Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/1/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/1/10-Canada; Tuesday, 11/2/10-USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


E.J. breaks into Sami's place, wearing white gloves. He is searching through drawers when Sami walks in. E.J. demands to know where Arianna's proof is. Sami grabs a letter opener and calls him a psycho. He counters that he is not the one shooting people in the head. She tells him that he deserved it for what he did to her. He goes up to her and stands very close, daring her to stab him. Instead, she kisses him. Obviously, this is all a fantasy of E.J.'s. Back to reality, he hears a noise. Sami and Sydney prepare to go inside.

Sami and Sydney walk in.  She forgot her diaper bag. She sees a photo of Rafe and Arianna, then she flashes back to Arianna grabbing her from her hospital bed and saying that she will pay for this. Sami leaves the room. E.J., who is hiding, comes out to say hi to Sydney. Sydney says, "Daddy!" when she sees him, so Sami hears from the other room and rushes in. E.J. hides quickly. Sami sits down and talks to Sydney about why she isn't seeing her daddy. E.J. shakes his head in annoyance. Sami picks her up, and they leave for the park again. E.J. is very annoyed that Sami told Sydney that he did something, since she shot him. He rants and raves to himself about how Sami is going to jail. He picks up a photo of Sydney and talks to it, saying that he'll be reunited with her.

Nicole walks in the park, thinking about Sydney. She gets a phone call from someone. She tells that person that she agrees and that it's a win-win situation for both of them. Kinsey shows up, excited because she thinks that Nicole is giving her a job. Nicole asks her to help her see Sydney again. Kinsey is annoyed to hear it and turns her down. Nicole taunts her by saying that she's scared of Caroline. Kinsey just doesn't want to lose her job or get in trouble with her parents. Nicole assures her that she won't get caught but does admit that Caroline scares her. Nicole urges her to be tough and brave. Kinsey finally agrees but insists that she get "big bucks". They argue about that. Nicole offers to match her salary at the pub. Kinsey laughs at that idea and walks off. Nicole follows her and offers more. Kinsey says that she wants a job at the news station instead. Nicole suggests an internship, but Kinsey wants a real job, like assistant producer. Nicole scoffs at the idea, but she then has to apologize. She suggests that she match her pub pay for now, and then when she gets more clout at the station, she will give her a job. She promises to do whatever it takes. Kinsey believes her. She makes fun of what Caroline said about letting the evil Nicole near her precious great-grand-daughter. Sami walks up just then with Sydney and hears her. She demands to know what she said. Kinsey explains that she made a mistake. Then she quickly tells Sami about how Nicole just tried to bribe her to see Sydney again. Sami listens dubiously to the story, but Nicole calls her a liar. Kinsey tells her that Nicole is obsessed with the little girl. Sami tells her to leave, so she does.

Sami yells at Nicole to stay away from her daughter. Nicole points out that it's a small town, so she can't stop her from running into her from time to time. Sami declares that she will file a restraining order. Nicole's brow knits in consternation. They argue. When Sami mentions that her police family might find one of Nicole's skeletons, Nicole flashes back to finding Vivian in the sarcophagus. Nicole warns her to back off. Sami takes out her phone so that she can call Roman. Nicole tells her to put the phone down. She apologizes for over-stepping. Nicole sounds sad as she says she won't ever hold Sydney again, but she just wants her to be happy. Sami assures her that she is happy, with her mother. Nicole tells her wistfully that she is very lucky to have such a wonderful family. She hopes Sami doesn't do anything to jeopardize that. Sami flashes back to Arianna showing her the tape-recorded proof. Sami assures her that she won't and just asks Nicole to stay away from her baby. Nicole goes back to wandering in the park. She finds the bow from Sydney's hair and flashes back to holding her. She says that she knows that she should let her go, but she can't. She vows to find a way to get Sydney back in her life.

Sami brings Sydney home. Sami sees a vision of Arianna, and she is holding up the tape recorder, playing Sami's confession. Sami tells her to go away and leave her alone. Arianna warns that someone will find the camera, and then Sami will lose everything, just like she deserves. Sami breaks down crying as Arianna vanishes. Meanwhile, E.J. yells at someone over the phone, ordering them around, yelling that they have to find this proof. He flashes back to Arianna telling him that she has proof.

