Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/5/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/5/10--Canada; Monday 11/8/10--USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


Justin tells E.J., Sami, Rafe and Gabi that he has to talk to him about Arianna's will, and some things she left behind. He has a box of her things. Sami and E.J. are very interested in the box's contents. Justin tells them all to sit down while he gets some signatures. E.J. taunts Sami about the box. She has a flashback to Arianne showing her the tape recorder with the evidence. Justin tells Rafe how sorry he is about Arianne; he was out of town when he got the news. Gabi wonders if lawyers don't usually have will readings in their office. Justin says that he had hoped to make it in time for the memorial service, and he thought he'd just bring a copy of the will, since he wasn't sure if they knew it existed. It's clear that they didn't know anything about it. Rafe takes Sami aside and they discuss whether the box has Arianna's proof in it.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor and the others toast Vivian being in the sarcophagus, while someone breaks her out of it. She thinks that it is Philip at first, and then she thinks she is dying. Gus is the one who rescues her. He gives Vivian some water, but she chokes on it and chastises him for giving her water instead of booze. He tells her that Victor had his goons tie him up and throw him in a dungeon. He wants to leave, but she says they can't yet. As she puts her hands on his chest, she cries at how badly her nails are wrecked. She insists that Gus help her, even though he just wants to get out of there. Gus remarks that they are all monsters and agrees that they need to pay for how they treated her. He hands her a cell phone and assures her that she never has to doubt him. Vivian phones Maggie, who is a bit surprised to hear from her (and not too thrilled about it, either). Vivian says there's a crisis at the mansion. Maggie wonders if Victor is okay. Vivian tells her that she's worried about Victor's soul because he's done something really terrible. Maggie doesn't believe her, but Vivian asks her to come over, saying that she needs her guidance. Maggie agrees reluctantly. Vivian asks her to come to the mausoleum, alone. Maggie looks suspicious and not too keen to go there.

Melanie arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and demands to know why Philip is there and missed Arianna's memorial service. Victor tells her that he kept Philip because they were celebrating after closing a deal. That doesn't make Melanie feel any better, especially since she points out that the group there is not really important to Titan or close to Victor, and that he didn't want them to move in. Philip tells her that he's sorry, but he has a smile on his face. She also yells at Brady. He says that she's right and asks if Gabi and Rafe are still there. He leaves to apologize in person. Nicole offers to go with him, but he doesn't think that's a good idea. She argues with him, and then they leave.

Philip apologizes again to Melanie. She asks if there was really a business deal. He replies, "In a way". She asks him to tell her what really happened. He asks her to trust him. He is kind of glad now that they didn't move in, given that Kate and Victor are involved in something. He doesn't want Melanie to be involved. Melanie worries about him, but he assures her that he's fine. Victor walks in and wonders what they were talking about. Melanie tells him that Philip asked her politely to mind her own business, so she's going to. Victor asks her to celebrate with them. She sarcastically congratulates him on his business deal, saying that she was just thinking they needed more money. Victor laughs and explains that they had a big problem that they were finally able to lay to rest. Kate offers more champagne to Melanie, but she tells her that she's going with her dad to the Horton cabin to pick up a rocking chair for Chloe. Kate makes jokes about that and then tells Victor that she has to leave. Victor pretends to be disappointed that she's leaving. Kate gives Philip a kiss and tells him to call her. Melanie walks out with her.

Victor points out to Philip that it's a good thing Melanie didn't arrive a few seconds earlier or she would have found out about Vivian, too. Philip replies sarcastically that all he had to do was lie to her, again. Victor thinks the lying was a good thing, of course. He likes Melanie and wishes they could have moved in. Philip blames Vivian for screwing things up. Victor tells him that he knows that Maggie likes having them at her place. Philip is surprised to him say this. Victor adds that he can't believe what Vivian was going to do to that wonderful woman. Philip pours himself another drink as he notes that Vivian thought Maggie and he were going to pair up. Victor points out that the idea is ridiculous because Maggie would not have anything to do with him. They keep discussing Vivian's motivation. Victor thinks that Vivian just couldn't stand the goodness in Maggie. Victor takes out the remote control so they can watch Vivian.

Before they leave the house, Melanie tells Kate that her comments about Chloe were uncalled for, since she is her family now. She warns her that if she keeps it up, she'll make sure that she never sees Philip. Kate predicts that one day Melanie's dad will figure out what Chloe really is like and walk out on her. She says sarcastically that they are the cutest couple of the year, and then she walks out. Melanie watches her leave with a grim expression. Later, Melanie phones someone and says that she's had enough of that person's damn lies and needs to see them.

