Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/18/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/18/10--Canada; Tuesday 10/19/10--USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

Vivian sleeps in her sarcophagus. She awakens to a snake crawling on her and screams. It was a dream, though, and there is no snake. She sighs with relief. She screams for someone to get her out. She pounds on the sides of the coffin and calls for Gus over the phone, to no avail. She wonders if Brady knocked him out. Vivian hears Victor calling. She sees him on the camera and calls out to him, exclaiming that he's come to save her. He looks confused. He finds Gus' phone on the floor and finds out in a surprised way that Vivian is on the phone. She tells him that she is in the sarcophagus and screams at him to rescue her. Victor wants to know where Isabella is. She tells him it's a long, sad story but keeps asking him to get her out of there. Victor is suspicious about how and why she's in there. Finally, she admits that Brady locked her in there. He doesn't believe her and starts to leave. She stops him by saying that Nicole was also involved. He wonders why she and Nicole would hate each other that much. She tells him to push the lever under the lid. He looks for it. When he tries, he can't get it open. He figures he should go get help. She doesn't want to be left alone again, but he has no choice. She tells him not to get Henderson to help because he has no upper body strength. Victor quips that Henderson will be so pleased to know that she is back. Vivian whines that her life is in his hands. Victor leaves.

Brady and Nicole have coffee at Brady's Pub. Nicole admires the photos she took at Chloe's wedding and shows them to Brady. She is glad that she and Daniel finally have their happy ending. She wonders if they will, too. Brady hesitates to discuss their relationship. He is more concerned about Vivian and whether they will get caught. Nicole is certain they will get away with it. They look at more pictures, so Nicole starts to reminisce about being pregnant. She wonders if she can get pregnant again. He tries to change the subject, but she says optimistically that if you want something badly enough, maybe you can get it. Brady doesn't want to rain on her parade. Nicole says that they could always adopt if nothing else. Brady is not sure if he is even cut out to be a dad because he would be worried that he'd lose his temper, like he did with Vivian, or what will happen in the future. She wonders why. He points out that she has a criminal record, so she might not be able to adopt. She is disappointed. He apologizes for doubting her fantasies. He reminds her how heartbroken she was after her miscarriage. Finally, he says that he doesn't see children in his future. She says that they can have a whole other kind of life, with traveling. He just wants to focus on what they are doing now with Vivian. He suggests they leave, but she wants to finish her drink, so he goes alone. She is heartbroken and holds her stomach sadly.

At Salem Place, Nicole kneels on the ground, going through her large bag to look for her keys. Caroline and Sydney are walking by, so Nicole smiles at the little girl, who smiles back. Nicole admires how much she has grown. Caroline drags Sydney away before Nicole can touch her. Nicole watches them together from afar, whimpering.

Brady goes home and asks Victor how his day was. Victor tells him very casually that he found Vivian locked in a coffin. Brady, shocked, asks if he let her out. Brady tells him that he locked her in, not Nicole. Brady fills him in on Vivian's plans to put Maggie in the sarcophagus. Victor is aghast. He also tells Victor that she put Isabella's remains in the pet cemetery. Victor sits down, stunned. Brady assures him that he already moved her remains back into the mausoleum. He also tells him that he just snapped and puts her in the coffin. Victor asks about how he covered his tracks. He is not too happy that Nicole knows, though.

Back at the sarcophagus, Vivian worries about how this could have turned out. She has a vision of Maggie and Victor getting married. Henderson interrupts to tell them that there is a delivery. It is Vivian/s sarcophagus. They open it, and Vivian pops out. Victor orders her out. Vivian tells them that Brady and Victor buried her alive. Maggie gets angry and leaves. Victor is angry, but Vivian says she's never letting him go. Vivian chuckles back in real life.

Nicole is surprised and disappointed when she returns to the Kiriakis mansion and finds out that Victor knows all about Vivian.

