Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/4/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/4/10--Canada; Friday 11/5/10--USA


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Victor yells at his security person over the phone about how many people have been visiting the mausoleum lately. Nicole comes in and wonders why he's in such a bad mood. Victor makes fun of her as he pours her a drink. She learns when Kate walks in that she knows about Vivian being in the tomb. Kate has her own drink. Victor and Kate explain how she knows. Kate goes on and on about how Brady is upset about Arianna's death. Nicole asks Victor to make her shut up, but then she realizes that he can't because Kate has the upper hand for now. Kate calls Victor her "bitch"! LOL! Nicole admonishes Kate for gloating. Victor tells her that they're going to try and make the best of a bad situation. Kate agrees that they should "leave the past in the past" so they can all "enjoy Vivian slowly going mad while she's buried alive". Victor wonders how they will be able to tell if Vivian goes mad. Victor tells Nicole that they are not letting Brady know that Kate knows. Kate keeps taunting Nicole about Brady and Arianna's relationship. In turn, Victor makes fun of Kate's relationship with Stefano. Kate warns him that kind of comment has to stop. Nicole wonders why Kate is still there, since Victor has paid her off. Victor knows that Kate is there just to enjoy herself at his expense. Kate happily eats dessert that Victor paid for. Kate insists on talking to Victor privately about Philip.

Brady chats with Vivian for a moment. Vivian thinks he's Lawrence. Philip walks in and wonders why Brady is there and chatting to himself. Philip is suspicious of him and Victor. Vivian sees them talking on the monitor. Philip wonders why Brady asked, "Are you still alive?" Vivian calls out for him to save her. Brady denies saying that, so Philip drops it. He tells Brady that he's sorry about Arianna's death. Brady just wants them to leave the mausoleum. Philip offers to call Maggie for Brady because he thinks he's on drugs again. Brady laughs and assures him that he's not using. Brady insists that they leave as Vivian begs them not to go. Philip wants to know what Brady is hiding in his hand, so he grabs the earpiece out of Brady's hand. Philip hears Vivian, who tells him that she's in the coffin and to save her.

Philip is shocked. He asks Vivian where she is. She has trouble saying "sarcophagus" because of the paint fumes, so she finally says "coffin". She tells him about the paint fumes. Philip can't believe the details about what Brady is doing to her. Brady asks Philip to think about who would trick out a coffin this way for a premature burial. He points to the camera. Philip gets up close to the camera and looks into it. He waves his finger and tells Vivian that she has some explaining to do. Vivian says that she will explain when he gets her out. Philip wants to get her out, but Brady stops him. Brady tells him that if Vivian gets out, she will take revenge on Victor. Philip doesn't think it's right to bury her alive. Brady tells him that Maggie was her intended target. Philip is further shocked. Brady tells her that she buried Isabel in a pet cemetery, too, and all the details about how she planned to torture Maggie and drive her crazy. Brady points out that if they let her out, she will get away with it and his family will pay. Vivian tries to deny it, but he knows that it's true because of her past history. Brady suggests they leave, so Philip agrees and walks out with him. Vivian scoffs that members of this family won't let anything go.

Nicole and Kate are arguing when Brady walks in. Nicole blurts out that Kate knows about Vivian. This makes Victor angry, so he calls Nicole a bunch of names. Brady yells at him not to talk to her that way and wonders why he told Kate about Vivian. Victor retorts that Brady is the one that told her when he was chatting with Vivian. Kate notes that she has missed this place. Philip walks in, so he and Kate wonder why the other is there. Philip informs them that he knows. They all talk about how awful Vivian is and why they couldn't let her out. Philip says that Vivian can rot in the box after what she did to Melanie. Philip says that he feels very close to them all at this moment, so Nicole calls for a toast. They toast to Vivian getting what she deserves. Victor remembers his wedding to Vivian and then toasts "to death do us part".

Meanwhile, Vivian pleads for Philip to come back. She rambles on to herself and realizes that she is losing it. Later, Vivian thinks she sees Philip again, but she's hallucinating. She hears a creaking and wonders if she is dying or what. The coffin opens. She thinks she's going into the light, dying. She gets up, thanking Philip.

E.J. admits reluctantly to Stefano that he still has feelings for Sami, but he maintains that he's mostly interesting in finding the proof that Arianna left. Stefano knows that he wants to get his kids back, but he thinks that he will also try to use the information to get Sami back in his bed. E.J. gets a phone call, telling him that Rafe just left Arianna's funeral. He plans to have him followed in case he finds the evidence. Stefano chuckles evilly at the idea. He taps a box, holding a key (like we're supposed to think that he might have the evidence). E.J. gets another phone call and smiles. Later, a hand takes the box away but leaves the key.