Brady and Nicole go to the Pub. He warns Nicole to keep quiet and not fight with Sami, then he goes over and offers his apologies to Rafe and Gabi. They accept his apology. He also offers his condolences and any help that he can offer. Rafe and Brady shake hands. Brady tries to leave, but Justin tells him that he is reading Arianna's will, and he is mentioned. Sami demands to know what Nicole is doing there, so she says she came with Brady. Sami tells her that Sydney isn't there, so Nicole will never get her hands on her again. E.J. comes up and adds that Sami soon won't, either. He asserts that he's taking both of his children back. Nicole wonders what he means, and Sami orders him to leave. Justin asks him to stay. Sami tries to find out what Arianna left E.J., but he can't tell her. In fact, she shouldn't even be there, he says, since she is not in the will. Rafe comes up and chats with them. Justin tells him that Arianna's will is on video. He puts the disk in, and we see Arianna.

She prepares to give her last will and testament. Rafe and Gabi look sad as Arianna leaves some things for her mom, and then Rafe. She makes jokes about Rafe's image and then tells him to make sure to wash her car. Rafe holds Gabi close. E.J. also looks sad. Arianna asks him to call their mom once a month and then tells him that he's the best big brother anyone ever had. She then leaves some things for Gabi, who walks closer to the TV, crying. She asks her to take care of Rafe. She tells her family that she loves them and will always be with them. Gabi is very upset, so she asks Justin to stop the DVD for a minute. Rafe hugs her as she cries. She asks him if she can go now, so he lets her go. They hug some more, and then she leaves. Justin tells them that there was a codicil that Arianne added, to leave something for E.J. We are made to think E.J. is getting the box. He reads her note, which says that she hopes that he appreciates what she's giving him. She also says that she has the faith in him that he has in her. E.J. gets up, but Justin just gives him the St. Anthony medal (patron saint of miracles). Rafe tells Sami this and they chuckle nervously about it. Arianna's mom gave it to her before she went to prison. Rafe warns E.J. to take good care of it. Justin shows more of the DVD. Arianna leaves everything to her fiancÚ, Brady, saying that she loves him and that he changed her life. Tears fall down Brady's face, and he looks stunned.

Chad goes to his dad's office. He thinks his dad finally wants to see him, but his secretary just has some mail for him. Chad looks very disappointed, so the secretary offers to talk to his dad, but Chad tells her in a cracked voice not to worry about it. He sighs as he looks through the mail. He opens en envelope to find his birth certificate. It has Stefano listed as his father. Chad goes to the DiMera mansion and pounds on the door. Will opens it, wondering why he's there. Chad is surprised to find Will there, too. Will says that he left some stuff there. He asks what's wrong. Chad demands to know where Stefano is. Will tells him that he's not there. Chad asks where Kate is, but Will tells him that she's not there, either. Chad gets annoyed and rushes off. Will follows him, calling out his name. Chad is surprised to see that Will has followed him to Salem Place. Chad shows him the birth certificate and wonders if he had anything to do with it. Will is shocked to learn that he's Stefano's son. Chad thinks it's a joke. He points out that his birthdate on the certificate is a year older than he really is. Chad wonders if Stefano could have done this, but Will doesn't think he would do this. Chad vows revenge on whomever did this. Will agrees that whomever sent him that was dissing his mom. He offers his help, and Chad thanks him. Chad is determined to figure out who hates him enough to do this. He has a flashback to Kate telling him that she has no interest in him. She also says that she offered him the job to help Stefano. Chad asks Will to keep quiet about this. Will assures him that he's learned the hard way to keep the DiMeras out of your business. Chad hopes that he can.

Maggie is surprised to find Gus when she goes to the mausoleum. She then notices that Vivian looks terrible. Maggie questions her about why she seems ill. Vivian tells her that she was in the coffin. Maggie has a hard time believing it and questions Vivian about the details. Vivian tells her that Victor put her in the coffin so that he could pursue her. Maggie points out that it is stupid and ridiculous, and it doesn't seem like something Victor would do. Vivian gets annoyed at her comments and tells Maggie adamantly that Victor put her in there and then taunted her, but Gus saved her. Maggie gets annoyed that Vivian dragged her there for something silly. She starts to leave, but Vivian stops her by pointing out that she was there when Maggie was there with Victor and took his hand. She says that she heard every bloody word. Meanwhile, Gus makes his way to the door and closes it behind Maggie. Vivian tells Maggie about the camera and microphone, and she relates part of their conversation. Maggie flashes back to Victor hinting that he did something terrible. Maggie is upset and clearly disappointed with Victor. She tells Vivian in a shocked voice, "You were in there!", finally believing her. She thinks they should call the police and that Victor shouldn't get away with it. Vivian pats her hand condescendingly and assures her he'll pay and that it'll be worse than anything he did to her. Maggie looks shocked at what she says.

Next we see Vivian and Gus walking out of the mausoleum. She is happy to breathe fresh air again. Maggie is inside the coffin and banging on the lid, calling for Vivian to let her out.

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