Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/8/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/8/10--Canada; Tuesday 11/9/10--USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie talks to herself. She is in the coffin in Vivian's place. She beats herself up for falling for her tricks. She calls out, but Vivian is gone. She calls for help, but not too loudly. Maggie cries when she thinks about who might come rescue her. She prays to God for it to be over.

Outside, Vivian thanks Gus for getting her out. She gloats about putting Maggie there. When Vivian says that she will find out how distasteful it is in the coffin, Gus points out that it's more than that; the paint fumes could cause her to go mad. He worries about what Victor will do if he finds out what she's done. Vivian knows he's right but chides him for being so depressing. They leave so they won't be caught. He takes her to a hotel. She grabs the room service menu and tells him to order the whole thing. She hopes to draw a nice long bath. He reminds her again that Victor could find her. Vivian reminds him that she disabled the monitor, so no one can tell that Maggie is in the coffin.

Philip and Victor anticipate seeing Vivian in the coffin. He prepares to turn on the TV, but something goes wrong. The TV has no picture. Victor tries to figure out what it is while Philip throws out ideas. Victor is determined to hear how Vivian is doing. He tries the phone intercom thing but gets no answer at first. Vivian then answers on the other end (she took it out of the coffin). She pretends to still be in the coffin. He tells her that he can't see her on the monitor, so she suggests that he come down there and let her out for a while, so she can help him fix it. Gus looks worried, but Victor falls for her reverse psychology. Victor cuts it short.

Vivian is thrilled that the new audio thing works. She uses it to call Maggie and talk to her. Maggie promises that if she lets her out, she won't tell Victor. She offers to work through her differences with Vivian. Vivian tells her that from now on, her life is in Victor's hands. Maggie tells her that she doesn't think Victor would let her die, so Vivian tells her that if that is true, he will be rescuing Maggie before she knows it. Vivian informs her that she was the one who planned the whole thing, for Maggie, but she just got stuck in there instead. Maggie is shocked. She keeps trying to reason with Vivian. She points out that she can fix things with Victor if she still loves him. Vivian scoffs at that idea, saying that she detests him and plans to make him pay. Maggie wonders what she means. Vivian decides to hang up instead of answering. Maggie begs her not to go, but she does anyway.

Victor and Philip head down to the mausoleum to see if they can figure out if everything is ok with the sarcophagus. They look around but don't see anything amiss. Maggie tries to push the lid off the coffin, but she can't. She wants to warn Victor that Vivian is out for revenge. She sees the remote control and turns on the TV. She sees Victor and Philip and calls out Victor's name. They don't hear her, of course. Victor wants to post a guard there to make sure that it's secure, since the monitor is not working. Maggie yells out for him not to go. Victor stops, so she thinks he heard her. Philip wonders what's wrong. Victor tells him that he has a need to look into Vivian's eyes and tells her that she's getting what she deserves. Philip wonders if he's feeling bad for her, but it doesn't seem that he is. Philip suggests they open up the coffin, then, right now. They find the lever.

Vivian finishes her shower and then wants to eat. Gus gives her some grapes. She asks him for a pen and some paper. She wants to make sure that Maggie is never found.

Melanie phones Chloe, demanding to see her. She is tired of her lies. Chloe reminds her that they are doing the right thing. Melanie doesn't agree and tells her to meet her at Pier 17. Chloe has a doctor's appointment, but Melanie tells her to cancel it. She remarks to herself that she can't do this anymore. Daniel walks up and wonders what she means. She tells him that she was just thinking about him. She says that she can't hide the truth from him any more. Melanie wants to leave, saying she has to catch the ferry. She tells him that she will talk to him later when he comes to pick her up at the Horton cabin. He wants to hear it now, but she puts him off. He tells her that Maggie left the keys for the boat with Maxine at the hospital. He gets paged and has to leave. They both say, "I love you" before he goes.

Chloe meets Melanie. Melanie points out that she's late. Chloe ran into her doctor and he insisted on giving her a checkup. She tells Melanie that her little brother or sister is doing just great. She gives Melanie a big smile, but Melanie is quiet and unsmiling. Chloe suggests that Melanie help them pick out a name for the baby. Melanie tells her to knock it off and then yells at her about trying to manipulate her. They argue again about Daniel, and what Chloe did. Melanie tells her that she's telling Daniel the truth. Chloe tries to talk her out of it, to no avail. Melanie warns her that she has a little time to do the right thing and tell Daniel herself. Melanie is about to leave to catch the ferry. Chloe stops her and says that if the truth comes out, it will destroy her life, too. Melanie wonders if she's threatening her. Chloe just tells her that Daniel will hate her for telling him. Melanie is willing to risk it. She walks away. Chloe walks away, too, saying the truth won't come out today.