In prison, Hope looks for her friend April's file. The files are out of order. Hope finds a file for a Sheila Brunner. It says that cause of death is cardiac arrest. The warden and Lee walk in and wonder what Hope is doing there. Hope tells them that she's doing inventory. Lee leaves to go do something. Hope tells the warden how worried she is about her daughter and asks if she can see Bo again to talk to him about it. The warden agrees to make the call, so Hope thanks her.

Outside the Brady pub, Bo wonders what Kayla wants to say. Kayla flashes back to Caroline confessing that she switched the paternity results. Carly walks up. Bo can tell they are hiding something from him. He thinks that Kayla is upset about his and Carly's relationship, so he warns her to back off. Carly assures him that it's ok and asks him to leave it alone. After some hesitation, Kayla apologizes to Carly for judging her. Bo is glad to hear it. Kayla asks why they aren't curious that she's done a complete 180. Kayla insists on telling them, so they go inside. Caroline is there, so Kayla urges her to tell Bo what's going on. Caroline begs her not to do this. Just then, Nathan and Stephanie arrive and announce their engagement. Everyone congratulates them, but Kayla keeps glaring at Stephanie. Stephanie can tell that there is tension and wonders what they have been talking about. Bo gets a phone call. Caroline drags Kayla away to get some champagne. Carly admires Stephanie's ring. Caroline begs her not to mess things up for everyone. Kayla is outraged. They argue. Bo walks up and says that he has to go because Hope has to talk to him. Caroline thinks that is a sign that Kayla is not supposed to spill the beans. Stephanie still wants to know what's going on. Caroline covers by saying that Kayla is upset because she and Joe are leaving. Kayla looks Caroline in the eye and says that she is not leaving town until she gets everything straightened out. Kayla asks the rest to give her a moment alone with Caroline. Carly leaves. Nathan starts to leave. He gives Stephanie a kiss. Stephanie stops him and tells him that this is the happiest day of her life. They kiss some more, and then he leaves. Stephanie goes back to Caroline and Kayla. She wonders what's going on. Kayla informs her that everything has gotten completely out of control, but it ends here. Kayla insists on telling Stephanie, despite Caroline's protests. Kayla tells her that there has been a terrible mistake regarding Chloe's baby's paternity test.

Bo goes to meet Hope in prison. The warden told him it is about Ciara, but Hope tells him that it's not. Hope whispers to Bo that there's something wrong with the prison.

Philip is moving in with Melanie. He chats with Victor about it at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor tells him that it's a problem. He claims that the renovations are not ready yet, and he's just been too busy to tell him. Philip gets upset. Victor suggests that they stay at Maggie's for a while, and he offers to pay the movers to unpack for him. Victor tries to leave, saying he doesn't have time for this. Philip stops him and wonders why they can't just stay in some other room or something. Victor tries to come up with some good reasons, but Philip can tell that something else is going on. He accuses Victor of not wanting them there. Later, Philip goes looking for Victor. Henderson tells him that he's at the mausoleum. Philip is surprised to hear it. Henderson believes that it gives Victor comfort to go there.

Meanwhile, back in the sarcophagus, Vivian wonders to herself if she will die in there. She worries about feeling sick and wonders if the paint fumes are killing her. She forces herself to breathe in a shallow way so that she won't inhale any more paint fumes. She looks down and sees that she's covered in worms. She screams that she's "worm food". Victor gets on the TV and tells her that it's not true. He says that she's still a royal pain in his ass. Vivian looks down and is relieved that there are no worms. She shudders. Vivian warns him that God doesn't like evil people, so they'll all burn for this. He keeps taunting her. Philip walks in. He tells Victor that he didn't see any renovation going on in the east wing. Victor makes some more lies to cover it up, while Vivian watches. Philip demands the truth. Victor tells him that it's because Nicole is there, and he doesn't want to be around the fighting or tension. Philip tells him that he's already talked to Melanie about it, and there won't be any of that. Victor thinks that Melanie should be with Maggie during this time. Philip figures that this is a ploy for him to get closer to Maggie, even though she's made it very clear that this isn't what she wants. Vivian is hopeful that Philip will rescue her. Victor asks Philip if they can't just put it off for a few days. Victor shuts off the TV surreptitiously as he and Philip walk out. Vivian is upset when Philip leaves without knowing she is in there.

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