Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/9/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/9/10--Canada; Wednesday 11/10/10--USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


At the Horton cabin, Melanie thinks that Chloe is faking, but Chloe sits down on the bed and yells that the baby is coming now. Melanie still doesn't look convinced. She has her phone in her hand because she was calling Daniel when Chloe started yelling. Chloe keeps yelling out in pain. Melanie thinks they are just Braxton-Hicks, but Chloe doesn't.

Melanie has to phone Daniel back. She prepares to tell him about Chloe's infidelity, but Chloe tells her that her water just broke. Daniel is shocked to hear that she's going into labor and that she's there at the cabin. Melanie tells him that she will tell him later, but that's not the important thing right now. He tells her to tell Chloe that she'll be fine. Melanie starts panicking about having to deliver the baby herself. He assures her that the average labor takes 20 hours, so he will be there in plenty of time. He asks to speak to Chloe, so Melanie gives her the phone. Chloe tells him that she's scared because this is too early. He reassures her the best he can and they tell each other, "I love you". After she hangs up, Melanie tells her with a wince that she's sorry that she called her a faker. Chloe asks if she has ever delivered a baby before. Melanie has assisted, but that's it. She tries to reassure Chloe things will be ok. Melanie is timing the contractions and suddenly says, "Oh, crap!"

Later, Chloe yells a lot while in pain. Things are not going the way she wanted. Melanie tries to help her with breathing. She puts a wet cloth on Chloe's head. Chloe grabs her hand in a crushing way. Melanie gets some more blankets and tries to get Chloe to arrange herself so that Melanie can look at what's happening with the baby. Things are very awkward, particularly for Melanie. She phones Daniel.

Victor and Philip prepare to take the lid off the sarcophagus. They think Vivian is still in there, but it's Maggie. Inside, Maggie is upset but hopes that they will save her. Victor gets on the phone/intercom thing to tell Vivian that they're coming in. Vivian, who is in a hotel room, tells him to stop and not to move. He looks perplexed. She asks him not to open the lid because she is not looking so good. She wants him to remember her at her best. Victor agrees, says "good riddance" and hangs up. They can't believe her vanity.

Maggie doesn't get the sound, just the video, so she doesn't know what's going on. She cries out, sobbing, as Victor leaves.

Vivian is angry at what Victor said to her. She rants and raves and vows revenge. Vivian phones Maggie. She acts sweetly towards her. Maggie wonders what she plans to do to her, but Vivian claims she's doing nothing. Maggie points out that many people care about her and will come looking for her soon. Vivian thinks they will just assume she left town, the way she had talked about, and then they'll forget about her. Maggie shakes her head and cries some more. Vivian tells her that she's been planning her disappearance for months. Maggie asks why she would hate her this much. She reminds her that she never touched Victor. Vivian thinks that Maggie made her move after she was gone missing. She tells her that what happens to her next will be very funny. Vivian sings an old children's rhyme about worms to make Maggie nervous. Maggie is frantic and upset, pounding on the coffin lid. Vivian is annoyed that she failed so many times when trying to kill Carly, Melanie, and Kate. She suddenly wonders what will happen if Victor finds out he escaped, but Gus assures him that he won't because he covered his tracks. Gus wonders why Vivian is not so happy about winning against Maggie. Vivian doesn't think Maggie is such a worthy opponent. She worries that she has sunk too low to go after a mere farm girl like Maggie.

E.J. goes back home. Stefano wonders why he has people dragging the sewers. E.J. hopes to find Arianna's proof. Stefano asks him to consider what will happen if he doesn't find it, or if Sami turns out not to be the one who shot him. E.J. thinks this is all nonsense. Stefano is very frustrated by E.J.'s obsession over this proof. He thinks they should move on to plan B, since his kids are getting older and will forget him. E.J. asks what that plan is, but Stefano thinks it's better if he doesn't know the details. Later, Stefano can tell E.J. is restless and wonders what's wrong. E.J. is annoyed that Stefano is keeping things from him, treating him like a child. Stefano asks him if he wants his help or not. E.J. assures him that he's handling things and tells him to stay out of it. He pats Stefano on the back as he says this. Stefano argues with him about it. Marco brings E.J. a woman's compact, which is all they have found so far in the search of the river. Stefano and E.J. yell at him to leave, so he does. Later, Marco asks Stefano if he should still go ahead with his assignment to find out who shot E.J. and take care of them, since he overheard what E.J. said. Stefano tells him that he still should do it. Meanwhile, E.J. gets an idea and goes somewhere.

At home, Sami picks up her children's toys. She sees the photo of Rafe with Arianna and looks glum. Rafe walks in after tugging the children in bed. Rafe tries to make light of it, but Sami knows that Johnny wanted to speak to Rafe alone. He confides that he is upset about Arianna. He and Rafe talk about how much he loves Sami and her kids. He doesn't know what he would have done without her the last few days. She assures him that they're there for him, always. They kiss and hug. Sami says that she doesn't deserve someone as good as him, but he tells her not to say that. He thinks they should get married right away, but she thinks that he is too sad from Arianna's death. He thinks she would want him to be happy. They argue a bit because Sami can only think about what has been going on with her, E.J., and Arianna.