At home, E.J. keeps phoning Arianna, wondering where she is. He's very frantic and throws the phone down. Chad walks in, so E.J. wonders how he got in. The butler let him in. E.J. yells at him to leave, but he won't because he's there to talk to Stefano. Stefano walks in, so Chad smiles. Kate has not told Stefano about the paid internship, so he doesn't know about it. Chad wonders if he just doesn't want to hear it. Stefano wonders why he would do that. Chad reminds him that he was offended the other day when he said that he was praying for E.J.'s recovery. E.J. then wants to know why he would pray for him. Chad, disgusted, says that he was just being nice. Stefano apologizes, saying that he was under a lot of stress. Chad waves it off, saying that it was none of his business anyway. Stefano nods, but E.J. is annoyed that Chad brought it all up. Chad yells that he came there to talk about an internship. E.J. is really insulting to him and offers him money, which annoys Stefano. Stefano tells Chad that E.J. is having some personal problems that he has to help with, but he promises to talk to Kate and get back to him about the internship. Chad tells him not to bother, even though Stefano insists on helping. Chad leaves in a huff. Outside, he is clearly very upset. Stefano smiles strangely and wonders why Chad reminds him so much of E.J. E.J. scoffs at the idea. He is very worried about Arianna. Stefano says that he knows how to find her. When E.J. told him that he was using Arianna, he came up with a plan. E.J. wonders what he means. Stefano phones someone. We find out it's Mitch, who has been following Arianna on Stefano's orders. He tells them that she was at Rafe's place and then leaves. E.J. worries about why she went to talk to Rafe instead of him. He is upset that Rafe might persuade Arianna to keep the truth to herself. He vows to find her proof.

Rafe and Arianna argue about E.J. and Sami, and then Arianna turns the talk to the two of them. Rafe was always the upstanding golden boy, but now he is taking Sami's side. She wonders what Sami has done to him. Sami walks in and suggests that Rafe answer. Arianna turns to Sami and insists flatly that she explain, instead. Arianna and Sami argue. Arianna thinks Sami is selfish and hurts Rafe. Rafe tells Arianna to leave her alone, but Arianna screams at them that Sami is a slut and a homicidal maniac. Sami is shocked to learn that Arianna knows she shot E.J. Arianna tells her that she overheard her and Will on the pier. Rafe protests that she has no proof, but that just makes her angrier. She yells at them about how Sami is ruining his life. Arianna intends to go to the police station and tell them what she heard, but Sami gets in her way. They argue some more about Rafe and E.J. Sami suggests that E.J. is manipulating Arianna just the way that he did her. They all keep arguing. Finally, Arianna agrees that they are right, and she leaves, saying she is going to tell the truth. Rafe follows her out. Sami picks up her kids toys while she has a flashback to shooting E.J. Will walks in. Sami is frantic, thinking he's Rafe at first. He wonders why she's so upset. She tells him that Arianna knows that she shot E.J. Will worries about her going to prison. Sami hugs him, assuring him that it won't happen. He thinks they should run away, but she says they can't do that. Sami tells him tearfully that he's really sorry about how she screwed up again. He tells her that he understands why he did it. Will can't understand how Arianna can take E.J.'s side. Sami explains that Arianna has a crush on E.J. and feared that Sami would hurt Rafe. Sami suggests that he go check on Caroline at the pub for her. He doesn't want to leave her alone, but she says that she will be fine. They hug. As he leaves, Will vows to protect his mom. Sami says to herself that he is not going to let Arianna ruin her family.

At Salem Place, Rafe stops Arianna and asks her not to tell E.J. They argue about it, and then he confesses that she is right about Sami shooting him. They argue about it some more. When Rafe tells her that E.J. was going to kidnap her children again, she wonders how he knows that. He just assures her that he does. He begs her to understand that Sami was just protecting her children. She does, but she is still determined to put Sami away. Rafe reminds her that he visited her every week in prison and stood by her. She doesn't think it's relevant. Rafe tells her how much he loves Sami and her kids. He grabs her shoulders and keeps begging her to help him.

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