Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/16/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/16/10--Canada; Wednesday 11/17/10--USA


Written By Lucy
Pictures by Juanita


Nicole is sitting at the DiMera mansion. She tells EJ that she may be able to get his children back. He doesn’t believe her but she tells him that she can convince him. He says that he’ll give her everything and hand her Sami Brady “on a silver platter.”

Bo walks in The Brady pub to see Carly wrapping up presents for baby Parker. She’s very excited to see Parker at the hospital and asks Bo if he’s coming along with her. He says yes. He compliments her and they kiss. As they are kissing, Carly sees Jennifer and hesitates as Bo turns around and sees her as well.

At Salem Hospital, we see Melanie and Nathan arguing about changing schedules so that they don’t have to work together. Nathan tells her that if she can’t get her schedule changed then he’ll do it since he has more authority then her. She scoffs at the idea. Dr. Walters walks in and tells them to act professionally since this is a hospital.

Now we see Daniel, Chloe and baby Parker. Phillip comes in with a big bouquet of flowers for the mother. Phillip asks Daniel how’s everything going and he says everything fine and needs to leave to check on some patients. Phillip and Chloe are talking about everything working out for the best. Outside, Stephanie walks in and notices Phillip in Chloe’s room and sighs. As she’s thinking about the secret she knows, Daniel walks up from behind and startles her. He asks her if everything alright and she says, “no.”

Sami is waking up from the couch and is trying to explain to Rafe that EJ was there. They are discussing EJ’s plan to kidnap Johnny and Sydney. The only reason it didn’t work was because Sydney was with Rafe. Rafe assures her that EJ will never get the kids. He goes to his phone and tells Sami that he’ll call her father to have him arrested for coming there and breaking the restraining order. Sami stops him.

Back in the DiMera mansion, Nicole is explaining how she doesn’t want any material things from him. He counters by telling her that she wants cash instead. She stands and explains that she’s been rich and poor, but her life is unfulfilled. EJ wants her to get to the point. She says that she just wants one thing and can make him the happiest man alive.

Back at the loft, Rafe cannot believe that Sami doesn’t want to tell the police after EJ chloroformed her and tried to kidnap the kids. Sami explains that she knows what he did but wants to know about Nicole first before she goes to the police. She wants him to tell her what happened with Nicole at the Kiriakis mansion. She wants to know if Rafe was successful in destroying the evidence that she has against her.

Nicole paces as EJ grabs her wrist. He’s losing his patience and wants to know what exactly she wants from him. She finally tells her that she wants to help him raise Sydney. He can’t believe what she’s saying and mocks her telling her that even if he did consider her proposition, he doesn’t have custody of Sydney or Johnny. She says that she can make it happen and goes to her purse, gets out the flip cam and starts playing Sami’s confession. EJ is watching in disbelief as Sami is recounting the reason why she shot him in the head.

Back to EJ and Nicole listening to Sami’s confession. EJ is shocked and sits down on the coffee table. He asks Nicole if that’s Arianna’s proof and she confirms it.

Carly welcomes Jennifer back as Bo steps out to make some phone calls. She sits down and talks about it being awkward because Hope’s in prison. Jennifer says its hard and Carly understands. Carly assumes she’s back in Salem to support Hope, and Jennifer adds that she’s also back to deal with her grandmother’s estate. She wanted to deal with the estate, but she can’t get in contact with Maggie. Carly asks if she’s available to meet her daughter and Daniel. Jennifer asks if everything fine with him since last time they talked she was worried about him. She says everything’s great and he’s very happy.

Rafe is explaining to Sami that he got to put the virus on Nicole’s computer while she was playing with Sydney. If she plugs in the flip cam all the evidence will be destroyed. Sami seems optimistic and asks what else can go wrong?

EJ asks Nicole how he got the evidence and she explains that she looked through Arianna’s things and made a choice to take it. EJ asks if Brady knows and she nods, “no.” He tells her that she must be pleased that she got the upper hand. She protests and tells him that the love she has for Sydney has never gone and tried to broker a deal with Sami and Rafe. EJ sarcastically says it went well and Nicole says Sami was predictable as always and Rafe tried to play her. She says she was a fool to deal with them and now has come to him. Nicole notices that he’s not happy and he says that he needs to process this information. She tells him that’s there’s no time and she wants to know if he’ll deal with her. She wants to payback Sami and get her baby (she slips and starts saying “baby”.”) EJ turns around when she says this and she goes on to correct herself and tell him she wants to feel whole again.

Back at the hospital, Melanie is apologizing to Dr. Walters for being unprofessional. He doesn’t accept the apology and asks them both to check out for the day or he will write them up for their unprofessional conduct. He leaves. Nathan goes to leave and Melanie stops him and wants to talk to him.

Daniel and Stephanie are watching Phillip and Chloe from the outside of the hospital room. Daniel asks her what’s wrong and Stephanie struggled to talk as she tells him that she thought that there were complications with his baby. Daniel suspiciously says there were no complications. Stephanie adds that she heard that Melanie delivered the baby. He tells her that she did great and very proud. Stephanie questions him and he tells her that she’s lying to him. He wants her to stop playing around and she’s speechless. He goes on to tell her that he knows that Nathan, Melanie and they all work at the hospital and wishes they put their differences aside and make life easier. She changes the subject and asks where Nathan is.

