Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/22/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/22/10--Canada; Tuesday 11/23/10--USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

In the mausoleum, Victor tries to recover on the ground as Vivian hovers over him, telling him that she's alive and kicking. Victor groggily tells her to shut up as she goes on and on. Maggie can see them from inside the sarcophagus. She makes comments that they can't hear. Victor tells Vivian that dying in the same room as Maggie is better than living three lifetimes with her. Maggie yells at Victor to watch out as Vivian prepares to stab him again. Brady rushes in just then and grabs Vivian's hand, stopping her. He yells at Victor to get Maggie out, as he holds on to Vivian, who is struggling. Maggie closes her eyes and seems to faint. Victor is weak but stands up and tries to open the sarcophagus. He says, "God give me strength!" Victor opens the sarcophagus and is horrified that Maggie looks dead. He begs her to open her eyes as Vivian says that she's dead forever. Victor finds Maggie's pulse and tells her that he loves her and needs her. Vivian gets upset at his proclamation. Maggie opens her eyes, so Victor thanks God. Maggie gently chides him for taking his sweet time. Victor pets her face and apologizes. He assures her that she'll be fine. He repeats that he loves her. Maggie loses consciousness again as he calls her name.

Doug and Julie visit Hope in jail. She is surprised to see them. They were on a cruise, but Julie insisted on seeing Hope as soon as they landed. Hope wonders if they have any message from Bo, but they don't. Julie is suspicious and thinks Bo has done something to upset her. Hope tries to convince them that she's fine. They think something is wrong. Hope tells them that her visitors are being restricted, but otherwise they treat her very well. Julie mentions the holidays in passing, so they all look glum. She is sorry she mentioned it (since Hope is in jail). Hope is trying not to think about it. Hope speaks in a depressed way about Ciara coming to see her on Thanksgiving, but Doug and Julie try to cheer her up. She is grateful for their support and talks sadly about the women in there that have no families. Doug is still suspicious that Hope is keeping something from them. The guard comes over and tells them that she will be stepping out for a couple of minutes, and then they will have to leave. Hope is surprised. Doug thanks the guard, Mimi. He bought the guard a watch. Hope wonders why he bribed the guard. Doug and Julie hug Hope gleefully. Later, Hope thanks the guard for the privacy. The guard replies that she's lucky to have a dad like that. Hope is very aware of that.

Lee and the warden talk about what they should do about Hope. The warden gets the idea that if Hope steps out of line, she can punish her. Later, Hope sees Lee at the infirmary. She flashes back to the warden telling her that she's been there a long time and is a good person, which is why she is a trustee and working at the infirmary. Lee waves her arms to bring Hope back to the present. Hope apologizes for zoning out. Lee asks her how her visit went, so Hope tells her that it went fine. She shares that they want to make Thanksgiving normal, but she doesn't think it's possible. Lee says that she just has to find a new definition of normal. Hope remembers what Lee said about families that stop visiting. She asks Lee about her family. Lee says that her family lives too far away to visit, so Hope asks her where they live. Lee asks her suspiciously why she wants to know. Hope apologizes and says that she is just curious, not knowing much about her. Lee backs down and tells Hope it's okay. She doesn't think she was being nosy. She just thinks Hope is curious about other people. She has been in there so long that she forgot there were people like that. Hope nods and says that she understands. Lee reminds her that the unwritten rule in prison is to not get too close to anyone. She adds that she'd hate to see anything happen to her.

Nicole tries to convince E.J. to let her see Sydney. She gives him the reasons that he should let her in Sydney's life. E.J. figures out that she went to Rafe and Sami first with her deal. She asks him to do what's best for Sydney, and he promises that he will. She follows E.J. home, continuing to argue with him. He tells her to go away, but she doesn't. Nicole tells him that she has figured out that when he walks away it's because he knows that he is wrong. E.J. insults her, reminding her about the way she deceived him. She reminds him about their lost child. He gets annoyed and points out how she lied. She admits that she didn't think he could handle the truth, and everything he's done since has proven that. He looks very angry and takes a drink. They keep arguing and rehashing the past. Nicole points out that he needs her to help bring up Sydney. E.J. tells her quietly that no one will ever need her in their life for balance. He walks away, though, proving her point about why he walks away. Nicole keeps working on him. He tells her again to get out. Nicole wonders if he is really just afraid of her being a part of his life. E.J. tells her that she's delusional and then calls her some other names. Nicole perseveres with her ideas, rehashing the past. She says that he has fooled himself into thinking that she only wanted his money, and won't admit that they were happy and in love. Nicole predicts that E.J. will end up lonely and sad if he keeps this up. He doesn't have a very good reply; he just weakly tells her to leave again. Nicole brings him a drink and points out that she makes it the way that he likes it. She also says, as he rubs his neck, that she knows how to rub that knot out of his neck. He puts her drink aside, telling her that she won't be touching him. She knows that he can't trust himself around her. He scoffs and laughs at the idea. She knows that he will think about what she has said. E.J. gets a phone call, telling him that Sami and Rafe are getting married. E.J. yells and throws a glass across the room, almost hitting Nicole.

Sami and Rafe prepare to get married in the park with Gabi, Caroline, Will, and the other kids. Everyone is smiling and happy. Sami gets upset and tearful, so Rafe takes her aside. Rafe understands why she is worried about losing her kids and suggests they postpone the wedding. Sami stops him from canceling the wedding, determined to go through with it in spite of E.J. He agrees and kisses her on the cheek. They go back to their wedding. Sami asks who is ready to get married, so Johnny exclaims, "I am!" They talk to the kids about it. Gabi hands Sami her bouquet again. The priest marries them. Rafe tells Sami what he thinks about her. He talks about first meeting her and calls her "ol' blue eyes". He jokes around about their early days and then talks about how he fell for her and includes the kids in his speech. Then it is Sami's turn to give a speech. He calls him her hero and talks about why he is. She promises to always be true to him and thanks him for believing in her. We see flashbacks of the two of them as the priest reads the bible passage, "Love is patient, love is kind" etc. Rafe and Sami hold hands and look into each other's eyes. They get to the final "I do's".

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