggie, who is not pleased. They discuss it for a while. Brady tells Victor that he doesn't think he has much of a choice. He blames himself for getting Victor into things. Victor tells him that he didn't get him into anything, and he only cares about protecting Maggie. Vivian scoffs that she is no longer interested in Maggie. Vivian tells them how horrible it was to be in the coffin. Hanson returns, and he tells Victor with a huff that Bo is on his way. Brady gives Hanson the revised copy of his statement. Victor asks him to get rid of the first one, and he offers Hanson him a handful of cash to do it. He also offers him the use of his yacht. Hanson takes the cash and thanks him. Vivian praises Victor for being so smooth.

Sami's other kids are at the Brady Pub, helping set up to celebrate Rafe and Sami's wedding. Roman walks in and wonders what's going on, since Caroline phoned him. Roman is glad to hear that she didn't marry E.J. He very put out that Sami didn't let him know ahead of time. Caroline assures him that there was a reason they rushed into it.

Rafe and Sami walk slowly to the pub. She is reluctant to go in and face her family. Rafe understands but says they have to tell them what's going on and face it together. She regrets that the happiness was so short-lived. He kisses her and promises that they will be happy again. Sami goes in, crying, and everyone wonders why. She tells them in a husky voice that E.J. has them. They all look shocked. They all sit down. Sami lies that they thought it would be good for Johnny and Sydney to spend time with their dad. Will takes Ally into the other room. Gabi goes with him. Roman questions Sami about what's really going on. Sami just asks him to trust her and then gets up quickly, saying she has to go clean up. Rafe comforts her again before she leaves.

Gabi asks Will if he knows what's going on. He replies that he might, but he hopes he's wrong. Rafe goes back to sit down with Roman and Caroline. Roman still wants to know why Sami would let E.J. take the kids. Rafe just assures him that they are doing what they think is best for the kids. Roman figures out that Sami shot E.j. and that he has proof. Sami comes back as Roman is saying this. She sits down and repeats that they are doing what's best for her kids. Caroline agrees that some things are left unspoken. Roman agrees with that idea. He lightens their moods with a joke, and they all chuckle. Roman tells Sami that she's on her side, forever, no matter what. He takes Sami's hands, and she sobs more. Will and Gabi bring over drinks so they can celebrate their wedding. Roman toasts Rafe and Sami. Sami and Rafe kiss, with Ally in her arms.

Later, Rafe and Sami are at home. Sami thinks that Ally is having trouble sleeping because she misses her brother and sister. Rafe thinks that she is just excited about the wedding and decorating the tree. He thinks she will be fine. He asks Sami how she's doing, so she tells him that she was just thinking about how many times her dad has had to clean up her messes. Rafe assures her that Roman knows what happened and why. He knows E.J. Sami reminds him that Roman is a cop. She keeps blaming herself for what she has done.

Bo greets Carly at the hospital with a hug. He asks how Melanie and Nathan are doing. Carly, upset, tells him that they are getting worse. The hospital won't even let Daniel see Melanie. She says they need an anti-viral, but they don't have one. He asks if the CDC is involved. She tells him that they are, but there are outbreaks of the Loma virus all over the country. She worries about the spread of the virus, too. Bo brings her food, since he knows that she would forget to eat. Carly is upset and wishes that it were her instead of Melanie. Bo consoles her, saying that she will get better.

Melanie complains about how much her head hurts. She is on a small bed, lying near Nathan's bed. She tells him that he fell asleep and asks him not to do that again because it freaked her out. He assures her that she's not alone. Melanie turns towards him and tells him that she's sorry that he's sick, but she's glad that she's not alone. She adds, "Even if you are a jerk". He tells her that he feels exactly the same way. He doesn't want her to be mad at him any more, but she still feels betrayed that he didn't tell her about Chloe's cheating. He didn't feel that it was his business and points out that their situation is dire so they should work it out. Melanie asks him to put himself in her shoes. He doesn't disagree that she should be angry. He doesn't know how to talk to her about anything anymore, he says with desperation. It breaks his heart. He swears that he would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. She sniffles, knowing that's true.

Later, Nathan wakes up from a dream, disoriented. He thinks someone was there, for a minute, but she chuckles at him that no one was there. He laments that it shouldn't have been like this for them. They rehash their romantic troubles. He worries that this could be the end for them. Melanie tells him that she heard him talking in her sleep, saying, "I love you, Melanie". He asserts that he does, and she tells him that she does, too. They are both tearful. Melanie tries to take back what she said because she is with Phillip. She doesn't want to be like Chloe. He knows that she doesn't want to hurt everyone. She says sadly that they made their choices. Nathan asks her if they are friends, so she agrees that they are. He tells her that they need each other. She says that he her head feels like it's going to explode. He tells her that it will get better. Suddenly he gets up and tells her to move over. He lies next to her and holds her. They "spoon".