Nicole congratulates Brady for being Arianna's heir. He doesn't want to hear that, since they broke up. He doesn't feel right accepting anything from her. E.J. insists that he would be very happy to take care of the contents of the box, but Sami runs up and grabs it from him, holding it tightly to her chest. Rafe gets up to talk some sense into her. He asks her to give him the box. Sami yells at E.J. They argue about Arianna and Rafe. E.J. says nasty things until Rafe starts to attack him. Justin and Brady hold him off from beating E.J. up. Justin yells at them that the box only holds legal papers. Roman arrives. He tells Rafe that he's glad that he's there and that there's been a break in Arianna's case. There's a witness down at the station. Sami and Rafe leave with Roman. E.J. leaves, too.

Justin gives Brady the box and tells him that the key to Arianna's safety deposit box is in there, too. Nicole suggests they go back to the mansion and chill out, but he wants to go see what's in the box. Nicole thinks he should wait, but he tells her that he wants to take care of her last wishes. They go to the bank and look through her safety deposit box. He looks at a photo of them together. Nicole notes that they were happy. She blames herself for their breakup. He assures her that it wasn't her fault. She is still sorry. He strokes her arm and says that he keeps wondering what Arianna was thinking about right before she died. They go back to the Kiriakis mansion. He wants to make sure that Arianna's family gets her stuff (from the box) as she wished them to. Nicole is very sympathetic. He kisses her hand and tells her that he'll be right back. Nicole remarks to herself that it's very sad. She sits down and goes through Arianna's stuff. She finds a little purse with the camera in it. She wonders what's on it and looks thoughtful. Next, she decides to watch it and hears Sami's confession.

Rafe, Roman and Sami meet Mr. Satterfield, who witnessed Arianna's accident. He hopes they can find who is responsible. Rafe asks him to tell them what he saw. He remembers that the license plate was from Illinois. E.J. arrives. They tell him that he doesn't belong there, but he insists on staying there. Mr. Satterfield recognizes E.J. from the accident, when he was trying to help her. The man describes the accident and how Arianna was hit. He doesn't think she suffered any. He did not see anything else about the car or who was in it. He suddenly remembers a small object getting thrown from her purse when she was hit. They all perk up suddenly at this information. He thinks it was some sort of electronic device. E.J. knows that the nearby gutters were searched. Roman takes the man into the other room to fill out some papers. E.J. figures that the evidence flew out of Arianna's purse. Sami replies that there is no evidence. He thinks her luck just ran out. Sami tells him to bring it on. E.J. leaves. Sami is very worried, but Rafe points out that they did indeed search the gutters, and if the camera was around there, near the pub, it would probably be water-logged. Sami hopes that it is over now.

At the hospital, Daniel remarks to Lexie that he's sorry they missed his wedding. She was sorry, too, and hugs him enthusiastically. She is sad about Arianna's death, and he agrees that it is tragic. She asks how Melanie is doing. He says that she's doing too well. He mentions that Chloe had said something that hurt Melanie's feelings, too. She is sorry to hear it. He had really hoped they would get along. He is rueful that his fantasy of a big happy family is not going to happen. Daniel pours himself and Lexie some coffee as he worries about what Melanie might do. Chloe walks in nearby. As he prepares to go, Lexie hugs him again. He goes to see his patient one more time. Chloe searches around the nurse's station and finds the boat keys that were left for Daniel.

Melanie is at the cabin. She has a fantasy where Daniel comes out of a room at the hospital and tells her that the baby is a boy. She hugs him excitedly, but he looks angry. She asks if he still hates her for telling him about Chloe's affair. He just glares at her. Melanie tells herself that she has to do this anyway. Chloe arrives. Melanie is not happy to see her. Chloe wants to stop her from making a horrible mistake. Melanie wonders how she got there. Chloe says she took Maggie's boat. Melanie demands the keys, but Chloe opens the cabin door and throws the keys out into the lake as Melanie watches in horror. Melanie wonders if she's crazy. Melanie gets her phone out to call Daniel. Chloe points out that reception there is terrible, but Melanie informs her that Maggie upgraded her cell service there. Melanie's phone works. Chloe is annoyed and looking desperate. Melanie gets Daniel on the phone. She tells him that they need to talk right now. Chloe follows her around, trying to grab the phone. Daniel wonders why Melanie sounds out of breath. Chloe suddenly looks pained and sits down, exclaiming. Melanie warns her that she's not falling for that. Chloe thinks the baby is coming.

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