Sami is at home on the phone, telling Roman about Arianna's memorial service. Roman wonders if Rafe will want to see him there, since he put her in jail. Sami says that he can talk about how strong she was, since they got past their problems. Roman agrees that they did. After she hangs up, she has a flashback to Arianna showing her the camera with proof that she shot E.J. Sami sighs that she has to find it. Rafe comes home. He and Sami hug sadly. Rafe is upset still about Arianna. Sami offers her sympathy. Rafe tells her that Gabi took his hand and reminded him about the girl that got Arianna's heart. He felt that Arianna was there, after that. She is glad that he left Gabi be there for him. She asks how his mom is doing. He doesn't know how to answer that. Sami tells him that it's okay if she needs to be there with her. He says that she has Gabi. They both tell each other, "I love you" and hug some more. Sami says ruefully that he would have been way better off if he'd never met her. Rafe tells her never to say that and that she shouldn't feel guilty. Rafe doesn't think E.J. feels guilty, but Sami is not so sure.

They have Arianna's memorial service at Brady's Pub. Caroline consoles Rafe, who tells her that Arianne loved her. She gives a note from Doug and Julie. Caroline tells Rafe that Arianna was Irish in spirit. Rafe is very upset. He tells Sami that their grandmothers should meet sometime because Arianna used to say that they had a lot in common. Sami hugs him, and he holds on to her tightly.

Maggie chats with Melanie at the pub about Arianna. Melanie is having a hard time writing something about her friend for her memorial service. Maggie advises her to speak from the heart to Rafe and Gabi instead of writing. Melanie doesn't think that would work, but Maggie talks her into it. Maggie wonders where Philip is, so Melanie tells her that he's on his way. They are both glad to still be living together. Melanie thinks it's weird that Victor seemed to change his mind about them moving in with him. Later, Melanie wonders why Philip is late.

Gabi and Will are at the memorial. Sami is very sympathetic toward Gabi. Rafe hugs Melanie and Maggie. Melanie worries again about why Brady and Philip are not there, so she excuses herself. Maggie asks Rafe about his mom. The service was too much for his mom, who is visiting her sister. Roman arrives and says nice things about Arianna. He is interrupted when he sees E.J. walk in. Nobody wants him there, of course. They argue, but Rafe allows him to stay. Maggie warns him that he'd better act like a gentleman. Rafe tells Sami that he refuses to let him get a rise out of him.

People take turns speaking about Arianna, beginning with Melanie, who talks about what a great friend she was. Roman talks about how strong and brave she was, even when he was grilling her. Caroline talks about how kind she was. Gabi speaks about how much she will miss her. She breaks down in tears and hugs Rafe.

E.J., who has been drinking wine, goes up to talk about Arianna. He says that when she died, she was being a friend. He looks at Sami as he says that he believes that she is still on his side, even in death. Rafe goes up to speak about her next. He says that he was proud of her and talks about how much he loved her. He hopes that she knew that. He is very broken up, looking at her photo.

Maggie praises Melanie for her speech. Melanie is annoyed that Philip and Brady missed it. Maggie counsels her to wait to see what excuse they had before she judges them. Melanie remarks, "That's no fun". Gabi thanks Melanie for what she said about Arianna. Maggie gives Will a kiss before she and Melanie leave.

Roman wonders to Caroline why Kayla called him, after he checks his messages. She says that she probably just called to say goodbye. Will offers to stay with Gabi, but she says that she's taking a walk with Rafe. Roman says that he and Will are going to go pick up Sami's kids. Caroline invites herself along to see them. Caroline reminds Gabi that she can stay as long as she likes. Gabi thanks Sami and Rafe for the memorial service, saying that hearing what everyone said about Arianna really helped her. Sami sighs in disgust when E.J. walks up. Rafe tells him that he can go now. E.J. wants to know if they found the rosary and asks to speak with Sami. Rafe tells him that ain't gonna happen. E.J. argues with Rafe and Sami. He tells them that once he finds the proof that Arianne left, it's over. E.J. says insulting things, so Sami has to keep Rafe from hitting him. Justin is behind them and warns Rafe to listen to Sami. He tells them that he has to talk to them, and Gabi. He was Arianna's lawyer. He has to talk to them about her will, and some things she left behind. He holds up the box, which is the same one that Stefano had earlier. Sami wonders nervously about what the box might hold.

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