Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/2/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/2/10--Canada; Thursday 11/4/10--USA


Written By  Suzanne
Pictures by  Suzanne

Stefano walks in his house. He seems very upset and tired. He sits down, breathing heavily, and loosens his tie. He has a flashback to promising E.J. (when he was in the hospital) that he would find out who did this to him, and there will be hell to pay. He calls for Marco, who walks in, and asks for a tall glass of orange juice. Marco seems surprised but goes to get it. Stefano says that after that, he has someone he wants him to take care of. Stefano tells Marco to find out who shot E.J. and take care of the person, whoever it is. Marco agrees and then leaves.

Brady is in the park after running. He leaves a message for Nicole, saying that he wondered if she had gone to the mausoleum today. He's a little worried about what they will find there. He asks her to call him, and then he hangs up. E.J. is walking nearby, so Brady calls out to him. He thanks E.J. for calling him about Arianna, so he had a chance to say goodbye. E.J. remarks that it's a small comfort, but it meant a great deal to Brady. E.J. tells him "you're welcome" and that he did it for her. He says that Arianna kept trying to tell him something, but he didn't get it, so he wonders if she told Brady. Brady tells him that she couldn't get it out to him, either, although she tried. E.J. keeps trying to find out if there was more, but Brady gets annoyed that E.J. is using him. E.J. confides that Arianna knew who shot him and had proof, and that she was bringing it to him when she was hit. Brady wonders why, so E.J. tells him that she was concerned for her brother's safety. This makes no sense to Brady, so E.J. tells him that Sami shot him. Brady doesn't believe him and figures E.J. is just trying to pin it on her in revenge. Brady gets annoyed and tells him that he hopes the person who did shoot him gets another try.

E.J. insists that Sami shot him and that Arianne died trying to prove it. He asks if they shouldn't respect her final wish. E.J. wonders why he is so loyal to Sami. Brady scoffs when E.J. can't understand friendship. E.J. points out again that Arianna had proof. Brady turns away, so E.J. brings up the fact that he saw the accident. This is the first Brady heard about it. E.J. tells him that Arianna was trying to get away from Will. He proposes that Sami sent Will there to persuade Arianna not to talk to him. He asks Brady where Arianna would have kept her proof. Brady tells him that he doesn't know anything. E.J. keeps bugging Brady about Sami to get him to change his mind. They discuss Sami and the shooting. Brady tells him to blame him and to leave Sami out of it. They keep arguing, and Brady keeps getting more annoyed.

E.J. goes home. Stefano has just gotten off the phone with a friend who tells him that the judge is going to rule in Sami's favor in the custody trial. He advises E.J. to find the proof against Sami quickly or come up with another plan. E.J. gets angry. He and Stefano yell at each other. Stefano wants to fix things for E.J. (to get rid of Sami and Rafe). E.J. only wants his help in finding Arianna's proof. He doesn't want Sami hurt and wants to win his children legally. Stefano rants and raves about Sami. E.J. goes to the computer while Stefano sits down at the chess board. Stefano thinks that E.J. plans to use the proof to control Sami, to get her back with him.

Bo is visiting Hope in jail. She tells him quietly that she knows who killed April. Bo is upset that he can't protect Hope. She tells him that she's not his problem any more, but he disagrees. He vows not to let her down again. Since there is a guard nearby, Hope uses coded language about her therapy to convey her concerns to Bo about what is going on. She makes it sound like she is talking about her therapy when really she is talking about her investigation. Bo tells Hope how Ciara is doing. They talk about the books she's reading, and that is more coded language. Hope asks Bo to find out more information for her about April's death, and he promises that he will take care of it.

Lee and the warden talk about Hope. The warden has found out that Hope's daughter really is having problems, so she told the truth about why she wanted to see Bo. Lee worries that she is still passing on information, but the warden replies that she doesn't know much to pass on. Lee worries about what she could learn in the future, so the warden agrees that Hope will have to go. The warden tries to get Hope taken off infirmary duty, but her superiors won't let her. She and Lee have to go to Plan B now.

Lee tells Hope that she found out another woman, Sheila Brunner, also died. This time from T.B. Hope is shocked. Lee points out that T.B. is contagious, so they have to hope that no one else gets it. They don't want an epidemic. Hope says to herself that she knows that she is not wrong.

Bo tells Carly about his visit to Hope. They discuss April's medical condition. Carly suggests they try to get more information. Bo is happy to hear that she wants to inquire discreetly about what happened in the prison.