Nicole is reeling from finding the camera with video that Arianna had of Sami confessing to shooting E.J. Brady returns and wonders what she's doing. He asks if she was going through her things. Nicole denies it and says that it is just sad. Rafe phones Brady to ask if he went through Arianna's things yet. Brady tells him that he has, but there wasn't much there. Rafe asks him if he found a little camera. Brady looks through the box but doesn't find it, since Nicole has it in her purse now. Brady suggests that he go by and take a look at the things, so Rafe agrees to stop by. Sami is very relieved. Rafe kisses Sami, saying he would do anything for her.

Brady tells Nicole that he has a hunch that this missing camera is why Arianna died. Nicole wonders what he means. Rafe had told Brady that Arianna had some kind of proof about who shot E.J. Nicole pretends to be surprised. She wonders what he would with the proof if he had it. Brady contemplates the idea. He points out that E.J. is desperate to get it so that he can get his kids back. Nicole agrees that E.J. does love his kids. Brady loves the kids, too. He thinks that if Sami took a shot at E.J., he doesn't blame her a bit. Nicole just nods and smiles. Brady finds a necklace in Arianna's box that he gave her, from his mother. He very sadly notes that they were going to get married. Nicole tries to be very sympathetic. Victor walks in and tells her to leave, so she does. After some beating around the bush, Victor tells Brady that they're not going to have any more contact with Vivian in the coffin. That way, no one else can figure out where she is. Victor hopes that Brady doesn't blame himself for Arianna's death. He claims he doesn't, but Victor can tell that he fills guilty, anyway. Victor also reminds him that what happened with Vivian was his fault, not Brady's. Brady pours himself some more drinks. Victor gets a phone call and says they have another crisis. He just found out that Vivian's henchman, Gus, escaped. They rush to the mausoleum to make sure he doesn't break Vivian out. They find out that no one's been near it, and they think that Gus has flown to South Africa. Brady wishes they could get him arrested, but Victor doesn't think they could get that done. Victor figures they have nothing to worry about now, but Brady's not so sure.

Rafe and Sami relax on the couch in each other's arms. He is confident that it is all over now. She doesn't want him worrying about her. He just wants to focus on their future now. She and her kids are all that is keeping him together. Sami finds it hard to focus when she feels so guilty about the shooting and about Arianna's accident. He holds her and kisses her, trying to make her feel better. He tells her again to stop blaming herself. He reminds her about all the awful things she's been through and points out that she just snapped. He tells her that it's all good now, and he'll make sure it stays that way. Sami wants it to be that simple, but she doesn't think it is. She is still worried that the camera or something else will turn up. She doesn't think he can protect her from everything. He goes over to her and grins, saying that he sure as hell can try. She rants and raves some more, and he keeps reassuring her. They make love. Afterward, he tells her again that they are going to get married. They get dressed, and Rafe leaves. Sami goes back to picking up toys.

Nicole walks on the pier. She sees little girl with her mom. She has a flashback to looking at Sydney with E.J. She takes out the camera and looks at it. She says to herself that she's not going to get a second chance with Brady, so why not Sydney? She smiles to herself as she contemplates her next move. She could put it on the news, and Sami would lose custody, and E.J. probably would, too, since he's a kidnapper. She reminds herself quietly that she is one, too. Later, Nicole visits Sami. She asks how Sydney is doing. Sami tells her that she's fine and adds snidely that she will never be a part of Nicole or E.J.'s life. Nicole tells her that's not true. She will be a big part of Sydney's life, and Sami will make that happen.

Daniel rushes to pack some things at the hospital. He runs into Philip, who was called in for a board meeting. Daniel tells him what's going on with Chloe. Philip assures him that they can use his boat. Daniel thanks him heartily and they make plans to meet at the pier. Philip and Daniel chat on the pier as they wait for the boat. Philip says he'll go with him, just in case he needs help. He worries about the baby being so early, but Daniel says he's just 4 weeks premature, but he's measuring fine. They are both happy, and Philip pats him on the shoulder in a manly way.

Daniel tells Melanie that they should be there in 20 or 30 minutes. She doesn't think the baby will wait that long. Melanie loses reception on the phone, so she figures that they are on the boat. Melanie tells Chloe to push so they can get the baby out. Chloe screams and pushes. Melanie then says, "Uh-oh", so Chloe demands to know what's wrong. Melanie tells her that the baby's umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's neck. Chloe yells at her to do something. Melanie tells her to push harder so that she can take the cord off. She then discovers that the baby's head is blue, which she thinks means that the baby is not getting oxygen. Chloe asks frantically if the baby is dead. Melanie just looks at her.

Rafe visits Brady, who gives him Arianna's stuff. Brady confides that he feels like he let Arianna down. Rafe clasps him on the shoulder as he tells him that he feels the same way.

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