Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/23/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/23/10--Canada; Wednesday 11/24/10--USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

We see a repeat of the end of yesterday's scene in the sarcophagus where Maggie falls unconscious in Victor's arms as Vivian weeps uncontrollably (because he told Maggie that he loved her), and Brady holds on to Vivian to restrain her. Victor listens to Maggie's heart and finds out that she's still breathing. Brady gets out his phone to call 911. Victor glares at Vivian and tells Brady to tell them to make sure to send a squad car. The EMT's put Maggie on a stretcher. Detective Hansen arrests Vivian. He is very grateful when she says that she won't talk without her lawyer. Victor goes with Maggie in the ambulance. Vivian says spitefully that she doesn't think Maggie will make it. Brady grabs her face and warns her that she'd better be wrong because otherwise, she will be facing murder charges.

At the prison, Lee brings a patient, Pam, into the infirmary. Hope asks her what happened. Pam tells her that she got cut in a fight in the kitchen. Hope asks the woman if she has an emergency contact, but Pam informs her that she has no family on the outside. Hope tells the woman quietly not to sign the consent form to have her surgery there -insist that she have it done at the hospital. The woman wonders why, so Hope tells her that she could be risking her life. The woman asks loudly what she means, so Lee turns and looks at them. Hope just tells her that the machines they use in the prison are ancient. Pam worries about losing her hand. Hope tells her that she won't, as long as she listens to what she said. She asks the woman not to tell anyone that she heard it from her. Pam thanks her and then goes over to Lee. She tells her that she wants a real surgeon, at University Hospital. Lee wonders what Hope said to her, but Pam assures her that she didn't say anything to her. She says that any idiot can see that the place is a dump, and she wouldn't trust them to give her a band-aid. The warden walks in while she is saying this. When Lee tells her what Pam wants, the warden tells her that she can't go to the hospital because they've just had an outbreak of a Loma virus. Hope expresses concern, saying she's never heard of it before but asking if it's serious. The warden says that it can be. Hope nervously asks how many were infected, since she has friends and family that work there. The warden says just two people on staff were infected, Melanie and Nathan. Hope tells them that Nathan is his cousin. Later, Hope asks the warden what she found out. The warden tells her that Melanie and Nathan have been quarantined. The outlook is very dire. Hope is upset. She and the warden say nice things to each other.

E.J. is upset to learn that Sami and Rafe got married. He throws a glass across the room, almost hitting Nicole. She is surprised to hear about the wedding. E.J. tells her that he's offended that Sami is making her kids watch the wedding, thinking they were going to have a happy family for the rest of their lives. Nicole tries to get him to calm down. She agrees that Sami is being insensitive, but she points out that he won, that Sami will not be able to see her children any more after tonight. He replies, "I'll make sure of that". Nicole tries to cheer him up by pointing out that Sami doesn't usually stay married very long. E.J. says that he hopes this one lasts, so that she has to be punished by spending the rest of her life with "that idiot". He will have what is really important. Nicole offers to do anything he wants, with regards to the children. E.J. tells her that he has something important that she can do.

Rafe puts the ring on Sami's finger at their wedding in the park. Sami then puts the ring on his finger. Before they're pronounced wed, Rafe surprises Sami with a box. It has Christmas decorations. The family decorates the tree, and they take photos. Will wonders why they are doing it so early. Rafe says that he just thought it would be fun, since they're all together as a family. Rafe has one more surprise. Sami looks sad. Someone watches her from the trees. The priest tells them that Grandma has a ritual for them involving some cords. He has the cords in his hands as he speaks. He lets Caroline explain. She reads from the bible, from the book of Ecclesiastes. The quote tells about how a cord of three strands cannot be easily broken. The two of them can face a life of challenges, but with the two of them, and with God, it is strong. (Something like that) Everyone in the wedding party holds a part of the cord as the priest speaks. He ends it with, "Today, tomorrow, and for all the days of your lives". Awwww! The priest has them turn and face each other, and then he finally pronounces them husband and wife, and they kiss. Everyone claps. Sami and Rafe are all smiles. When Rafe asks her how she feels, Sami replies that she feels like anything is possible. Rafe smiles and remarks that God gave them one miracle, so maybe they will get another. Gabi sees a shooting star, so they all turn and look up at it, and make a wish. Gabi tells Rafe and Sami how great the ceremony was. Caroline suggests they all go back to the pub to celebrate, so they agree. Sami is hopeful that they won't have to give up the kids after all. Rafe reminds her that they're running out of time. E.J. comes up just then with Nicole and tells them that their time is already up.