Back to Melanie and Nathan in another room. She’s trying to say that they should stop being angry and she saying that she loves Phillip. Nathan sarcastically answers that she says that every 40 minutes. She goes on singing the praises of Phillip and how he feels the same way about Stephanie. He’s aggravated as she keeps on talking and asks if there’s a point to her speech. She then says that she just can’t work with him because it hurts too much and he agrees. She leaves.

Rafe and Sami are discussing what happened with Nicole. She asks him if she suspects Rafe planting that virus and he can’t tell because Brady interrupted them. She’s cocky and tells him when she plugs in the flip cam all the evidence will be destroyed. Rafe tells her that they should be hearing from her soon. Sami calls Nicole a drunk and is confident that they have defeated her. They kiss.

Nicole is trying on convince EJ that she’s trying to tell him the truth, as best as she can. EJ listens as she recounts how Sydney is the one true love of her life and will always comes first. He asks her why she went to Rafe and Sami first. She tells him that she thought it was her best chance and wasn’t thinking straight. He understands, walks away and pauses to tell her what he’s going to do.

EJ starts off by telling her that he’s been angry with her for a long time and Nicole agrees and says she’s made horrible mistakes. EJ says that they both have. He continues and asks he IF he can put the past behind him and asks for her trust. He insists on getting her trust. She shakes her head and he softens towards her. He says that she’s appealing to a part that many people don’t know that he has- his heart. She says that he wouldn’t of married him if she didn’t know he had one. They are really close and admit they both loved each other. EJ backs away and they both get back to talking about the evidence. She says that she’s taking a huge chance giving him the camera without her usual games and blackmail but she needs him to do the right thing. He reassures her.

Daniel tells Stephanie that Nathan is not there and needs to get back to his baby. He tells her that if she needs anything to let him know. She thanks him and tells him that Melanie is luck to have her as a father. He goes into Chloe’s room and Stephanie’s talking to herself about her mother being right about telling the truth. She just needs to figure out a way to not implicate her grandmother. She stares inside Chloe’s room as baby Parker is crying. She says that she has to tell Nathan.

Inside the room, Daniel is giving Chloe and Phillip the update on the baby- he’s fine. He asks to hold the baby. Phillip is looking at the baby and Daniel tells him if he wants to hold him. He holds him and they stare at how cute Parker is. He gives him back to Daniel and tells them whenever they need a babysitter, to call on Melanie and him. Daniel kids about letting Parker out of his sight, then tells Phillip that they can watch him anytime.

Rafe calls the police and is telling Sami to make sure he tells the officer everything. As he leaves, he’s confident that by the time he gets back, he’ll have the evidence. They tells each other “I love you,” as he opens the door, he sees EJ!

Daniel and Jennifer meet and she congratulates him on his baby boy. He asks if she’s met Melanie and she says no. He says if she sticks around Salem she can see more of the baby. She reminisces about being a mother and being married how special that feeling is.

Stephanie is having Nathan paged when Phillip walks up and gets some coffee. They small talk about the baby. She tries to avoid talking to him by leaving but he stops her and asks what’s wrong. She leaves as Phillip stares at her.

Nathan’s at the Brady Pub, getting a beer. He tells the bartender that he suddenly has the day off.

Back at the hospital, Maxine informs Dr. Walters that the patient that came in with the fever suddenly died. She seems puzzled.

Melanie is talking to another nurse about getting her shift changed. Carly shows up and both are awkward towards each other. Melanie spies Daniel and goes to instantly hug her. She tells her how great it is to have baby Parker as Daniel approaches them. He interrupts them and they talk about Parker when he gets paged and leaves. Melanie tries to leave and Carly tells her that she loves her so much. She wants Melanie to consider forgiving her. She just wants to be her mother again. She tells her that she doesn’t think that she can ever forgive her and leaves as Daniel comes back and asks what’s going on.

EJ’s at the door telling Rafe that he’s a fool if he think that he can get the upper hand on him. He pushes him and EJ pushes back and says he thinks he’s going to want to know what he has to say to them. He smugly tells him that he has the evidence.

Back at the hospital, Carly tells Daniel that it is nothing but Daniel explains that he heard what Melanie said. Carly insists for him not to worry and to focus on being with his child. Daniel reminds Carly that Melanie is his child too. Bo interrupts them with news that he has to take off for awhile work related. After Bo leaves, Carly tries to leave too saying she has to check on her work schedule but Daniel wants Carly to give him a straight answer on what is going between her & Melanie. Before walking away, Carly tells Daniel that if he wants a straight answer, then he has to ask Melanie. Alone, Daniel says ok and leaves.

Maxine tells Dr. Walters that she just saw the patient this morning and he was doing ok. Dr. Walters agrees. Maxine ask why did the patient die. Even though, Dr. Walters doesn’t know the cause of death yet, he informs Maxine that everyone who was in contact with Mr. Rodriguez, the now deceased patient, must be checked.