At the Brady pub, Caroline objects when Kayla tells Stephanie that Philip is the father of Chloe's baby, not Daniel. Stephanie wonders why Kayla is speaking in front of Caroline, so Caroline tells her that she already knows. Stephanie is upset, thinking Kayla told her. Kayla doesn't tell Caroline's secret. Instead, she points out that Philip, Daniel, and Chloe need to know the truth. Stephanie angrily informs Kayla that Daniel and Chloe really want the baby, and Philip doesn't. Caroline agrees. Kayla maintains that they will find out anyway, since Daniel is a doctor and will have tests run on his baby. They argue about it. Stephanie is still worried about losing her boyfriend to Melanie.

Kayla gets a phone call. She says, "Oh my God!", so the other two look worried. Kayla tells them that Steve has malaria and has to get help in South Africa. Caroline urges her to go to him. Kayla gives her a dirty look because she knows why she wants to get rid of her. Kayla tells Stephanie that she's sorry about all of this. She hopes that Stephanie will tell the truth. Stephanie wishes that she didn't know. When Kayla says that she didn't have a choice, Caroline pipes up to say that she didn't have to tell her. Kayla gets angry and tells Stephanie that Caroline is the one that switched the test results. Both Carline and Stephanie blink in shock. Caroline explains the details of what she did and why. Stephanie worries that she will go to jail. Kayla and Caroline argue about it more. Kayla doesn't think that this is like her mom. Caroline points out that she is the same person who told her dad that Bo was his son, and that turned out all right. Kayla turns away from her with a sigh and tries again to get Stephanie to do the right thing. Nathan arrives. He and Stephanie kiss. They tell him about Steve being sick. Kayla tells them how happy she is that they are getting married. Caroline takes Nathan aside, so Kayla works on Stephanie some more. Stephanie agrees that she doesn't want to lie to Nathan. She wants an honest marriage, like her parents have. They talk about Caroline and how insecure Stephanie has been. Kayla holds her face and tells her that she doesn't know why, because she's so beautiful and wonderful.

Philip tells Melanie that Victor doesn't want them to move in yet. She is surprised but laughs, wondering what happened. He intends to find out what is going on. They discuss Victor's sudden change of heart and all the excuses he gave. Melanie wonders if Victor doesn't want her living under his roof, since she's Carly's daughter. Philip jokes around but assures her that she has charmed his dad the same way she has everyone else. They kiss. They tell Maggie that they are not yet moving out. She is delighted to hear it. Philip tells her about his suspicions. Maggie agrees that something is going on with Victor.

Back at the pub, Caroline buys drinks for the house so they can toast Stephanie and Nathan. Melanie and Maggie walk in just as Caroline announces their engagement. They kiss. Melanie looks stunned. Maggie congratulates the couple. Melanie looks upset. Maggie says that Melanie is just upset about Arianna's memorial service. Melanie tells Maggie reluctantly that she is fine and that Nathan will be happy, just like she is with Philip. Nathan comes over and apologizes that she found out that way. She tells him that it's great, but they are both still exchanging longing looks. Kayla gives Stephanie a hug and assures her that she will get through this.

Philip goes to the mansion and finds Brady, who has just returned from the park. He is having a drink and offers Philip one, but Philip says it's too early for him. He expresses his sympathy about Arianna, and Brady thanks him. He tells Brady that Melanie has been broken up about it. Brady realizes that he should have called her, but Philip tells him quickly that she understands. Philip wonders if that's why Victor changed his mind about them moving in. Brady jokes about Victor being Mr. Sensitive. Philip tells him that he said something about renovating the east wing. From Brady's reaction, Philip guesses that he knows what's really going on. Brady blows him off and then goes to change.

Vivian thinks she's dead. She walks around the park, near some statues, and wonders if she's in heaven or "the other place". Lawrence comes up behind her and welcomes her. She is shocked that really is dead and blames Victor. Vivian asks where they are, so he replies that it's the waiting area. He is annoyed that he's been waiting a long time. She tells him that although she has missed him, she's not ready to be there. She had hoped to be rescued today. He tells her that everyone hates her except for him, and he can't help her. She refuses to give up. He agrees that maybe it's not her time yet, but he points out that she put a lot of work into making the box a living hell, and no one on earth wants to help her. Vivian wakes up and is relieved that it was a dream. She remarks how horrible it was and figures she should have better dreams. She tells herself that Lawrence was wrong. Someone out there must care. Brady goes to visit Vivian in the sarcophagus. She is a little out of it and asks if he is Lawrence. Brady is drunk, so he says, "Sure, why not?" Vivian asks him if he's taken up painting and tells him that she keeps smelling paint fumes. Brady remarks to himself that it probably won't be long now. Philip walks in and wonders who Brady is talking to.

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