Rafe takes Sami aside and points out that she may be the only one to get E.J. to change his mind. E.J. agrees to speak with Sami privately. He congratulates her with a big sarcastic smile. They argue, of course. She asks him for a couple of more hours to say goodbye to her kids, but he is too upset about her marrying Rafe to agree to anything. They argue some more about the kids, and the past. Sami is upset that he is letting Nicole near their children after what she did. E.J. gets Sami very angry by saying that unlike her, Nicole let a child die on her watch. Sami goes to attack him, but Rafe stops her. E.J. yells at Sami for being a hypocrite and never putting her children first. He declares that he is taking his children away from their mother right now. He calls her a bunch of names. E.J. threatens that if she doesn't accept his deal, then she, Will, and Rafe will go to prison. Rafe asks E.J. to honor the original deal and let them have a few more hours with the kids. E.J. laughs and goes over to see the kids. He picks up Johnny with a hug and then puts him down. Meanwhile, Sami takes Sydney from Nicole and holds her tightly. E.J. tells Johnny that he and Sydney will be coming to live with him in the big house, along with Stefano and Kate. Johnny replies, "No! I don't wanna leave Mommy and Rafe!" E.J. tells him that his mommy and Rafe want him to come live with him because they know how much he loves him. He hugs Johnny and tells him they won't be missing each other any more and will be one big happy family. He stands up with Johnny in his arms. Then he tells Nicole in an offhand way to do him a favor and grab Sydney. Everyone looks horrified. Nicole looks sympathetic and uncertain as she walks over to Sami. Sami protests and cries. Nicole reminds her sadly that she gave her a chance. E.J. again warns Sami to give Sydney to Nicole or else. Sami cries and hugs Sydney, who is sleeping, one last time. Nicole takes the little girl from Sami's arms. Rafe holds Sami. Johnny asks why his mommy is crying. E.J. tells him that she's crying out of happiness because she married Rafe, and that means more to her than anything in the world. Sami rushes over and tells Johnny that nothing means more to her than him. Sami tells Johnny that they're having a boring grown-up party at the pub, so they thought it would be more fun for him if he went to Daddy's house. Johnny agrees. Sami tells her how much she loves him, but E.J. grabs him away. Sami tries to keep it light, but she is still sobbing as she tells Johnny good night and strokes Sydney's hair one last time. E.J. tells Nicole that it's time for them to leave the honeymooners alone on their wedding night. As Nicole and E.J. walk away with the kids, Sami collapses into Rafe's arms, sobbing.

At the hospital, Jennifer asks Jason if there's any news yet about Melanie's condition. He tells her there isn't. Then he apologizes for cutting her off earlier. She is explaining that she should be the one apologizing, but just then Maggie is wheeled in. The EMT gives Jason the particulars of Maggie's condition. Jenn assures Maggie that she won't be alone. Victor explains to Jason that she was exposed to toxic fumes. Jenn wants to know what happened to Maggie and where she was. Victor doesn't want to fill her in on the details. Jenn wonders if she knows about Nathan. Victor says that she doesn't, and he doesn't think they should tell her yet. Jenn is about to angrily warn him when Jason returns. He tells them that Maggie is doing surprisingly well. Jenn wants to go see her. Jason tells her that Maggie is sleeping, but she can see her as long as she's quiet. Jenn rushes in to visit her. Later, Victor visits Maggie and assures her that she's safe now, and Vivian will never hurt her again. Maggie wants him to be honest with her. She wants to know if he put Vivian in the sarcophagus. He doesn't tell her that it's Brady that did it. He lets her think it was him and maintains that he was not going to let her die. Maggie knows that he let her think that she was going to die, at least. Maggie knows too well what Vivian went through. Victor points out that he was just trying to give Vivian a taste of her own medicine. Maggie says that he should have just gone to the police instead of tormenting Vivian. She knows that he took pleasure in it, but he denies it. She calls him a liar and says that what she sees in his eyes scares her to death. She tells him that if he hadn't been so cruel to Vivian, none of this would have happened. He refuses to apologize for trying to protect her. He reminds her in a breaking voice that when he found her and wasn't sure if she would live, he meant what he said. She replies that he's usually more articulate. He admits that he's usually in control, but not around her. She tells him that she does remember what he said, and she knows that he meant it. She sobs when she says that she wants him to leave and never come back. He just sits there, so she asks him again to go. He does, looking sad. Maggie cries after he leaves.

At the police station, Brady tells the detective how he knocked Gus out. Vivian gets upset and jumps up, demanding to see Gus. Hansen tells her that he's getting medical care. Brady tells him that he stopped Vivian from stabbing Victor, and then they let Maggie out of the sarcophagus. He doesn't know how long Maggie was in there. Hansen asks how she survived without food and water. Vivian looks annoyed. Brady tells him that Vivian kept Maggie barely alive using a food tube. Hansen notes that this is the craziest story he ever heard. He turns to Vivian and wonders what kind of sicko would keep a woman locked in a coffin. Hansen asks them to step outside, since he's gotten all the information. Vivian tells him that Brady has not told the full story. Hansen gets a phone call, so he goes outside. He warns Vivian, "no funny business". Vivian starts yelling at Brady about how she is not going to let him get away with what he did. He warns her that she'd better leave everyone else out of her story. She yells that if she is taking a rap, everyone else is going down with her. They argue about it. Vivian just wants revenge, but then she says that if the charges are dropped, she will not accuse them. They argue about it. Brady says that even if he agrees with her, he can't guarantee that everyone else will go along with it. She thinks that he can convince them. Hansen returns with Brady's statement, all typed up, and asks him to sign it. Brady tells him that he can't sign it.

Still later at the prison, Hope is looking at Pam's paperwork as she sleeps nearby. She notices that Pam put cremation down as the way she wants to go after she dies. Hope remembers that Jill and April also wanted to be cremated. She worries about what will happen to Pam. She tries to wake her, but she can't. She sees on her chart that she has sedatives. She uses a paperclip to get into the filing cabinet. She gets a phone out and dials, saying that Lee is not going to get away with this. She gets Jenn because she can't reach Bo. Hope starts to tell her that something bad is going on there, but the warden walks in and grabs the phone out of her hands. Jenn calls out but Hope doesn't answer. Hope apologizes to the warden, saying that she had to call and check on her family. The warden chastises her for not asking permission and revokes her privileges. Hope keeps apologizing. The warden also tells her that she's being put in solitary confinement. Hope nods in resignation.

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