At the pier, Melanie is alone and talking to herself wondering what is wrong with her that she should be happy about Parker and that she is but why does everything feel so wrong.

At the Pub, Stephanie walks in to see Nathan sitting at a table drinking a beer. She explains to Nathan that she has been looking everywhere for him and asks why he is not at the hospital finishing his shift. Nathan says that due to overstaffing he was able to get a break. Stephanie is just glad to see him because she needs his help.

In her hospital room, Chloe admits that just being away from Parker for a second is torture, but being a premature, Parker has to get checked out a lot. Phillip tells Chloe that she will make an amazing mom, and how he couldn’t be happier for her. As Phillip leaves, Carly walks into the room, and asks Chloe if Parker went down to the nursery. Chloe says that he did and how she already misses him. Chloe goes on to thank Carly for everything and how if it wasn’t for Carly, then Daniel would be hating Chloe right now. Carly doesn’t want Chloe to think about that, but Chloe just wants Carly to know that Chloe’s life is great because of Carly being such an amazing friend to her. Chloe asks Carly if she is ok. Carly says she is, but Chloe doesn’t believe her. Chloe asks if it is about Melanie but Carly only says that its complicated. Chloe confides to Carly that she had spoken to Melanie earlier and Chloe believes that Melanie is going to get passed all of this. Carly hopes that Chloe is right.

At the hospital, Jennifer runs into Dr. Walters wanting to apologize for earlier but he explains that he doesn’t have time to talk right now, and rushes past her.

At the loft, Rafe informs EJ that he is going to jail for what EJ did to Sami. EJ tells Sami & Rafe that he thought that they had won that he was going to pack his bags and move out. EJ revealing the camera, and asks Sami & Rafe if they recognize it. He offers that he could ramble on about what is on it but it would be redundant so he is just going to press play.

Back at the pub, Stephanie tells Nathan that what she is about to say has to stay between them till they can figure out what to do about it. Nathan agrees. Stephanie confides that her grandmother Caroline did something really awful that’s going to hurt a lot of people that they know. Nathan asks if that includes them. Stephanie replies that it may. Nathan than asks who else.

At the pier, Daniel walks up to Melanie who asks why he isn’t with her little brother. Daniel responds why isn’t she and why did she leave the hospital. Melanie explains that it doesn’t matter, but Daniel insists that it does matter and how he knows that they haven’t had their important conversation yet since they were sidetracked with Chloe going into labor. Melanie pleads with Daniel to go back to Parker, but he wants to know what is going with Melanie. Daniel goes on to say that he knows that Melanie has not been ok for awhile and he wants to help her. With her back turned against him, Melanie admits that she doesn’t want to hurt him. Daniel says that Melanie not confiding in him hurts him, and that no matter what Melanie should trust him so they can handle it together. Melanie says ok, she will tell him.

At Chloe’s hospital room, Nicole walks in carrying a gift for the new mom. Carly excuses herself so Nicole can visit Chloe. Nicole asks where is Parker. Chloe explains that he went to the nursery so she could get a break. Nicole gives Chloe the gift saying it’s a mobile for Parker’s crib and expresses how happy she is for Chloe, and goes on to ask if Chloe is nervous about Carly & Melanie talking. Chloe shares with Nicole that she thinks the whole Melanie & Carly situation has been resolved, and asks Nicole how is everything with her. Nicole replies that she thinks things are looking up for her big time.

At the loft, EJ is playing the video of Sami’s confession to Rafe & Sami. Sami tries to grab the camera, but Rafe stops her. Rafe walks up to EJ. Bo knocks and walks into the loft. EJ hides the camera. Bo asks what is going on.

At the hospital, Dr. Walters walks up to Carly saying that he was just about to page her, and brings her up to date about what happened with Mr. Rodriguez. Carly is in disbelief as Dr. Walters tells her that they must track down everyone who was exposed to Mr. Rodriguez since they have been exposed to a deadly virus.

At the Brady Pub, Nathan wants to know who else is going to get hurt. Stephanie says Melanie for one. Nathan struggles while trying to ask about Melanie. Stephanie wonders what is wrong with him observing that Nathan has suddenly gone pale. She touches his forehead and exclaims that he is burning up.

At the pier, Melanie is now struggling to stand up as she tells Daniel that she never wanted to lie to him. Daniel is asking Melanie what’s going on as he puts his arms around her to keep her from falling. Daniel feels that Melanie has a high fever as she passes out in his arms.

In Chloe’s hospital room, Chloe wants to know how things are looking up for Nicole big time and what’s to know what is going on. Nicole only tells her that Chloe got her miracle now she is getting hers. Chloe remembers that the last time they spoke Nicole was talking about missing Sydney and wonders if this has something to do with Sydney. Nicole replies that it has everything to do with Sydney. Chloe says oh my god and what’s to know what Nicole has done.

At the loft, Bo wants to know why no one is answering his question. EJ tells Sami to go ahead and tell Bo. Rafe & Sami continue to be silent. EJ says that he supposes that he has to tell Bo.

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