Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/15/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/15/10--Canada; Monday 10/18/10--USA


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, E.J. phones frantically to try to reach Arianna, to see what she had to say about his kids. He looks at photos of his children and flashes back to Sami yelling at him on their almost-wedding day. He vows to get them back. He finally gets hold of her and wonders where she's been. He is very angry and frustrated. She has a flashback to hearing Sami and Will talk about how she shot E.J. She is very reluctant to talk to E.J. but asks to see him in person.

Bo phones Caroline. He is at the Pub with Carly (Caroline is upstairs). He thanks her for taking care of Ciara, who walks in. Bo gives her a big hug. Carly asks her if she had fun with her grandma. Ciara shakes her head. Bo wonders why. Ciara doesn't say anything, so he asks if she is all right. She replies, "No, I'm not", making them look worried. Ciara tells them that she is sick, so she can't go to school. They quiz her about it. She has no specific problem, just doesn't feel good, so they exchange glances. Carly leaves after giving Bo a kiss. Bo tells Ciara that he knows what's wrong. He thinks she's worried about the bully. Ciara begs not to go to school and asks if she can see her mommy. Bo tells her that Hope thinks that seeing her might upset her. Ciara insists that it won't. Bo tries to talk to her about it, but she keeps insisting.

The warden at the prison asks Lee how it went with Hope, so Lee replies that she has it covered. A guard brings Hope in. Hope wonders why they are staring at her. The warden explains to Hope that a trustee found out she was a cop, so they had her transferred. Hope is relieved. The warden assures her that inmate safety is their highest priority. Hope thanks them both. Lee tells her that she has her back. Hope asks the warden about April, whom she thinks was a sweet girl. Hope wonders how she could die from appendicitis and asks if they heard why. The warden doesn't have the details but says the doctors couldn't save her from her burst appendix. Hope presses about why the girl died, so the warden agrees to start an investigation. Hope offers to help. The warden thanks her but says they have to hire an independent investigator. She gets a call and leaves.

Outside, she talks to Bo on the phone. He asks if he can bring Ciara in to see Hope. The warden thinks it's a good idea and agrees to it. The warden looks through the door's window, back at Lee and Hope, who are chatting. Later, Hope is overjoyed to get a visit from Ciara. Ciara rushes into Hope's arms. Hope tells her how much it means to her as they keep hugging. Bo is all choked up watching them. Hope has to let her go because prisoners are not supposed to have physical contact with their visitors. She tells Ciara that she has rules to follow, and Ciara understands. Hope talks to her about how much she's grown, and what she's learned. She realizes that she should be in school right now. Bo tells her that Ciara didn't want to be in school today. He explains delicately that Ciara really wanted to see her mommy, so he let her get out of school today. Hope asks her about how she's enjoying school and how great it must be for her to have her best friend Theo with her. Ciara asks if she has a best friend there, so Hope admits that she doesn't. Ciara asks if Hope has a bully, too. Hope tells her not to worry and that there are some nice people there. Hope admits that she's learned not to try to handle everything herself. If people want to help, she accepts it. They look at some photos of Ciara's dance recital. Hope tells her how much she loves her, and they hold hands. Ciara doesn't want to leave when it's time, but Hope tells her that she'll see her really soon. Hope tells her that they're together in their hearts all the time. They do a pinky swear. Bo says Hope is right- they're a family, no matter what.

Lee and the warden worry about Hope's questions about April.