Also at the hospital, Nurse Maxine asks Daniel how it's going. He is at a computer, working on the virus. He informs her that he worked on infectious diseases before he decided to become a surgeon. He thinks he has an idea how to go after this virus. He goes over to Bo and Carly, telling her with a smile that they have work to do. He tells Carly his idea for curing the virus. She is worried about how long it will take but thanks him for his efforts. Later, Maxine tells Carly how Melanie and Nathan are doing. Carly decides to go in to see them, even though Maxine calls after her that she shouldn't.

Carly press the intercom button in the quarantine room, so Nathan goes over to answer it. Melanie is asleep. Carly asks how they're doing. He tells her that he is still the same, but Melanie is worse off. Melanie wakes up and manages a smile and a wave.

E.J. and Sydney arrive back at the DiMera mansion. The maid, Mary, tells E.J. that she has rooms prepared for the kids. E.J. tells her that Nicole is allowed to be there, with the kids, for now. Mary offers to take Sydney upstairs, but Nicole is not ready to give her up yet. E.J. looks at her in shock. She begs him to let her get Sydney ready for bed, so he agrees, since he is in such a good mood. Nicole smiles and thanks him, very happy. E.J. tells Mary to get Johnny in his pajamas, and he'll be up soon to tuck them both in. Mary goes upstairs. E.J. notes to Nicole that it seems just like old times, but he warns her not to get any ideas. She follows Mary upstairs. E.J. fixes a drink and toasts Sami and a wedding she'll never forget.

Later, Nicole fixes herself a drink and asks E.J. to think about what could have happened today. E.J. notes that he didn't invite her to stay, but she ignores him. She points out that Sami could have made a big public fuss. He replies that Sami would have gone to prison. She reminds him that Johnny and Sydney might have been traumatized by it. E.J. steals her drink, pouring it into his, and warns her not to push her luck. She tells him that he wants his children to be happy, not just back under his roof. She credits herself for giving him the kids back and asserts that he will change the way that he treats her, for their sake. They smile at each other, but not in a friendly way. E.J. plays cat and mouse with Nicole and even gives her another drink. He thanks her for her help. She tells him that she can make sure that E.J. keeps what he got. She suddenly stops after her drink, saying that he should head upstairs to read Johnny his bedtime story. He is surprised that she is so restrained. She gets up to go and tells him to enjoy the kids, and Sami's misery. She asks him before she goes when she can see Sydney again, so he tells her that she can come by tomorrow. She leaves, happy.

Bo arrives and wonders what rock Vivian crawled out from under. She tells him to ask his father. Bo doesn't buy Brady's statement, but they stick to it. He asks Vivian why she's there, so she lies that she's just a witness. Bo intends to talk to Maggie about it. Victor and Brady make a hasty exit. Bo asks Vivian why she came back to town. She says in her sweet voice that Salem is her home and that she has so many plans for the future. Before she leaves, he warns her that he'll be watching. He questions Hanson about Brady's statement; he figures there was an original statement. Hanson tells him that Victor told him that Brady was upset when he wrote the first one, so it wasn't accurate. Bo wants to read it, but Hanson informs him that it no longer exists. Bo figures out that Victor paid him off, so he fires him angrily. Hanson leaves without a fight. Bo throws the statement down, cursing Victor.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor offers Brady a drink, but he refuses. Victor is surprised. Brady tells him again that he couldn't make them all pay for what he did, and he hopes things work out for him and Maggie. Victor hopes, so, too.

Will closes up the Pub. Gabi asks if he knows why Sami gave up the kids. Will replies that his family is very good about not talking about things. She figures out that E.J. was blackmailing Sami, and that Arianna had the proof of whatever it was. Will, upset, tells her that is one of the things that they don't talk about. Gabi lets him know that she is there, whenever he wants to talk. She holds his hand.

Rafe holds Sami on the couch, saying that he is glad they are married. They talk about it for a moment, and then she worries again. Allie calls out that she can't sleep, so Sami tells her that she'll be right there. Later, Rafe finds them both asleep on the couch, so he picks up Allie and puts her in bed. He does the same with Sami, and he kisses her on the forehead. Then he gets in bed with her. She wakes up, and they hold each other.

Vivian vows revenge on the phone to Gus.

Daniel talks to himself as he is on the computer, saying that he's on the right track.

Carly tells Melanie and Nathan that they'll find a cure. She tells them that Daniel is working on a treatment. She assures them that she'll be back. Melanie blows her a kiss and then cries as she walks away. Nathan holds on to her as she cries.

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