Rafe awakens Sami with a kiss. She panics about being so late, but he tells her that he took the kids to school for her. She is very touched that he did that for her. He put Sydney down for her nap, and made Sami breakfast in bed. She is really surprised and praises his cooking skills. He remarks that maybe that can be his new career. This reminds Sami that he gave up his job for her, so she gets upset again. He shushes her and asks her not to talk about the shooting or any of it again, since no one else knows about it. She puts the breakfast aside so they can make love. Sami talks about how she's not used to feeling this loved and how self-destructive she's been in the past. He tells her how much he believes in them. Someone rings the doorbell, so Rafe gets up to get it. It's Arianna. She hugs him, apologizing for not calling first. Sami walks in and says hi, giving Rafe his shoes. Arianna realizes that they have been intimate. Sami wonders why Arianna is acting weird (like she wants to get rid of her). Arianna just says she'll talk to Rafe later. They stop her from going out the door, and Sami says she can talk to her brother in private. She goes to get Sydney ready for her doctor's appointment. Rafe wonders what's going on. They sit down. Arianna has trouble at first. She tells him how much she loves him and what a great brother he is. Finally, she tells him that Sami shot E.J. Rafe stands up quietly and then asks her how she knows this. She tells him that she overheard Sami talking to Will about how no one can prove she shot E.J. Rafe states that she heard what she wanted to hear. She protests, but he says that wasn't a confession. She persists and tells him to accept the truth. They argue about it, and Rafe assures her that he was with her all night. She points out that E.J. thinks they made that alibi up, so he asks who she is to believe. She is not so sure. Rafe keeps working on her doubts and reminds her of all of the terrible things E.J. has done. He can't believe that she is defending E.J. Arianna insists that she knows what she heard. She gets suspicious that he is lying to protect Sami. He orders her out, and she goes to leave, looking hurt. She stops before leaving and realizes that he already knew what Sami did. He asks her to let it go. They argue some more about Sami and E.J. Arianna asks if he's telling her to lie for Sami. They argue more.

At the hospital, Ben and Nathan chat about football. E.J. walks up and says hello, so Ben greets him. E.J. wonders why he had to rush down there. He makes a cutting remark about Ben being friends with Rafe. Ben tells him again that he just answered Rafe's question, and that's it. E.J. tries to throw his weight around, reminding him that his family helped build the hospital. Ben, unimpressed, tells him to go wait for him in the exam room. Ben and Nathan make some jokes about E.J.'s personality. Inside the exam room, E.J. smiles as he looks at photos of his kids.

E.J. gets dressed as Carly tells him that she agrees with Ben's assessment. Everything looks good. Ben tells him that he was lucky that he had Daniel and Carly as his surgeons, so he could get a second chance at life. E.J. says sarcastically that he will send them a fruit basket. Carly and Ben get called away to another case. E.J. thanks them as they walk out. Sami arrives with Sydney outside, joking around with her. Lexie comes up and says hi to them. Sami tells Lexie that Sydney is doing well (with her checkup) and they thought they would come by to see her. Lexie is surprised, given the court order against E.J. Sami tells her that they're not going to hold that against Lexie. She is glad to hear it and thanks Sami. Sami gets a call from Caroline. She has bad reception, so Lexie offers to watch Sydney for her. Lexie chats to Sydney. E.J. rushes out and joyously grabs Sydney out of her hands before Lexie can object. He kisses her and tells her how much he missed her. Lexie tells him that this is not a good idea. E.J. refuses to let the baby go. Sami returns and orders him to get his hands off her. They argue, and Lexie tries to get Sydney back. E.J. kisses Sydney but gives her back to Lexie. Sami yells at him, and they argue. She says that he doesn't deserve Sydney after what he did to her. E.J. accuses her of being the one who damaged Sydney (hinting that he means shooting him). He just says that she took Sydney from her father and asks what she thought he meant. Sami flashes back to shooting him. They go back to yelling at each other. Lexie returns, so they tell him to say goodbye to E.J. He wants to hold her again, but Sami refuses to let him. E.J. chats with Sydney and assures her that they'll be together really soon. He gives her a kiss. Sami thanks Lexie for watching her. Lexie is sorry about what happened, but Sami knows it wasn't her fault. Sami leaves in a huff as E.J. looks glum. Lexie worries about whether E.J. will be all right. He assures her that he'll fine. She gets called away. He asserts that he'll be getting his children back, no matter what it takes.

Ben talks kindly to a woman after she signs papers to donate her husband's organ. Carly watches sadly nearby. She comes up and praises Ben for how he handled things. Nathan tells Ben that one of his patients, Mrs. Dixon, is asking to see him. Nathan tells Carly that he has a question. He wonders how Melanie was doing at Daniel's wedding. She suggests that he ask her himself. He is surprised by her attitude, saying that he didn't mean to offend her. Carly flashes back to talking to Melanie and then warns him to stay away from her daughter. He wonders what he did to alienate her but agrees. Ben comes up and asks Carly for a signature. He asks her to grab coffee with him. She turns him down because she's going home to Bo. He gets the message. She shakes his hand and hopes they can be friends. He smiles and agrees.

Sami walks in at home while Rafe and Arianna are arguing. Arianna asks what Sami has done to him, so Sami urges him to tell her.

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